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Patch Notes

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- Fixed mortars shooting through ceilings that are one wall high
- Fixed placing large cannons on the back gunports of a schooner
- Fixed an issue where being mounted on a swivel cannon and pressing M would bring up a floating map and compass
- Fixed armour pieces floating in view when equipping them whilst mounted on a cannon that is on a bear/horse harness
- Players can no longer knock out enemy NPC crew manning puckles using the feat "Target Soft Spots" (also applies during peace phase)
- Crew can no longer be dismounted from puckles using a blackjack even though they are immune to melee damage (also applies during peace phase)
- Magic Mythos has been disabled


- Magic Mythos enabled on the Official Network. Bonus 2X Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Treasure Gold


- Limited the slope campfires can be placed on
- Disabled throwing water on thermal structures to avoid exploit of infinitely throwing water on fire on a sinking ship
- Modified offsets for unboarding the Tortuga so players don't get stuck.
- Disabled Magic Mythos bonus rates on Official Network


- Fixed an issue with stone walls clipping through the floor when placed in wood half walls.
- Increased leniency in dismount sockets and lowered acceptance for placement on the Puckle (NPC's should no longer dismount with legitimate builds)
- The serpent boss, Anacthyon, added to Blackwood
- Magic Mythos enabled  with 2X Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Treasure Gold


- Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain massive height when running into the corner of a raft or dinghy
- Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain massive height when climbing really tall ladder set ups
- Fixed a bug which allowed players to base on top of submarines
- Fixed a bug which allowed seated npcs to shoot puckles through walls
- Ended 2x Magic Mythos Event


- Enabled 2x Harvesting, Taming, XP, and Gold on our Official Network
- Fixed rope ladders so that they can now be rotated when placed on wooden catwalks
- Fixed 2-handed weapons able to used interchangeably, bypassing the weapon equipment timer using the Q hotkey.
- Fixed a bug where critical strike could be used with other weapons by removing the buff if you switch to a different weapon.
- Fixed a bug where projectile mesh wasn't showing correctly for singleplayer.
- Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw out their gear by accident at low server fps when using "O" instead of "E" to unequip currently equipped gear.
- Fixed a bug which allowed diving platform to be placed on top of a cargo rack.


- Fixed a case where ships would enter a broken state where it visually appears to be unanchored, but you wouldn't have been able to move it.
- Releasing a ship from a shipyard now has an activation timer
- Fixed a bug which would cause players to throw items out of their inventory when rapidly pressing E to equip them
- End of Magic Mythos event on Official Servers
- Critical Save Changes to Non-ATLAS Dedi/Blackwood which fixes the following, but may require a save wipe: 

  • Players were randomly removed from their company
  • Companies being deleted
  • Being unable to spawn on beds
  • Beds not appearing on the map
  • Ships not appearing on the map

Additional info on Blackwood/Non-ATLAS Dedi changes: 


- Prevented the hotbar from outlining red with broken items when at the ship wheel
- Fixed a bug which prevented melee attack with weapons whilst carried by Lion
- Fixed a bug which caused players to lose most control of their characters after dying to exhaustion when shoveling (was previously solved by relogging)
- Fixed a bug where buoys would not provide light and be desynced on the ocean at high waves
- Fixed a bug which would not allow players to change the name of the ship if they hadn't previously given it a name (this only occurred when pressing accept without naming it, rather than cancel)
- Fixed a bug where the reload mini game would not take effect when mounted on creatures
- Multiple Misc Blackwood Level related fixes (floating foliage, ocean water transitions, holes).


- Fixed a crash which would occur when attempting to open a Dinghy's inventory
- Fixed Advanced Able Mapmaker being unlocked by the wrong skill
- Fixed Ship Max Level being erroneously counted by the Shipyard's current health rather than the total health.
- Fixed dedicated servers not using passwords on Blackwood
- Fixed a case when searching for Blackwood servers would cause only one to list at a time
- Fixed a bug where corpses with inventories would not calculate their correct weight
- Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow you to select the Home Server to change to on Unofficial Networks
- You can now plant an assortment of seeds in Blackwood
- Fixed multiple islands on Blackwood being marked as non-buildable
- Fixed a bug where beds would sometimes not function on Blackwood
- Fixed Shipwrecks spawning on the coast of islands in Blackwood
- Fixed multiple foliage and terrain bugs with Blackwood
- Moved the 'Exit to Main Menu' button to the bottom of the pause menu options


- Fixed a client-side crash (https://pastebin.com/U3QN7KyQ)
- Blackwood content moved to optional DLC, for those who do not plan to play it and want to save the install size (10GB): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129370/Blackwood__ATLAS_Expansion_Map/
- Added multiple treasure map locations per island for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Game Modes


- Client-side fix for Treasure Map crash


- Blackwood is available!

An example command line for running a dedicated Blackwood server:

start ShooterGameServer.exe Blackwood? -log -server -NoSeamlessServer

- Character and inventory import/export for Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers (optional for hosts)
- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP, Harvest Rates and Gold!


- Further optimizations for structure replication in multiplayer networking


- Improved how servers replicate structures on ships leading to large performance gains, particularly in areas where there are many boats and many clients, such as docks and large fleet battles.
- Magic Mythos has now ended on the Official Network


- Disabling the "Give Default Pathfinder Items" Option will now properly hide any cosmetic skins you've purchased or unlocked when you fast-travel/respawn (requires fast-travel/respawn to see the change if you toggle that option).
- Fixed Kraken sweeping players off their ships when the ships are knocked back
- Improved client performance when numerous players are nearby
-  Wheel Skins now work for singleplayer/host
- Sunken Ship Treasure now shows you the Loot Quality at the water surface effect via floating text.
- Added a new Quest: loot a 16 quality or higher sunken treasure to get the new Crab Wheel Skin
- Added Shark Wheel Skin to the "Master Cartographer" Quest (get any more Discovery Zones to unlock it if you've already completed that quest)
- Added Kraken Wheel Skin to the "Power of the Gods" Quest (Beat the Hard Kraken again to unlock it if you've already completed that quest)
- Improved the weighting of Sunken Treasure by overall making higher quality treasure about 50% more likely to be generated, as well as boosting the max quality of sunken treasure by 15%
- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates


- You can now password protected Non Dedicated Multiplayer Servers, some notes:

  • If the session is password protected no direct joins will work unless the person has previously successfully inputted the password
  • If they fail to enter the password, they'll have to restart the client before they can have another chance to join.
  • You are unable to host a Private Match at the same time as a Password Protected Session at this time.

- Fixed a case where players weren't able to respawn on beds in Non Dedicated Multiplayer after transition
- Fixed a bug which would cause player arms to disappear after mounting the submarine


- Non Dedicated Mode is now available


- Settlement owners can no longer raze claims on PvE.
- Settlement Owners can place down multiple banks on their island, so settlers can supply it to help upkeep with gold
- Settlement Owners now have the option, on Claim Flags, to prevent anyone but Company Admins from removing items from a tax bank


- Magic Mythos 2x is enabled on the Official Network: 2x Taming, XP and Harvest Rates
- Settlement Owners can now raze a settlement after first claiming it. This will destroy all structures on the island. The cost to raze will be 12k gold on PvP servers and 25k gold on PvE servers. Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. The raze option will then be available for a 24-hour window only. This option is only functional during peacetime on PvP networks.


- Fast Decay has now been enabled for Settlement Owners
- Fixed Reservoir and Waterpipes being from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay
- Fixed some edge-case 3-5 structure builds from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay


- Fast Structure Decay has been enabled on our Official Network. This means that core foundation structures (floors, pillars, and fence supports), which are not snapped (connected) to more than 2 pieces or do not have a valid structure on top will have rapid decay which will result in their destruction after 12 hours of not being rendered in. Unofficials can enable this setting with the following command parameter: ?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true
- Reverted the change to Stationed Crew repairing anchored boats in order to control the amount of materials that are being consumed when a boat has been anchored. Idle crew will still repair boats.


- Magic Mythos bonus rates have been disabled
- Fast Structure Decay has been disabled on our Official Network (needs more tweaks before we can set this live)


- Fixed a bug which would cause bears and horses from not basing on ships when they had storage carts attached to their harness (this would cause them to fall off ships when sailing)
- Non Seamless Grid maps now save and load player/ship locations properly (notable on mod maps such as OceanTest)
- Stationed crew can now repair anchored boats
- Stationed Crew and Idle Crew now have the same gold cost requirements on land and on ships (Client will need to be updated to visualize this change, it's inc!)
- Fast Structure Decay is now enabled on non-snapped core structures. This means that they will decay within 12 hours.


- Shipwrecks and their icons should now correctly vanish on the map after 5 days. We're still investigating legacy wrecks and however they may clear with this change after 5 days, as company data is loaded
- Fixed "leave Company" button


- Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Wall Hook to not remember whether a light source was active after loading a saved game
- Fixed a bug where players would temporarily enter combat state upon transition


- Fixed a bug which prevented players from gaining experience at level 149 (Max is level 150)
- Companies are now enabled and force-created on Single Player so players have access to their Company Log. If you had a pre-existing savefile, you will be able to create a company, however it will only pull in boats/structures/creatures for the grid you're currently on. We recommend creating your company on your most active grid. You can use the cheat command 'cheat givetome' to pull boats/structures/creatures into your new company
- Added an Admin Command to Single Player: cheat DoLeaveTribe
- Forest Colouring can now be crafted and applied to items
- Renamed one of the Purple colours to 'Dark Violet' as there were two of the same name
- Demolishing buoys will no longer leave the sign floating behind


- Fixed a bug which caused silos to pay crew that weren't on the same team


- Reverted the Claim Flag height limit on Official Servers


- When replacing invalid claimflags, you can now place them within the green ring of your original flag
- Claim flag height limit has been increased to 6500 units above sea level

- Magic Mythos is enabled on our Official Network: 4x Harvesting, 4x Taming, 4x XP, 2x Gold, 2x Egg Hatching, 2x Baby Maturing, 2x Crop Growth, and 50% less mating interval!
- Company Island Point Limit has been increased by 100
- Tax Banks can only be placed by Admins or above in companies.
- Fixed certain level creatures not receiving experience points in Single Player
- Fixed underwater trenches not loading properly in Single Player
- Fixed a bug which caused Pistols to have a bullet loaded after being repaired from a broken state
- Discovery Zones on the map can now be hidden using the Toggle Island Info button on the ATLAS map
- Discovery on the map now temporarily disappear beyond a certain zoon distance on the map (zooming back in will have them reappear)
- Important: Claim Flags now have a maximum height limit when being placed. Claim Flags that were previously placed which exceed this limit will indicate as such on the HUD. Those which exceed the limit will be able to place a 2nd claim flag in a viable location. This will destroy your old flag and drop it's entire inventory into a loot cache (2 hour expiration time) on the ground. Next Wednesday, we'll be deploying an update which will force destroy any legacy flags which exceed the height limit. The limit is 4k units above sea level which is approximately 16/17 walls and only admins or above will be able to replace the flag.
- New configurable ini setting for Claim Flag height limit

// you can set this number to 999999 to have no height restrictions.


- Added activate sail turning as a keybind (default: Left Shift)
- Crew Members will now take food/gold from the following structures in this priority (it goes to the 2nd/3rd if the first does not have gold). 

Crew on Land:

1st priority: Resource Box and Food larder
2nd priority: Silo
3rd priority: Claim Flags

Crew on Fully Anchored Boats:

1st priority: Silo
2nd priority: Claim Flags
3rd priority: Resource Box and Food larder

- New placeable land structure 'Crew Resources Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew. Note this will also function on lawless servers, but to do so we've had to have them display island points on the map, however they still will not be able to be claimed.
- New option on claim flag which allows turning off crew gold and food payment
- Fixed an edge case which allowed you to fire cannons through walls
- Fixed a bug where Crew was taking gold/food from a flag before they took it from a resource box/larder when dealing with Crew on Land.
- Fixed a bug which prevented harvesting on creatures/using tools in Singleplayer
- Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the resource override to stop functioning, therefore provide players with a different resource than intended

- Fixed a bug which would cause players to be stuck when unmounting creatures
- Cleared up the pinwheel text on Claim Flags, so they now indicate what it'll be changed to. 


- Fixed invalid discovery points value on server


- Fixed a client side crash


- Single Player Beta Mode

Note: Whilst not a formal system, Singleplayer users can play on any world json they want, by just replacing these files:
(the map images)

When doing so, please back up your SavedAtlasLocal folder, and then delete your save data using the in-game save delete button.

- Claim Flags now have a toggleable setting in Settlements mode which allows Settlement owners to choose whether to pay and feed the NPC Crew for allies or everyone settled on the island. This will be displayed in the top-right hand corner HUD. A single + means ally crew will take gold/food from claim flags. ++ means everyone will take gold/food from the claim flag. A lack of + means that only the settlement owner's crew will be able to take good/food from claim flags.
- Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold!
- Future proofing landscape optimization (large patch)

Just some further information on the update size, the reason it is so large is because a technical change went in place to improve the logic surrounding landscapes (not related to single player). Something we plan to improve more on in the future. This optimization will basically allow us to reduce the current install size of the game by, hopefully, ~33%.

The way it works in technical terms is that all the landscape variants of the same shape will use one map, with material variants, rather than each having a redundant copy of the large maps themselves. This means we won't have to have all those additional copies, thus reducing the effective size of landscapes (which together comprise over 50% of the game's install size)


- Crew gold payment and food can now be done via your Company's claim flag. Crew that are on an island or on a fully anchored ship within Settlement range are eligible. Berries are the only food that can be used in the claim flag (there is a greatly extended spoil timer on berries in a claim flag for further QoL). Crew will still seek out payment and food from nearby food larders and payment boxes and if there are none nearby or they are empty, they will take from the claim flag.
- Increased SoTD XP:

  • Schooner approx 20% increase
  • Brig approx 50% increase
  • Galleon approx 100% increase

- Fixed Ghostship not appearing/disappearing
- Increased step height for Elephants and Rhinos to 110 to allow to climb half wall steps, and helps with other obstacles both would realistically be able to step over
- Golden Age AoD now drop less gold, have a larger respawn radius around players/tames and a longer respawn interval
- Fixed cases where players would be dismounted from the swivel gun when firing on a ship

- A claim flag can longer be placed on a fully anchored ship during peacetime.
- Grog: Damage bonus changed from +6% to -3%, duration changed from 600s to 300s
- Rum: Now instead of giving 15 waters, it removes 20 water
- Target soft spots - Cooldown increased from 15s to 60s and torpor bonus reduced from 35% to 28%
- Critical strike - Cooldown increased from 20s to 60s and damage bonus reduced from 2x to 1.65x
- Target weakness - Duration increased from 10s to 24s
- Reduced the following armor stat scales by 30%:

  • Health
  • Melee
  • Damage
  • Stamina
  • Fortitude
  • Intelligence


- AoD on GoldenAge now drop gold when killed. Scales with level.
- AoD now have a non-weighted random spread up to level 120 on GoldenAge servers
- AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage.
- Fixed cannons shooting thru overhangs 
- Increased sword damage by 50%
- Increased mace damage by 35%
- Increased pike damage by 15%
- Increased spear damage by 20%
- Increased throwing knife damage by 20%
- Increased gun effectiveness against creatures 12.5%
- Reduced med kit self heal 20%
- Reduced tiger and lion head hitbox bone damage multiplier to 1.5x
- Increased minimum island points on PvE from 30 to 70
- Increased max island points on PvE  from 150 to 250
- Increased max island points on PvP from 250 to 320
- Magic Mythos is now active for the weekend: 2x bonus rates for Harvesting, Taming, XP and Gold!

- Fixed multiple cases where players would become unbased (slide off ships) due to certain structures.


- Company Rank settings are no longer the default option on E for climbing ladders if you're an admin or owner of a company
- Improved Ghostship appearance logic
- Fixed a bug which allowed clients to complete a musical sheet without even having to play a track
- Updated Equatorial tags and temps for Giraffe breeding, as it now spawns in the bog.
- Hid and cleaned up text overlap issues with the Sextant/GPS when inside menus


- Fixed bolas releasing creatures prior to their timer ticking down entirely.


- Fixed a bug which prevented tames and crew on ships from not having their claim timer refreshed on PvE. To refresh their timers, you will need to board the boats they're on.
- Fixed a bug which would result in the XP Curse lasting permanently (retroactive)
- Fixed a bug which prevented firing cannons which were placed on the top deck above gunports
- Beds can only be used to spawn on after their initial respawn cooldown has cleared


- Inactive PvP boats will now automatically destroy after 4 weeks of inactivity
- Enabled auto-destruction for decayed structures on Official Servers.
- Sunken ships will always destroy after 5 days on Official Servers. This will clear the icon from your maps too, as long the area where the boats were sunk have been revisited.
- Gunports can now be opened again without cannons (i.e you can now fish out of them again)
- Fixed some invalid cannon placements / shooting edge cases. 
- Open gunports will obstruct firing from any cannons that are not explicitly linked to them, either by dismounting the shooter or blocking the projectile.
- Fixed a Sail placement exploit.
- New game.ini mode for Sunken Ships

// Defaults to 0, meaning sunk ships would last forever and set to 2592000 for officials.


- Fixed an issue where NPCs on a Galleon's front NPCs would not replicate, due to the Captain being all the way in the back. This would have previously shown Missing NPCs, even if they were stationed.


- Updated localization for German, French, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Swedish.
- Gunports will no longer open if they do not have a cannon snapped to it
- Cannons using gunport-snaps now check for near-by freely-snapped cannons before snapping, in order to prevent multiple cannons shooting from one gunport.
- Fixed the Global Ship Limit counting Sunken Ships


- Increase torpedo ammo weight to 12
- Increase the torpedo launcher weight to 240
- Reduced the weight bonus torpedo launcher receives from closed gunports to 20%
- Bola CC duration reduced to 6 seconds on players
- Bola release time now reduced to 0.5 seconds when removing it from a player
- Torpedo crafting costs updated. Reduced by approximately 20% and updated metal to require 2 types of ingots. Mythos requirement unchanged.
- Flame damage now eliminates ballista harpoons
- Improved server performance on Golden Age grids as AoD enemies will only be networked to clients once they've awoken.
- Ballista Harpoon reload time has increased
- 2x Magic Mythos is now active with bonus rates for Harvesting, XP, Taming, and Gold.

- Mortar and Pestle slots increased to 40
- Soap Blueprint added to Cooking Pot and Grill
- Large Storage Box slots increased to 100
- Small Storage Box  slots increased to 40
- Sugars now stack to 500 (increased)
- Thatch now stacks to 1000 (increased)
- Grenade weight increased to 5
- Firegel, Gunpowder, Blasting powder, Mythos and Coral can now be stored in the ship resource box.
- Reduced Grenade damage to players by 33%, to NPC Crew and Creatures by 10%
- Increased Playershop health to 12000
- Reduced base damage of Blackjacks by 10% and reduced the Fall Swing damage by 65%
- Doubled stamina cost of shield bash
- Fire Elemental now takes 50% more damage from Shotguns and 100% more damage from Ballista
- Fixed ""Fail" sound line for the medkit using male voiceline for female characters
- Fixed being able to place wallhooks on demolishable resources to prevent floating structures
- Fixed being able to place triangle foundations on top of beds
- Player Name is now included in the tribe log when scuttling ships or demolishing it via a shipyard
- Fixed a bug which allowed you to move whilst bola'd 
- You can now base on non-allied PvE boats, and we've added an actionwheel entry to force non-allied characters off of your ship in PvE


- Torpedo Damage reduced by 45%
- Boats will no longer sink when overweighted or overcrewed if they are fully anchored (green anchor)
- Settlement Mode: Claim Flags now appear on the World Map for the grid region you're currently on
- Submarines docked on hangars now retain their colour after server restarts
- Prevented firing from gunports if the gunport has not fully opened. This is to resolve crews being dismounted as they were blocked for firing too soon
- Quest skills are blacked out with a silhouette when not learned
- Cocoa can now be crafted properly in irrigated grills
- Fixed FPV reload animation playing when switching from TPV to FPV with the Crossbow
- Fixed an issue where servers that were running for more than 4 days consecutively without reboot would have choppy water on the client.


- Networking range for players on ships is now the same as players not on ships (~34,000 units)
- Networking range for unseated NPCs on ships are now about 18,000 units, and seated NPCs are now about 9,000 units.
- Fixed Crows no longer flying to attack.
- Fixed Shipyards at max storage capacity (300) fail to create ships.
- Fixed being unable to gain any stamina after sailing to another server with a stamina debuff active from using any feat, for example, "reload overdrive" feat on a ship. Previously you would have had the debuff permanently until you die and respawn


- Improved third person view offset so that it now positions at the average head height rather than the center of the character's capsule. This should improve how it feels when the camera is brushed up against a collision in the world. 


- If a launched torpedo hits within the first 3.75 seconds of being fired, it will do significantly reduced damage
- Torpedo overall damage reduced by 20%
- Torpedo overall projectile lifespan reduced by 10%
- Torpedo and Torpedo Launcher crafting cost has been increased
- Fixed hotkey assignments to save on relog
- Readjusted Marker UI location when minimap is open to prevent overlap
- You can now use "prying eyes" to look inside lock chests if they are your own company's boxes
- Cannons/Puckles will no longer fire in peacetime if the structure does not own the claim and the target is a player or tame
- Significant shoreline data memory optimization


- Fixed harvesting boost from giving more resources than intended
- Fixed some unharvestable rocks and adding Fiber to missing freeports
- Moved sextant GPS/Speed/Direction from above the hotbar to below the sextant compass widget
- Prevented using Lucky Loader when in the middle of a reload
- Fixed Harvest Boost and other skills from resetting their cooldown upon death
- Crafting that requires 'water' as a resource will now consume 100 water, rather than the entire container
- Fixed Grill not being able to use water containers as a crafting resource
- Fixed overlapping text with Reservoir and Grill
- Hydra is able to reliably break down trees
- Fixed an issue with fishing rod where it would destroy itself when the item had broken


- Added JSON object library.
- Added blueprint interface for anonymous communication between mods.
- Added helper functions for:

  • Searching for creatures by ID.
  • Retrieving filtered class lists.

- Re-enabled UObject counter in the devkit


- Fixed an issue with dropped ship cargo being incorrectly calculated


- Optimised Fog of War memory usage.
- Added a new slider: Ship Draw Distance (note: changing this will require a client reconnect to take effect). This setting changes the distance at which non-core ship structures and seated characters will draw for clients. If you wish to revert this, move the slider all the way to the right, alternatively, slide to the left for higher performance (particularly in large-scale ship battles).
- Looking at boats through a spy glass will force maximum draw distance on non-core structures and seated characters.


- Fixed some server-side crashes
- Fixed double harvesting feat
- Ship of the Damned will now lose agro if they have not dealt damage for some time
- Ship of the Damned Galleons now have cannons on the front
- Decreased the time it takes for Ship of the Damned to respawn on Golden Age Ruin servers by approximately 75% (previously 1 hour, now 15 minutes)
- Fixed being able to drag players inside the Ice Dungeon


- Fixed a server-side crash


- Enabled Ship Structure Weight to the item tooltip
- Fixed a client crash caused by crop plots
- Giant Tortuga: Added step damage to prevent getting stuck on trees. Increased step height to prevent getting stuck on small obstacles and helps to more easily get out of water. Decreased tail swing range as attack missed at old max range.
- Fixed combat state not being unset with gamepad
- Fixed displayed ingredient requirements for Unthinkable Delicacy. Notable differences:

  • 25 animal meat -> 10 cooked prime meat
  • 10 Magic Marrow -> 10 Mythos
  • added 50 hunger requirement to feat description

- Updated Cargo container and Dinghy hangar to respect activation rank
- Updated Shipyards and Scaffolding to respect activation rank
- Server option to force disable structure prevention volumes
Server Launch params:

or in GameUserSettings.ini


- Fixed a bug which impacted Ship of the Damned's ability to sail
- Updated the quest description for 'Veteran Explorer'. It now takes 25% of all DPs, rather than 50%.
- Crossbow damage reduced from 65 to 55
- Faster reload skill effectiveness have been reduced by the following: Pistol - 25% less effective and Blunderbuss/Rifle: 75% less effective
- Fixed merchant ships from sailing through islands

Mega Update 2: Into the Ice! (v206.1)

New Quests:

  • Into the Ice: When you have collected all the Power Stones, head deep into a Polar Ice Dungeon to discover what lies beneath...
  • Master Cartographer: Get at least 40% of the ATLAS Discovery Zones

Skills and Feats:

  • Feat: Instant Hotbar Equip, unlocked after completing "Master Cartographer" quest.
  • Feat: Harvest boost, unlocked after completing "Into the Ice" quest.

New Levels: 

  • Ice Dungeon: Found in the polar region, can only be entered if players have unlocked all the 9 power stones
  • New Islands: Multiple equatorial and polar islands added to the ATLAS!

New Boss Fight:

  • Snowman
    Activated lights in boss arena now power a shield that maintains the Snowman's ice armor. Killing a round of minions will disable the shield, prevent minion spawns for a short duration, and allow the ice armor to receive damage. When minion cooldown is over, shield reactivates. When ice armor reaches 0, Snowman's health can be damaged directly and no more minions will spawn until the next health state.
    Upon entering each new health state, 1 extra minion will spawn at a time, and an increased amount of minions will be required to be killed for the shield to be deactivated/start minion spawn cooldown. When in the last health state and ice armor is destroyed for the final time, chaos ensues, and minions will continue to spawn until the boss is killed. Progress of minions to kill and ice armor are shown via floating hud.

New Structures: 

  • Offensive Structure: Torpedo Launcher and torpedoes. Skill is obtained after completing "Into the Ice" quest.
  • Building Structure: 3x4 Medium Gates
  • Utility Structure: Ice Box - a high-insulation box for generating ice in cold areas. Has “active” mode that will drain ice but reduce surrounding temperature (reverse fire). Consumes less ice if “indoors”. New Resource: Ice - Generates over time in cold zones inside of the Ice Box. Decays relatively quickly if not in “insulated” storage. Can be consumed to reduce temperature and the half negative effects of armour weight debuffs for a short duration (15s per ice cube, max of 5 mins). Ice can be placed inside preserving bags to extend spoil times, and also lasts much longer in preserving bags. Relatively heavy.

New Cosmetics:

  • Player: Hydra Hide Armour Set, and Cyclops Heavy Armour Set
  • Ship: Hydra Steering Wheel, and Bone Skin Steering Wheel

New Attachments:

  • Boat Attachment: Cargo Racks (reduces the weight of items inside of its inventory, has a maximum carrying capacity and can only be accessed when a boat is anchored. Each cargo container will slow down your boat. At maximum cargo carrier attachments, a boat's speed will be reduced by a total of 40%. Able to replace and pick up new cargo containers out at sea).
  • Cart Attachment: Large Storage Box (reduces the weight of items inside of its inventory, does not work on ships)

New Item:

  • Fishing Net: Can only be used when sitting. Equips on the back slot. Will begin automatically catch fish when boat has met minimum sailing minimum velocity

New Weapons and Ammo types:

  • Ballista Ammo Type: Boat Harpoon (can be used to attach and reel in other ships)
  • Weapon: Spear Gun and Spear Bolt (can only be used unwater)
  • Weapon: Crossbow and Crossbow Bolt (multiple shots, cannot be used underwater)

New Creatures

  • Olfend: Can be tamed and bred. Used to collect, store, and shoot water to put out fires. Rare creature is found in the desert biomes.
  • Giant Tortugar: A giant turtle carrier. Can be tamed and bred. Capable of being an armored organic vessel and able to carry 1 driver and 3 passengers. Very rare creature found in the new equatorial islands.

New Features:

  • Company: Map markers
  • Company: Announcements
  • Boats: Can now be unclaimed and claimed
  • Controls: Full gamepad support

New Quality of Life Improvements:

  • UX: Revamped Skill Tree UI
  • UX: Adjusted 3rd person aiming so there is less likelihood of foliage clipping
  • UX: Sextant Buff Corner Mini Map is now hidden by default and can be revealed by pressing the H key. Sextant Mini Map can be permanently enabled by turning on the option in Advanced Settings
  • Combat: Players now have the option to turn dual wielding weapons off by holding the TAB key and the hotbar key to equip the new pistol, rather than duel wield it.
  • Combat: Gun hotbar equip time now scales (improves) with the various reloading skills 
  • Combat: You can now attack from the run-state (but not whilst running). Previously when attempting to attack whilst running, you would have had to pause, then attack. Now you can go straight from a run into an attack.
  • Structures: The grill can now be attached to water pipes
  • Controls: You can now use the F key as an option to pick up all items from the floor within a certain radius
  • Ship: Pressing the F key whilst driving the ship, now allows you to access its inventory menu

Bug Fixes:

  • Skills: Fixed skills showing up in the wrong order on the skill tree
  • Ships: Fixed a bug which prevented ships from reversing when they bumped into shores
  • Ships: Fixed pressing right click to zoom in on the compass when sitting at a wheel of a ship
  • Ships: Can no longer place a Steering Wheel inside the sail mast
  • Building: Fixed a bug which prevented Water Reservoirs from irrigating grills if gathering water from a non-lake source
  • Building: Fixed vertical encroachment check on the bookcase so it fits in 1-high wall rooms
  • Resources: Fixed a bug where brain coral and fire coral were incorrectly labeled
  • Map: Multiple level fixes (holes, waterfall transitions, soil types, etc)
  • Creatures: Fixed a case where creatures would be stuck in the flee state whilst bola'd
  • Creatures Fixed a case where creatures would appear to stand up briefly just after being bola'd
  • UX: Fixed a bug which prevented you from seeing the HUD of a dropped item
  • UX: Scaled the size of ammo texts on ammo containers to make them more readable and changed CanisterShot to Canister Shot
  • Misc: Fixed icons for: Cooked Prime Fish Meat, Explosive Barrels, and Instant Equip
  • Misc: Disabled male voice on female characters when using a repair hammer on damaged planks
  • Misc: Fixed multiple cases where players shoulder disappears when harvesting with new anims
  • Misc: Fixed manual targeting aim location not replicating to clients

Balance Changes:

  • Combat: Reduced sickle damage against creatures and players
  • Combat: Sprint/Charge weapons have been disabled and will be re-added to the game as enhanced feats
  • Ships: Small Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 515 to 1000
  • Ships: Medium Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 920 to 2500
  • Ships: Large Weight Sail weight bonus increased from 1300 to 4000
  • Ships: Small Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118
  • Ships: Medium Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118
  • Ships: Large Handling Sail wind effectiveness increased from 101 to 118


- Crab can no longer throw characters when the weight of either/both carried characters is greater than the crab's maximum carry weight
- Crab can no longer jump when it's carry weight is greater than 40% of its max weight


- Further enhancement and tweaks to skill tree UI


- Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive.
- Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward
- Magic Mythos 3x Holiday Weekend Event is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 3x Harvest, XP, Taming, Crop growth, Gold multiplier, Breeding and Raising of creatures.


- Fixed a bug which prevented salted prime meat from generating in a preserving bag


- Fixed an edge case where some players were unaffected by the XP clamp


- Magic Mythos is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 2x Harvest, XP, and Taming rates for the weekend.
- Further optimisations for bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks
- Reduced the maximum and minimum amount of experience which can be earned via execution
- Crafting Bonus on items is now capped at 60% on Official Servers
- Any character which was above level 100 will now be reverted to level 100.
- One time character respec for any character that had their XP reduced back to 100.
- One time destruction of all crafted items with a crafting bonus of over 60% on Official Servers.
- Grappling Hook 3rd Person view is now offset to the side when aiming.
- New server Game.ini configs:

RemoveItemsOverCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6
MaximumCraftingSkillBonus = 0.6
OldPlayerDataMaxXP = 2956920.0

The above config options can be used to to cap the crafting skill bonus, destroy any items over the crafting skill bonus, and reduce player max experience to value on load.


- Optimized bUseNewStructureFoundationSupportChecks resulting in server performance gains and elimination of multiple stalls for structures. (These gains will be present on Official Servers)


- Creatures no longer require the desired temperature after they reach 10% maturity
- Added scaling weapon slotting time by the reload skill (to align with the skill on the pistol)
- Reload time on pistols is reduced to 60% when all three pistol skills have been acquired
- 10% damage increase to pistols


- Fixed a bug with purchasing blueprints from Player Shops


- Skill UI redesign (first pass, more work to come with it!)
- Fixed misalignment with female first person hand view


- Ending Magic Mythos event on Official Servers
- Fixed an exploit with the Guillotine


- Large Cannons not snapped onto Gunports on Servers using bDontRequireLargeCannonsToSnapOnShips=true will now fire correctly.


- RMB or Middle Mouse Button will now "drop" a grenade
- Grenade physics tweaked slightly be weightier, damage radius increased 15%, and grenade explosions now move with ships properly
- Stationed NPC's aside from puckle are now properly melee-damageable
- Added server option to allow large cannons to not require snap on ship: 

Game.ini ShooterGameMode bDontRequireLargeCannonsToSnapOnShips=true

- Fixes for cyclops Cloth boots and Kraken Hat not being rewarded
- Switched from Add New Item to Increment Item Quantity for Milk and Wool from Cow and Sheep to prevent being limited to Max Item Quantity if the player had no exiting stacks of the item given.
- Increased max amounts at full yield from 60 to 80 for Cow and 100 to 200 for Sheep.
- Melee Combat, fixing two bugs related to blocking:

Setting traces to use zero instead of complex collision groups on clients so that clients properly see hits

Fixing mistaken/unclear orderings for block determination that led to servers failing to correctly identify and pass along a block if the client-based block didn't succeed (such as in the cases where the client couldn't land a hit due to the collision group)

- Added a "turn off" option to ballista and catapult
- Fixed floating characters on standable tames such as elephants
- Fixed a bug where clients would see characters that had been grapple pulled off tame still move with their tames as if they were mounted resulting in a weird flight-like state.
- Added option to hide the pause menu's Server Info Panel


- Fixed an issue with leatherwing's grab
- Large cannons should now properly snap to all gunports
- Large cannon snaps now require floor/deck underneath
- Nature's touch cooldown now has unique icon
- Coral item now has correct coal-type item category icon
- Reduced Golden Age creature spawns by 60% and increased their respawn interval by a factor of 3
- The extra Water-structure foundation checks now only check against other Water-structures, and do not apply for Settlement Owners
- Item Skins are no longer eliminated when Trading


- Hid the unclaim boat button as it's not ready for public release yet
- Fixed an issue where Large Cannons were being destroyed on the destruction of a gunport they were snapped to
- When demolishing a non-ship/core type structures on a non-fully-anchored boat, resources will not be returned to you. This will be indicated to you via the demolish HUD. The boat must be fully anchored to get resources back for non-ship/core type structures.


Balance Changes

- Crab can no longer grab crew off stations
- Ship claim time reduced by 5x when a ship is unanchored.
- Large Cannons can now only be placed in gun ports when on ships. Existing Large Cannons that have been placed on decks or ceilings will not be functional and will need to be demolished. 
- Small reduction in Large Cannon damage
- One-time doubling of acquired Discovery Points for all previously existing player profiles
- Players will now get 2 Discovery Points per regular discovery rather than 1
- Quest Discovery Points have also increased by approximately 2x
- Lighthouses will check for nearby enemy players before being able to be successfully placed
- Large Gateways, Gates, and Large walls will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed unless on Settlements during peacetime.
- Core Structures will check for nearby online players before being able to be placed during Combat Phase on Settlements
- Flotsam gold reward gold increased by 20%
- Crew Payment Interval doubled (this means that you'll need to pay them less gold)
- Shipwreck Gold Reward doubled
- Creatures able to be equipped with armour along with Crew are now able to equip gear above common quality.
- Any structure that checks for enemy foundations when placed in water now has a 4x enemy foundation check radius (such as pillars and shipyards)
- There is now a creature specific cooldown on Nature's Touch

QoL Changes

- Increased spoil timer on SotD loot.
- Reduction in Blizzard Sound Effect volume
- Crewmembers will no longer eat Water Jars from the food larder or their inventories
- Transferring materials with a filter on now transfers all children types too. For example, filtering HIDE will transfer Leather, Fur, Hair, etc.
- Transferring items of a higher than base quality will now automatically go into the hotbar space

Bug Fixes

- The Accordion song, “A Mockatoo Once Told Me” will now appropriately apply the buff to players in the area
- Fix to the movement of elevator when manually operated
- Fixed a crash on transition
- Submarine now consumes fuel consistently after crossing a world border
- Kracken should no longer aggro onto ships/players outside of the barrier
- Fixed an issue related to ships transitioning with players when a catapult was used
- Fixed a basing issue which could occur when crabs jumped off ships
- Fixed an issue caused by opening the feats wheel then pressing “i” which caused the mouse cursor to be placed on screen.
- An unraised noose on a ship will no longer cause a player to take damage upon transferring
- Fixed an exploit related to harvesting from crop plots
- Fixed an issue with crop plots unintentionally being able to be stacked
- A player’s bag will no longer spawn above the cave if they die completing the Powerstone quest
- Items inside a loot bag will now register the correct weight
- Fixed a visual bug related to the cloth Cyclops Helmet skin 
- Cannons can no longer be placed right beside another (to address stacking three cannons inside a gun port)
- The sextant compass buff will no longer be removed upon logging out
- Fixed Hydra Spawn on H6
- Cleaned up levels from Mnt_R_PVE and reworked spawns on Cay_H
- Cannonballs will no longer pass through own collision
- Gateways and Gates can no longer be placed in Freeports or Golden Age Ruin servers
- Alloy will now be correctly detected from a resource repair box


- Settlement Owners on our PvE Networks can no longer set rules on building offensive structures
- Rectified an inconsistency when painting decks and ceilings on ships
- Adjusted the Chest Width slider for females in the character creation screen
- Corrected Hide Cyclops Armour name in BP description


- Improved logic for fixes related to items/blueprints changing into Engrams.


- Fixed another case where items/blueprints could change into Engrams. 


- Fixed a bug which would have caused items/blueprints to change into Engrams. 


- Fixed a bug which would have caused items/blueprints to change into Engrams. 


- Player Shops only cost upkeep on Non-Lawless PvE-style Homeservers. (Technically in Official PvP too, but only on the non-lawless homeservers that are effectively PvE regions)
- Servers can use this server config value to scale the player shop upkeep:


Default value is 0.08, for a 92% reduction from the previous rate.

- Player Shops are now limited to 70 slots
- You are now allowed to build more than one player shop per team on an official homeserver, now you can build as many as you want to pay the upkeep for.
- War Declaration cost has been reduced to 40k gold and 500 of each additional material, rather than 1000.
- Ability to respawn on your current server when you die on a lawless/freeport server that isn't set to be your home server.
- Water creatures will no longer lose their targets close to the water surface.

- Magic Mythos is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 2x Harvest, XP, Taming, and Gold rates for the weekend.


- Fixed a client-side crash


- Optimizations for creature food consumption and structure tagging


- Fixed some rare crashes.
- Stationed NPCs (on boats and land) no longer take damage from guns on Official Servers.
- Added a new Game.ini ShooterGameMode config bool: bSeatedNPCIgnoreGunDamage=1


- You can now reveal unconscious targets contesting your own claimflag (pinwheel option activated on your claimflag)


- Magic Mythos is now enabled on Official Servers: bonus 2x Harvest, XP, Taming, and Gold rates for the weekend.


- Fixed issue where tames could be given move-onto-ship points that were outside the bounds of the ship, or nearly outside.
- Fixed issue where tames could potentially fall endlessly and drown when moving-onto-ship.
- Made 'move-to-ship' pinwheel option more accurate on clients, so it will check to see whether a creature can truly fit on its side nearby. Offset creatures on boats were the culprit for them floating off/sinking through the world!


- Fixed a server crash
- Re-enabled Red Alert and the ability to return the crew to their previous seat following a Red Alert (can be activated using Right Shift) on Official Servers


- Fixed creature "drift" on ships for client
- Fixed issue where creatures could disappear or erroneously die in some cases when moved onto ships, re-enabled move to ship functionality for Officials.
- Added cooldowns to activate or reset Red Alert state (clients get a corresponding message onscreen when they try to execute the order during the cooldowns).
- Fixed issue where crew melee swings on ships couldn't hit their targets.
- Red Alert temporarily disabled on Official Servers whilst we investigate an issue related to its stability.


- Hand Harvesting Skills now affect tool usage as well.
- Fixed Climbing Picks sometimes sending the player off into infinity.
- Ended the Easter Event. Bunny hat skin applications and skinned items will still exist.
- Significantly optimized the networking of character movement on ships.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't see another player turning their character on a ship if they weren't moving.
- Fixed a server crash.
- Fixed issue with resources not respawning near shipyards/docks.
- Fixed an issue where mortars and lighthouses may not have had their activity tags updated properly.
- Fixed issue that would cause characters (including creatures) based on a ship to "drift" off the ship over time.


- Possible fix for shoulder creatures disappearing or flickering post-transition.
- Placed Water Reservoirs will now show their water richness percentage on the HUD.
- Water Reservoirs will now gain water from rain.
- Fixed Treasure Maps generating locations stuck in the world. Will not effect existing Treasure Maps.
- Empires PvE mode will now have a 2 week declaim tag period of claim flags (was previously 6 hours for test purposes).
- Disabled 'Move To Ship' pinwheel action for non-crew tames on Official Servers until we have resolved issues related to the feature.
- Fixed Island Points totals getting de-synced/displaying incorrectly for Companies.

The Hoppening Patch Notes (v101.1)

- Treasure Chests now include Easter Eggs and Chickens (both wild/tamed) will drop them over time.
- Easter Eggs can be used to purchase crafts of a Bunny Hat (they stack, so you can purchase multiple crafts and keep them even after the event ends!)
- Eggs can be thrown at players to cause a post-process ‘yolk’ effect and at wild creatures to slow them down.
- Easter Bonus: Egg Maturation speed increased by 3x
- Increase player speed by 10% across-the-board
- Water Reservoirs now automatically generate water if they are placed on fertile soil. How quickly they generate water depends on the soil type and biome, indicated on the HUD when you place or look at the water reservoir.
- You can now self-heal with the medkit. How much healing you get is dependent on a new Self-Healing Skill (though you can Heal yourself without the Skill, you'll only get 10% effectiveness)
- Killing the Krakens now completes the respective Quest for everyone in the combat zone, not just the people who have got all the Power Stones / Essences. (not retroactive)
- Fixed Treasure Maps sometimes generating stuck into the world geometry (not retroactive)
- Spikeshot now has a 15-second Defuse timer that begins upon impact.
- Company limit on PvP server has been increased to 75.
- Mermaids should now properly target players on ships (they should then sing to lure the players off the ships).
- Reduced Submarine max weight to 1000
- Submarines move 33% slower and uses 50% more fuel
- Submarine is unable to move laterally when overweight/overcrewed, can still move longitudinally.
- No longer able to place explosive barrel item directly onto the water. Must have them carried and then tossed into the ocean.
- Increased % scale for Cannon Reload skills, increased from 10 -> 20 -> 30 to 33% -> 66% -> 100%
- Armour equip timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
- Melee weapon equip timer has been reduced to 5 seconds
- Gun equip timer now matches the reload time (when not completing the mini-game or having the special skills, we'll be updating the skills in the future so that they reduce the equip timer).
- Updated creature breeding biome tags so that creatures can always be bred in biomes they're found in.


- Fixed multiple cases where players would get stuck in structures after reloads, respawns, or fast travels.
- Fixed a bug where player flags would be merged into companies if they didn't have a company previously. Creating your own company when you own a flag will still merge the flag, however joining an existing one won't merge over the flag.
- Significant improvements for raft sail-mounting control
- Possible fix for 'ghost islands' appearing when transitioning between servers
- Submarine is now unlocked when defeating the Kraken, regardless if you have collected all the power stones as an individual. 
- Readjusted (increased) gold dropped from Whales, so that their total reduction was only 17.5% rather than 35%.
- Active Settlement wars should now show up on the map for everybody, regardless of team and regardless of how zoomed out you are.


- Possible fix for tamed Creatures falling through structures on server load/overtime.
- Fix for creatures over spawning when wandering out of spawn areas.
- Increased structure check on creature spawns to prevent them from spawning inside bases on Lawless servers. May still occur in areas with a large open space, such as a big pen.
- Fixed a case where Army of the Damned were being destroyed but did not count towards your objective, therefore made it impossible to dig up certain treasure chests.
- Eliminated some D3D hung crashes
- Adjusted mythical shipyard crafting requirements so they can be crafted at smithy
- Maximum tax on PvP is now 30%
- Barshot projectile has had it's range and speed increased so that it's closer to a regular cannon ball
- Water Reservoirs now hold 12,000 water and Barrels hold 4,000.
- Whale health has been increased by 20% and gold reduced by 35%
- Ballista reload time has been increased
- Elevators now rise at 3x the rate and can carry 2x more -- may cause some clientside jittering when moving on top of the elevator (known issue that we're working on).
- Medkit spoil timer increased to 12 hrs
- Increase durability of grappling hook by 2x
- Increase earthworm spoil time to 1 hour
- Increase the stasis range of Mermaid so they're easier to find
- No cooldown on placing cannons in PvE
- Reduced creature harvesting for berries
- Ramshackle sloop weight capacity has been reduced to 1200
- Raft weight capacity as been increased to 1600


- Giraffe now harvests 6x thatch again
- Fixed an issue where structure check was allowing players to build when there was no foundational support
- Improved bola offset for feeding Elephant and Giraffe
- Fixed a bug which allowed you to take items from the trade window of another person in the same company as yourself
- Fixed a case where player inputs would 'stick' on sails that they had just unmanned


New server commandlines:

Suppress the capability to rename settlements except for server admins.

Hides all the join/leave notifications on a server regardless of client options.


- BattlEye update


- Fixed some issues where characters were able to contest Flags out of range, and where they weren't showing up with the "Flag Range Sonar" action. Also increased the time of the Flag Range Sonar to 30 seconds.
- The flag Contesting range has been lowered to 10k for Colonies mode, down from 15k.
- Official Servers now have a much lower repopulation prevention radius for resources and creatures (approximately 25% the previous range)


- Fixed blueprint number-of-crafts-remaining erroneously appearing on engrams
- Added a text to craftable item icons indicating how many times it can be crafted based on the resources in the inventory
- Adjusted the position of the item icon stat label to not overlap with the quantity label
- Doubled the size of the quantity label on the gameplay HUD item crafting indicator to be more readable
- Fixed a camera blip when grappling hook attaches in TPV
- Fixed the Melee Camera Animations checkbox option to work again


- Can only select Freeports/Lawless as home servers now on the Official Network
- Claim resume timer is now 10 seconds after contesting has ended
- Claim contesting requires placing a flag in range of the enemy flag
- WALL Lantern resource consumption rate reduced by 75%
- Max Tax rate on PvE set to 20%, and is only additive on PvE (doesn't reduce the taxee's resources)
- Improved Grappling Hook functionality resulting in better interactions with Floatsom, and when climbing down.
- Freeports and Lawless Servers have a unique display icon in the server map grid.


New Features and Content

- Redesign: ATLAS World - 40% more islands/landmass & new world map layout.
- Redesign: Claim System - Colonies: Freeform building, with more progress-protecting and time-enforced PvP rules creating a cooperative atmosphere, and limits to ensure the game is more oriented towards single players or smaller groups. Previous mode now known as Empires and PvE will be a modified version of colonies.
- New Environment: Deep Ocean Trench. A new area to explore, guarded by powerful underwater creatures and home to the new Giant Crab
- New Environment: Eastern Tundra now has its own visual design, no longer using the Western Tundra style
- New Weather: 'Snow' weather systems for Polar and Tundra
- New World Phenomenon: Aurora Borealis light display which will result in a harvesting bonus, visible in particular regions.
- New Vehicle: Submarine. Explore the depths of the ocean in this small scouting submarine. Use the claw arms to help harvest the ocean floor and explore (demolish) player shipwrecks. Also equipped with a harpoon (uses ballista bolts) as a new underwater weapon which will ramp up oceanic combat.
- New Creature: Giant Crab. It can carry heavy loads, along with players, tames and wild creatures
- New Item: "Guillotine". Hanging your foes in a noose taking too long? Off with their heads! 
- New Item: "Large Wall". Equipped with parapets and ladder snaps so you can now build a proper defensive perimeter!
- New Item: "Small Gates". 2-wall high gate structures for wood and stone.
- New Item: "Player Shops". Players can set up automated shops, listing loot for sale and naming their own gold coin prices.
- New Item: "Settlement War Declaration". Tied to the War System. Drag over a settlement on the ATLAS map to declare war on them!
- New Item: More tame tokens for more mythical creatures! Allowing players to have limited-time tames of the Fire Elemental, Rock Elemental, and Gorgon. BONUS: Rock Elemental and Cyclops are rideable!
- New Feature: War System - Declare war on your enemies!
- New Feature: 1 'Mainline Quest' involving gathering 9 trench stones and defeating the hardmode Kraken!
- New Feature: 7 more ‘Quests’ which upon successful completion will provide their own unique Skill unlock
- New Feature: Curses. Tied to the execution of players
- New Feature: Player-to-Player secure trading system
- New Feature: Procedurally Generated Shipwrecks which players can explore for items and blueprints. They can be found by diving deep into the ocean, or looking out for their visual indicator on the surface of the water, or successfully completing the sextant mini-game which will point you in the direction of nearby shipwrecks.
- New Feature: Human Catapult. Player characters can now be deployed into battle using a catapult.
- New Cosmetics: Peg Legs, Hook Hands, and Multiple Armor sets to customize the look of your company and crew! Can be purchased at the cosmetics vendor.
- Redesign: Squads (Ship) of the Damned will now come in multiple size variations with different stats and difficulty levels.
- Redesign: Grappling Hook has been revamped, better physics & rappelling mechanics, and players will be able to realistically swing using them.
- Redesign: Explosive Barrels. Can now be carried in hand, thrown overboard to sink and will explode when they collide with anything underwater (Depth Charge!).

Balance Changes

- The higher quality shipyard used when building a ship, the more level ups a ship will be able to obtain.
- Ships can now level up their total damage output (which effects all cannons on a ship) and their total resistance, as new upgradable stats.
- All tamable creatures made breedable, with no exceptions except for Mythical Creatures.
- Various spawner adjustments & fixes across all islands
- Reloading now changed to have the mini-game appear back to back, rather than through various points of the animation.
- Vitamin debuffs have been removed and will only cause health loss when a player has a vitamin surplus or deficiency.
- Increased smithy inventory slots to 130.
- Increased weight of catapult from 12 to 84.
- Adjusted the crafting quantities on higher tier blueprints so they don't require as many resources as before.

QOL Changes

- Territory map will now display allies as teal-coloured
- Character creator now has a Height slider to make it easier to set your character's desired height
- Any dead ships (shipwrecks) from your Company appear with a unique icon on your map now, so you can find the wrecks
- Global territory message updating
- Currently contested claims will be indicated on the minimap
- Players can now mount a sail to directly control the sail's open/close amount and rotation settings in a more intuitive way.
- Toggle ladders button for ship captain, defaults to L key. 
- Company Groups have been increased to 10
- Players cannot accept alliance invites unless they're an admin
- Company Log can now be sorted
- New group permission which acts as an effective 'company owner'. Only the true company owner can set/unset that specific group rank.


- Improved Server and Client performance
- Visual feedback for players being unable to board unallied boats on PvE
- Full body animations for harvesting
- More realistic old age wrinkles
- Additional face sliders for character customization
- Dive suit overlay has been adjusted so it's easier to see when underwater
- Commodities trader can only be found on the Merchant Ship on PvP servers
- Respec potion has been moved to the Crew Recruiter on Freeports

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:anchor: released patch notes :anchor:


    - Reverted optimization to how Seating Structures are replicated, caused some issues. 


    - Fixed invisible tamed creature case, and optimized some networking related to creatures on ships.
    - Optimized how ladders network their extended/retracted states.
    - Attempted an optimization to how Seating Structures are replicated (Steering Wheels etc)


    - Further fix for case where steering wheel usage became desynchronized.


    - Major client and server optimization for ships - Fixed remaining case of Client Disconnections
    (Not necessary to adjust Client Bandwidth, this was related to something else. We recommend all players try to use EPIC Bandwidth!)
    - Various new server performance optimizations
    - Sail Canvas is now unaffected by Repair Hammer
    - AoD soldiers now take significantly less damage from bullets.


    Fixed a bug where tamed creatures, boats, and NPC Crew stats didn't replicate properly.


    - Fixed a case where players would disconnect on certain servers when loading into large bases. We advise setting your "Client Network Bandwidth" Option value back to Epic if you had previously changed it, to deal with the disconnections.
    - Fixed a case which would cause creatures to flash or flicker.
    - Fixed a case where players on saddled creatures would teleport back to the server's origin if the creature they were mounted on had been killed by another creature.
    - Sail canvas now takes twice as long to repair. Repair hammer can no longer be used to repair a canvas. A canvas must be repaired using the pinwheel option on the mast, which can be accessed by holding down E.
    - Target Soft Spots will no longer add torpor to other player teams in PvE.
    - Camera no longer interpolates to origin when destroyed.
    - Glider will no longer activate when encumbered.
    - Buoy signs remain attached after server restart (retroactive).
    - Server and client performance optimizations.
    - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to stall and potentially disconnect other clients.
    - No longer able to turn off cannons that do not belong to your team.


    - Fixed some server side crashes and added additional server performance optimizations for NPC Crew

    v21.1 (client)

    - Fixed choppy claim flag physics


    - Further optimizations to NPC crew


    - Optimized replication and ticking of NPC crew on turrets, for significantly improved server performance.


    - Improved Structure replication rate from servers, though this may increase client stalls slightly. Clients can reduce their "Client Network Bandwidth" Option value if they are experiencing too many stalls with this change (we do recommend the default, 60 KB/s).


    - Optimized how items are networked resulting in significantly higher performance and less bandwidth usage
    - Added the Hook Hand and the Peg Leg to the Freeport cosmetic vendor


    With our planned changes for March, the game will be heading into a more rule based system, so for the next few weeks we’ll be making some changes to experience what it would be like if we took an alternative route. 

    We’ll be releasing an update tomorrow which includes the following changes:

    - 6x Rates - Harvesting, Taming, Experience, Gold, Farming, and Breeding.
    - Claim flags will no longer prevent enemy building. You can now build anywhere, and only structure build radius will prevent it. This does not apply to cannons and mortars, which will still require a claim flag. This is a non-default, which will be enabled on our PvP Networks. Unofficials can also use this as a custom server-side config.
    - All servers, other than Golden Age Ruin servers, can be set to home servers, allowing players to respawn at them. (PvP only)


    This is what we’re enabling on all our non-Golden Age ruin servers, but please note that you must also flag the corresponding grids as homeservers on the servergrid.json

    This patch will also include:

    - Whispering voice hotkey [* [numpad] key]
    - Server side config that allows you to alter the distance for the 3 voice modes: Whispering, Normal, and Yelling.

    ProximityRadius = 8500
    YellingRadius = 22000
    WhisperRadius = 2000

    - Removing the Destruction Mesh on Lighthouses
    - Increased the limit of folders in inventories from 20 to 40, and 80 in Bookshelves
    - Treasure Map names now includes the grid for easy filtering
    - Explosive Barrels can no longer be used as an ammo type for cannons. Any loaded ones will just fire regular cannons. They'll be receiving a large redesign in the major update coming in March.
    - Fixed chat scrolling, so it now works again with Page Up and Page Down
    - Fixed an edge case where voice chat would stop working unless the client relogged

    These changes will allow us to see how the game would pan out if we didn’t have the claim system affect build rules, which helps us collect more feedback on playstyles.


    - New style Claim Flag with improved flag physics
    - Improved mini map X icon for visibility
    - Added chat tabs
    - Reorganized claim flag notifications (requires updated server)


    - Fixed multiple cases where inpulses would be stacked causing players or creatures to be launched into the distance.


    - Disabled the use of some client side console commands which could be used to gain an unfair advantage in PvP


    - Army of the Damned Soldiers and Crew melee attacks now properly hit.
    - Fixed an issue with servers that could have stalled them out for significant periods of time (5+ seconds)
    - Improved general server performance


    - Further optimized server performance
    - Fixed issue where Buffs were not being added (drinks and such) if you were on a seating structure, or if you were encumbered.


    - Significantly improved server performance when unstasising structures (50%+).
    - Fixed the bug where picking up stat'ed Structures would eliminate quantity of existing structures in your inventory.
    - Fixed a case where server-side Spoiling Times were incorrect on preserving bins.
    - Whale corpses now last 30 minutes
    - Giraffe harvesting now yields 6x thatch


    - Doubled maximum server physx substeps to maintain more consistent ship movement at low server framerates.


    - 2x Harvesting, XP, Taming and Gold enabled on the Official Network until Monday 25th.
    - Bookshelf added to organize your maps, blueprints, notes, and songs. You can learn it from the Esotery of Building skill.
    - Signs/Canvases can now be placed on storage boxes and bookshelves to help indicate what they're used for.
    - Note added to the game to leave each other messages. You can learn it from the Secrets of Building skill.
    - Company UI now displays last online time for members
    - Significant server optimizations (company network data is now replicated more efficiently to clients)
    - Maximum ship level is now 52.


    - Fixed Melee damage application to Army of the Damned
    - Fixed NPC crew disappearing for a fraction of a second when mounting on cannons 
    - Prevented climbing of the Kraken barrier wall 
    - Improved Cyclops movement to allow it to clamber over rocks better


    - Optimized server spatial octree, which should result in better server performance and reduced stalls.


    - Fixed an issue with NPC's not interacting when stationed.


    - Canvases are now free-paintable
    - Improved the appearance of storm cyclones vfx


    - Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis.
    - Fixed a bug with Alpha creatures.


    - Fixed an issue with the unstasis/render distance on ships
    - Optimized performance of various server subsystems.


    - Optimized performance of various server subsystems.



    - Gold coins have had their weight reduced by 50%
    - The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally (does not apply to structures that are placed on boats, only items in inventories)
    - Weight Sails now provide 20% more bonus weight.
    - Diving Suit now provides a buff which gives players a 50% extra base weight when diving underwater
    - Water Barrel now has a base weight of 75. It can hold 6000 water (previously was 500). For every 1000 water, it will add 20 weight. This means the lightest it will be is 75, and the maximum weight will be 195.
    - Players now start the game with 30% more personal weight and will gain an additional 40% per level (so base weight has increased from 250 -> 325 and bonus per level is up from 10 to 14)
    - Tamed creatures now gain an additional 6% weight per level into weight rather than 4%

    Creatures & Tames
    - Elephants and Rhinos now provide a 25% weight reduction to their specialised resources
    - Giraffe now receives an approximate 2x bonus when harvesting thatch and has a 25% weight reduction when carrying thatch
    - Elephant base stamina increased to 390
    - Rhino base stamina increased to 190
    - Giraffe base stamina increased to 440
    - Baby creatures will no longer take into account the temperature alterations from coldfront and heatwave
    - Tamed creature resistance has been increased by 30% and damage increased by 20%
    - Bear health has been reduced by 10%
    - NPC Crew can now be renamed
    - NPC Crew can no longer be placed on Bear and Horse Carts
    - Company Tame Limits have been doubled
    - The interval between paying crew gold has been increased by 40% (there is now more time before you have to pay them again)
    - Ship of the Damned will no longer physically damage a team's structures and anchored boats unless they have been specifically damaged by that target. PvE servers only.

    Structures and Items
    - Puckle Damage has been increased to 100 base and is 50% more armour piercing
    - Carbines reload time has been reduced by 10%
    - Pistol reload time has been reduced by 33%
    - Blunderbuss reload time has been reduced by 20%
    - Blunderbuss damage to creatures has been increased by 50% to wild and by 20% to tamed.
    - Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fibre.
    - Wooden Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 30%
    - Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45%
    - Explosive Barrel change reverted until the redesign
    - Reverting damage increase and crafting cost decrease to Grenades
    - Oil Jar weight has increased to 10 and fires lit on top of oil have had their duration reduced by 50%
    - Oil Jar has been made more difficult to craft
    - Fully Anchored Boats now have a buff which provides a bonus 300% structure resistance

    - Old Age no longer has a debuff
    - Fountain of Youth is now available on all Golden Age Ruin servers (we'll be looking at redesigning how this works in the near future)
    - Players can now purchase a respec soup at the Commodity Trader in Freeports
    - Players now have approximately 20% more skill points per level

    Bug fixes
    - Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive. 
    - Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward.
    - Mortars will no longer be able to shoot at players outside of render distance


    - Fixed a bug where fire AoE would not attach properly to moving boats.


    - Potential fix for some frequent server side crashes. We'll be monitoring with this build


    - Explosive Barrels will be undergoing some changes with this patch, please note that they're still in the process of receiving their redesign, but this puts them close to it:

    • Limited to 1 carryable stack per person.
    • Stack size will remain at 10
    • You will not be able to store them in creature inventories, however, legacy ones will remain there.
    • They will be able to be placed near enemy structures and water without needing a claim flag, but not on boats itself.
    • You will not be able to equip them into your hotbar, they must be placed from within the inventory.
    • There will be a restriction to how many can be put down at a time within a certain radius.
    • Reduced Explosive Barrel damage by approximately 20%
    • Reduced Explosive Barrel explosive radius by approximately 20%

    - Diving Suit will make wild underwater creatures ignore you unless you attack them
    - Alcohol will no longer spoil
    - Cooking Recipes spoil time increased to 10 hours
    - Spoiling time increase bonus on Preserving Bag has been increased
    - Increased Grenade damage by approximately 50%
    - Decreased crafting costs for Grenades by approximately 20%
    - Improved cannon collision and obstruction check to limit the effectiveness of multiple cannons in gunport.
    - Diving Attachment now has the same health as the Dinghy Hangar
    - Fixed a bug relating to shooting cannonballs, previously allowing it to go through certain ally structures. This will no longer be the case anymore.
    - Cannister shot range increased by approximately 20%
    - Cannister shot damage increased by approximately 10%
    - Spike shot explosion timer is now 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds
    - Spike shot now reloads approximately 10% quicker
    - Spike shot range increased by approximately 15%


    - Fixed some server startup crashes
    - Widened the amount of networking info the server can send to clients
    - Server optimisations


    - Fixed a bug related to server transitions


    - Crow's Nest peak will no longer block the camera.
    - When it rains, cyclones now only have a 33% chance to occur (previously 100%), and will deal twice as much damage.
    - Dolphins chance to jump has been reduced to 20%.
    - Client-side option to hide the Gamepedia Wiki button in player inventory.
    - Patched out some .ini changes which allowed people to remove certain visual effects granting them an unfair advantage in PvP
    - On PvE specifically, Ship of the Damned should not attack anchored ships that have not fired upon them.
    - Rare Resources are now available on PvE Commodity traders for a higher gold amount than regular resources.
    - Fixed crew on puckle gun taking damage from fire aoe buffs.
    - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60% (previously 50%), open-ports are default cannon weight.
    - Gunport crafting and repair costs are now the same as regular planks.
    - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to place multiple claim flags at once.
    - Large Cannons now do 30% less damage against Ship planks and Ship decks.


    - Added extra server-side protection to remote inventories to resolve an exploit


    - Company Claim Flags cannot be personally owned anymore.
    - Server crash fixes


    - Client Side GPU Optimisations
    - Explosive Barrel Weight now correctly displayed as 60
    - Added a direct button to the ATLAS wiki when opening your inventory


    - Server optimisation for structures on boats
    - Fixed a bug where picking up a higher quality structure within the pickup timeframe would result in the common structure, rather than the specific higher quality itself


    - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to stall out servers
    - Added extra protection to inventories to fix and prevent players from bypassing pin codes
    - Fixed a bug with the Kraken which would have inflicted a high amount of unintended damage
    - The Kraken's Barrier will no longer damage ships on collision
    - Explosive Barrel weight has been increased back to 60 (we're still working on a redesign). This is not visible on clients but will be active on servers. We will have a corresponding client fix to go out with this later.


    - Explosive Barrels can no longer be placed on enemy ships, and only have a weight of 6 now. This is a temporary measure due to undesired gameplay. We are going to be redesigning the barrels from a technical/gameplay point of view to give them more use in the future.
    - Fixed a case which allowed players to enter the bottom of ships
    - Fixed a case which allowed players to clip and stick themselves inside the boat's hull
    - Protected against players accessing inventories from outside ships via clipping into boats
    - Fixed multiple cases where players would fall through structures upon server restart, login, transition, etc.
    - Fixed a crash which would occur when transitioning with the sextant buff
    - Fixed Swivel Cannons from firing through walls
    - Allow players to pick-up structures if you're on the same team even if you do not have demolish rights
    - Global Number of Ships is now displayed in the player's ATLAS Map UI. We'll be making this more visible on the UI in a future update. It will not display if you do not have any ships and do not belong to a company.
    - Cleaned up an error message when attempting to craft a boat when you were at the maximum global limit
    - Added a Crew name filter for company UI
    - Added a 12 second delay between playing status voice clips (such as injured or starvation)
    - War Drum songs have been adjusted to be more rewarding. Details can be found here.
    - Tweaked war drum battle songs to eliminate a big gap in the note sheet preview (just the preview, not the actual song)
    - Fixed a bug causing the buff timer shown on the music UI during a looping song that gives a perpetual buff to become off by 1 second from the actual buff timer.
    - Fixed a bug causing notes to incorrectly fail when activated near the edges of song loops
    - Fixed a bug where client fps stutters could cause notes to fail that should have been auto-played
    - Reduced tutorial background opacity
    - Made it so text wasn't cut off for long paragraphs in the tutorial
    - Mod Map Extensions now work (and will not require recooking the mod)
    - Linux WaveWorks optimisations (Linux Servers will run much better)
    - Kraken will no longer give impulses to players for the tentacle slams or tentacle impacts
    - Impacts with the Kraken bodyparts will no longer cause ship damage
    - Ship of the Damned Kraken minions are now damageable in PvE
    - Reduced the damage of the Kraken homing projectiles by 50%
    - Increased the damage taken by the Kraken tentacles by 50%
    - Ghost ship will now appear every night rather than every 3 nights
    - Swapped Mythical and Legendary in the descriptions for tools skills tier 2 and 3, as they were previously incorrect.
    - Fixed a bug where beds that were placed beyond the default accommodation limit were destroyed on server load


    Bug Fixes

    - Turrets and Cannons will no longer fire underwater and can no longer be mounted underwater
    - Fixed a bug allowing players to reset all glider cooldowns by moving the glider between hotbar slots
    - Increased the required minimum diving velocity before going into the glide-fall state to reduce gaining/maintaining height
    - Ghost Ship has been fixed and will now take damage.

    Server Performance

    - Eliminated Cannon Animations playing entirely on the server for performance savings

    Quality Of Life

    - Option to hide territory broadcast messages
    - Territory broadcast message boxes now scale according to the character size of the message
    - Gunport camera socket has been lowered and moved forward for better viewing when shooting from gunports
    - PvE players will now be able to see their claim flag's inactivity timer on the flag itself
    - Attacking Player no longer needs to be in range for declaiming progress
    - Glider now has a required dive duration rather than a forced dive cooldown (achieves the same nerf effect on glider spam and feels better to use)


    - Whale Counts have been boosted on the Tundra and reduced the spawn interval between whales by 50%
    - Wild Dragon damage has been reduced by 30%
    - Golden Age Spawns have had their spawn interval increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and increased distance from players from 7700 to 9000


    - Various buffs/changes made to musical songs played on the Accordion. Details can be found here - we have some planned updates to come for the War Drum in a future update, once we've resolved some technical issues related to it.


    - PvE Claim Flag inactivity timer has been adjusted so that it now scales dynamically. A company with a small number of flags will be declaimable after 3 weeks of inactivity, whereas a company with a large number of claim flags would be declaimable after 3 days of inactivity.
    - The gold cost has been increased on upgrading higher quality items and structures
    - Cooking Recipes spoil time has been increased
    - Top Companies will have their names displayed on the left-hand side of the map and are now granted special nameplates and figureheads
    - Fixed server issue that could disconnect clients if they had a lot of map entities.


    - Fixed a case where players/boats would get stuck playing transition ping-pong between two servers, frequently happened with large boats.
    - Pinging on an enemy claim flag should show all contesting NPC crew, in addition to players.
    - Multiple serious performance optimisations for companies on servers
    - Improved Ship position on the minimap so that it updates more smoothly


    - Fixed a server crash
    - Fixed a server startup crash that would effect modded servers


    - Fixed a bug which prevented players from being able to demolish structures


    - Fixed an exploit related to structures


    - Resolved a server crash


    - Fixed Barshot so that it now targets sails and acts a slow through to incapacitating a ship's movement as intended.
    - Company Flags will now update properly onto www.playatlas.com
    - PvE servers will now automatically kill any character that has not been logged in for 4 weeks. Official Network only.
    - PvE servers can now use the homeserver option which disables replication on sleeping/logged off bodies. (Non Default but enabled on Official Network). 

    (enables logged off/sleeping players from replicating on home servers)
    (enables non-replicating logged off/sleeping players on all PvE servers)

    - Climbing on other boat's ladders now disabled in PvE if the ship is anchored
    - PvE claim flags now only allow logged in players to contest the claim
    - Fixed a bug which would cause the activity timer on PvE claimflags to tick into the negatives. Also updated so the timer now displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
    - Tamed Dragon lifespan reduced to 3 hours
    - Tamed Dragon damage reduced by 33%
    - Tamed Dragon health reduced by 33%
    - Added Effect descriptions to Music and Cooking Recipes
    - Fixed an incorrect fiber reference in crafting barshot
    - Fixed a bug where Dead Bodies wouldn't be replicated on servers with replication turned off (Freeports and all PVE)


    - Resolved a save-load issue with appended inventory engrams (Devkit Issue)


    - Fixed Water Spout inventories not appearing on PvE servers
    - Eliminated frequent server crashes


    - Alpha Creature damage has been reduced by 50%
    - Alpha Creature resistance has been reduced by 50%
    - Alpha Creatures are now 25% less common


    - Server optimisations for structures (approximately 8% gain)


    - Dragon Tame Token costs 40k gold as intended
    - Old "permanently unlocked" Power Stone Artifacts are removed (it was a bug that they were, some weeks ago, granted as a permanent character default item)
    - Tamed Dragon movement speed reduced by 33%
    - Tamed Dragon health reduced by 10%
    - Tamed Dragon stamina reduced by 78%
    - Tame Dragon Fire has 45% less lifetime


    - Fixed a server crash related to demolishing structures
    - Fixed an exploit with Grapeshot that allowed it to be shot rapidly


    Server Changes

    - Player Movement Optimisation for an approximate 15-20% performance gain on servers
    - Server Launch Option which locks the Fountain of Youth to one Golden Age Ruins server:  -AlwaysActiveFountainsOfYouth

    Balance Changes


    - Stone Structures crafting costs have decreased by reducing the metal cost by 55% and reducing the organic paste requirement by 25%


    - Steering Wheels are now considered 'stone' when it comes to their defence type, so they cannot be hurt by fire and take less explosive damage


    - Dragon now has 65% less HP when Tamed
    - Dragon now takes 40% more bullet and explosive damage when tamed
    - Dragon now recovers stamina 25% more slowly when flying
    - Dragon can no longer be healed by Nature's Touch
    - Dragon tamed timer reduce from 8 hours to 6 hours
    - Dragon Fire Damage reduced by 50%
    - Dragon Token cost increased to 40,000 gold coins


    - Retroactively fixed an issue which destroyed all sails on rafts
    - Retroactively fixed an issue which would prevent rafts and ramshackle sloops from sailing


    - Fixed a bug which allowed players to place multiple steering wheels on boats
    - Fixed a bug which allowed players to bypass the Ship Sail Unit Limit. This is a retroactive fix.
    - Removed the initial stamina cost for blocking


     - Fixed a case where Steam clients sometimes were unable to connect to the servers. We recommend hosts upgrade to this version.


    - Discovery Zones now provide 1 Discovery Point per unlock
    - Resolved some connection timeout issues.


    Server Changes

    - Server optimisations to increase performance by approximately 5%
    - Optimized transition data cleanup in Redis to avoid DB bloat.
    - Server Listing for non-ATLAS servers has been rewritten and will list non-ATLAS servers immediately.

    Fountain of Youth and Aging Changes

    - Fountain of Youth is only usable if you're over age 90.
    - Fountain of Youth is now available on two random Golden Age Servers.
    - Old Age debuff has been reduced by 50%

    Bug and Exploit Fixes

    - Fixed a bug which made it so that beds and boats would not display on the map if they weren't in a company.
    - Fixed a bug with the Drake which allowed it to phase through structures
    - Fixed a bug which allowed players to have more beds on their boat than permitted, this is a retroactive fix.

    Balance Changes


    - Increasing explosive damage to stone structures by 2.5x.
    - Increasing seige structure damage to stone structures by 60%
    - Wood Land Structure has been buffed to provide better resistance to siege weapon types by 40%.
    - Wood Land Structures have been buffed to provide better defence against all non-explosive/siege damage types by 50%.
    - Stone Structures crafting costs have been increased by adding metal cost, and changing fiber requirement to organic paste, which requires both fiber and sap to craft
    - Thatch Structures have had their crafting costs reduced by 3x.
    - NPCs mounted on Puckles are now invincible


    - Ships can only receive damage from collision encounters with other ships if they're of the same or a greater weight class (deals with cheesy cheap ramshackle builds to sink bigger boats).

    • Galleon - Weight class 5
    • Brig - Weight class 4
    • Schooner - Weight class 3
    • Sloop (Ramshackle) - Weight class 2
    • Raft - Weight class 1
    • Dingy - Weight class 0


    - Drake balances adjustments (10% less HP, 10% less damage, and double stamina cost for using fire breath)
    - Magical tames can no longer be used in boss fights and will be destroyed when used inside the dome (Drakes)

    Misc Changes

    - BattlEye has been updated to now support Windows Insider Builds.
    - Resolved multiple Devkit crashes.

    - Updated latest translations: German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Ukranian, and Chinese
    - Discovery Zones now count as 3 Discovery Points instead of 1. Players no longer need to discover all zones to reach max level. Not a retroactive change. This value can be adjusted for Unofficial Servers here:



    - Fixed an issue with Wild and Tamed Dragon scaling which would have cause it to have incorrect stats.
    - Rebalanced base weights for tamed creatures (increase)
    - Added an additional Fountain of Youth on a different Golden Ruins server, so 2 are active tonight. The additional Fountain of Youth will not be visible until the client side update releases later tonight.


    - Fixed an issue where clients would not correctly see the Rejuvenate buff
    - Fixed an issue where players could not tame the Dragon using the token
    - Fixed an issue where players may not have been able to feed bola'd creatures due to a desync on servers


    - Fixed an issue where doors, gateways, and gunports would break on server reload


    - New "Fountain of Youth" quest will appear for characters aged 90 years and higher. The "Fountain of Youth" (currently represented as a magical particle effect) appears in a single Golden Age Ruins across the ATLAS, near the Power Stone Container. Every 50 in-game days, it teleports to another Golden Age Ruins, on a cycle. If you find the Fountain, and activate it, your character will be set back to age 20, and if you do this when you were aged over 90 years, you'll gain a significant permanent statistics boost (you can do this multiple times to gain further boosts, each time when you're at least 90 years old).
    - Characters over age 90 get an old age debuff that slightly reduces stats (shown in char panel)
    - Fixed an erroneous feat cooldown time calculation, now all the feat cooldowns are what was originally intended.
    - Defeating the Kraken now gives you a unique passive skill which permanently and automatically reduces all of your Feat cooldowns by 33%!
    - Summoning the Kraken now only require the first 8 powerstones (Ghostship powerstone is no longer necessary)
    - Fixed the bug that was preventing recruiting new Crew in Freeports
    - Reduced the total time for unclaiming enemy claimflags, the max is now 4 hours, with 15 minutes when at 100 flags.
    - Vultures no longer target low-health wild creature
    - Reduced Wolf spawn frequency
    - Reduced Wolf natural targeting range
    - Reduced Wolf notify neighbor range.
    - Reduced Wolf hp and damage
    - Fixed land creatures AI's not getting aggro properly if attacked from a a ship
    - Stop Allies being able to Capture other Allied territories
    - Fixed rapid unclaiming, now if your contested flag is unclaimed it will unclaim at the same rate that it took to claim!
    - Improved door ticking performance
    - Added cheat DestroyAllNonSaddlePlayerStructures
    - Reduced default gold from treasure maps by 50% (as originally intended) and added a new server scaling value for treasure gold. Though, the Official 2x weekend puts the gold back to pre-patch values.
    - +50% tame damage resistance
    - Shark and Jellyfish targeting/neighbor ranges reduced 30%
    - Diving suit adds 90 fortitude now and lasts for 2 hours at surface and about 30 minutes at deepest depths
    - Crop plots are now prevented from being placed on ships and are destroyed if they were on ships.
    - Ocean creatures can no longer be Alpha.
    - Fixed Whale AI to target the ship or player more, rather than the point the player touches the ship.
    - Fixed NPC Merchant ship showing as overweight when players carried a lot of weight aboard.
    - Fixed Merchant ship showing as Raft with company ID 0 when looking at it.
    - Fixed Company ID O showing on none player owned structures on maps (water spouts, etc.)
    - Fixed Pillars being build-able on PVE islands.
    - Fixed Fog event not appearing for players using low settings.
    - Fixed Chicken hurt SFX.
    - Added new Large Cannon SFX.
    - Fixed Parrot hurt SFX.
    - Fixed players not getting aggro when attacking whilst based on a ship.
    - Added Streamer stealth mode option.
    - Fixed Monkey hurt SFX.
    - Fixed a bug causing Map Markers to draw at incorrect locations on the map UI.
    - Fixed skill description error, "mythical" changed to "legendary."
    - Fixed flotsam items spoiling when reeled in with grappling hook.
    - Fixed client crash when transitioning with sextant buff.
    - Fixed a Song not referencing the correct song buff.
    - Fixed a bug making it so that the Raft could be repaired for free.
    - Increased Flame Arrow durability cost to 4 durability consumed per shot.
    - Reduced Flame Arrow max percentage damage by 25% (4% health per second to 3% health.)
    - Reduced Flame Arrow max damage per second from 10 to 5.
    - Reduced Flame Arrow damage to mythical creatures by 75%.
    - Reduced Kraken health by 60%.
    - Reduced Kraken Minion AoD Ships ship Health 50%.
    - Reduced Kraken damage by 50%.
    - Reduced Wild Dragon damage by 40%
    - Reduced Wild Dragon health be 40%
    - Reduced Wild Dragon targeting range by 66%.
    - Fixed Dragon not returning to its spawn area.
    - Increased Dragon end aggro grace period from 6 second to 9 as it has a tighter aggro range now.
    - Fixed Lucky Loader feat ability to not be used whilst prone (as you cannot reload prone.)
    - Fixed Cloth Gloves clipping into hands in FPV.
    - Fixed Dreadlocks not shrinking correctly with hats.
    - Fixed LtOrderSeat collision bug.
    - Improved death collision to human corpses.
    - Fixed female emotes playing male voices.
    - Fixed female player characters using male sleep SFX.
    - Added ability to place top hat on certain creatures.
    - Fixed Gorgon "Remove Snake" text.
    - Corrected Repair box inventory name to read "Ship Resources Box."
    - Removed Elephant having weight reduction for Wood, as this was never an intended mechanic and resulted in players being able to get around ship weight restrictions. Accordingly, we'll be re-balancing the base weight of tamed creatures early next week.
    - Fixed treasure guards despawning instantly on stasis.
    - Fixed Giant snake lock on and player ability to damage it using melee attacks.
    - Fixed Monkeys dropping human poop.
    - Fixed Client Crash when rendering ocean harvestables.
    - Reduced Greek Fire range by 40%.
    - Increased Greek Fire crafting costs by adding 6 firegel per ammo.
    - Fixed Cow death harvest component giving the same amount of prime as a Bulls.
    - Reduced trample damage for all applicable creatures.
    - Updated Pig force poop ability to scale with creature level, to incentivise taming higher levels. (45 secs at lvl 1 and 15 secs at lvl 130).
    - Reduced Lion grab weight threshold. Prevents unrealistic grabbing of Wolves and Horses.
    - Fixed newly tamed creatures being hungry despite being fed during taming.
    - Increased Dolphin follow ship range by 33%, and reduced interval by 20%.
    - Fixed Bola'ed HUD to better indicate where to feed creature during taming.
    - Removed "Giant" prefix from creatures' descriptive name that use it.
    - Changed "Giant Snake" descriptive name to "Cobra".
    - Fixed incorrect sounds being used by Lion and Tiger animations.
    - Fixed incorrect Bear attack ranges to prevent stopping movement for claw attack, which often missed and allowed players to gain distance when being chased.
    - Reduced attack and AI ranges for Cave Bear, based on its smaller size.
    - Fixed incorrect item weights for cloth, hide and plate armor. They are now heavier.
    - Added folder paths for wooden gateways and gates so you no longer see them instantly when opening the Smithy inventory.
    - Fixed ability of players to feed through walls of taming pens and not get attacked.
    - Prevented some creatures from not being able to be tamed if they are clipped too far into terrain or structures.
    - Prevents multi use feeding from the root, putting themselves in harm's way.
    - Improved Waking Tame Feeding sockets on Cow and Razortooth.
    - Improved bola socket on Crow
    - Updated Vulture AI controller to aim lower when targeting corpses.
    - Fixed various creature spawn issues.
    - Fixed players being able to bola certain alpha creatures (now you cannot.)
    - Updated Dolphin to prevent health bars appearing when they follow players.
    - Improved torpor animations of Razortooth and Ostrich.
    - Increased Ostrich melee swing socket radius to more consistently land attacks. Updated Ostrich IK to prevent leg distortion when running down slopes.
    - Reduced max wander height on flyers.
    - Improved server list efficiency for a better experience.
    - Fixed Greek Fire SFX.
    - Fixed player on fire SFX.
    - Fixed inability to repair door frames in certain constructions.
    - Added some additional server configs:

    EnemyBuildPreventionRadiusMultiplier=1 (only applicable if not using claimflags)
    bDontUseClaimFlags=false (this will disable claim flags)
    bUseStaticCharacterAge=false (this will disable dynamic aging)


    - Remember 'Show Non ATLAS Servers' setting
    - No lover overwrites the last connection string
    - Grid Number columns are now hidden when displaying non ATLAS servers


    - Fixed a client side crash that could occur on login


    - Launched ATLAS Devkit


    - Fixed multiple exploits which allowed movement of excessively encumbered players through various gameplay mechanics
    - Disabled non allied players and creatures basing on anchored or docked ships which can be toggled with a server-setting on PVE servers with the in Game.ini - set bPvEAllowNonAlignedShipBasing=true If you want to allow non allies to be able to be on your ship
    - Disabled feats when encumbered
    - Melee auto target should no longer pick ally targets in any mode, or player/tame targets in pve
    - Disallowed freeport npc crew recruiting if 20 or more level 1 npc crew's for that company on the server


    - Fixed an exploit which allowed cannons on cargo carts to shoot through walls
    - Additional backend infrastructure for anti-cheat and hack detection


    - Server performance optimisations (20%+ improvement). We'll have more changes in the week for an additional (approximately) ~25% server perf improvement.


    - Enabled BattlEye Anti Cheat on all Official Servers. Please restart your Steam Clients and make sure to install BattlEye in order to play on our Official Network. Unofficial Networks can still play without BattlEye, and players can right-click the title in their Steam Library and play without the anti-cheat. For those of you who have made custom shortcuts, please update the executable to this:


    - Implemented code to kill off inactive bodies in Freeports and Lawless Regions (players who have been logged off for more than 10 days).


    - Re-enabled weapon/attack based feats
    - Fixed game exploits


    - Temporarily disabled weapon/attack based feats


    - Claim Flag Settings have now been enabled
    - Taxing Resources now affect crops
    - Tax Bank will stack items similar to a Crew Resource Box
    - Tax Bank will no longer allow you to drag item's into the inventory, so to prevent items from being taxed, they must be dragged from within the Tax Bank itself to the ignore folder.
    - Cost of Drake Token has been reduced to 20,000 Gold Coins and is now available for purchase at the cosmetic vendor in freeports.
    - 25% buff to explosives against stone structures


    - Changed how custom blueprints are crafted for STACKABLE items when they're given a stat roll:
    > If a stackable item is crafted from the same blueprint and you already have an item crafted from that blueprint in your inventory, it will stack on that pre-existing item and not receive a different Intelligence Stat Bonus.
    > If you want a different roll from the same blueprint, you must make sure that you do not have an item which was crafted from that same BP in your inventory (stated or non)
    > This means that you can keep rolls by keeping the item in your inventory when crafting from the BP, even if you do not have the level of intelligence required to get the crafting bonus. Alternatively, you can remove the stated item from your inventory to get a new roll from the BP.
    - Resource respawn should now function as they did on Lawless servers prior to v10.
    - 50% reduction in the enemy structure prevention radius so that you can now build closer together on Lawless Servers.


    - Wild land creatures will no longer target crew, tames, or characters on ships unless they have been aggro'd
    - Fixed a bug where Ship of the Damned would have rapid fire
    - Temporarily reduced Crew Log length as it undergoes some rewrites because it would cause performance problems.


    - Fixed a bug which prevented cannons from being reloaded
    - Tightened up server-side protection on gliders
    - Fixed an exploit with mortars


    - Fixed Ramshackle sloops breaking when you leave freeports
    - Fixed a bug which prevented you from accessing newly tamed inventories unless you relogged
    - Fixed a bug which caused Mantrays to be unusually aggressive
    - Comodity trader gold cost increased


    Claim flag related changes

    - Claim Flags now have settings which allow other companies or players to build within them, with the specified tax rate applied to them. 
    - You are also able to define an inclusion or exclusion list to these, to only allow or exclude specific company IDs (also used by players without companies). To grab someone's ID for the inclusion/exclusion list, you'll need to look at a structure they've placed which will list their Company ID; this number can be input into the flag's list system to prevent/enable building. Please note that exclusion/inclusion lists are not saved when altering building permissions, so switching from 'Everyone' can build to 'Company & Alliances' only will clear your list should you wish to return to 'Everyone' can build.
    - All claim flags will use the 'Everyone can build' as a default setting when placed, and this will also be a retroactive change. However, it will not function until Thursday the 10th of January, where we will release another server update to make this setting active. This means you will have two days, from Tuesday to Thursday, to decide and adjust the settings on your claim flag before the change is live.  
    - Only admins and above will be able to make changes to company claims.
    - Claim Flags will have icons above them to represent their owner and setting. Your claim flags have a green icon. Claim Flags belonging to your allies that do not permit you to build, have a blue icon, or purple if they do belong to your allies and allow you to build. Claim Flags which belong to your enemies and do not allow you to build have red icons, or yellow if they belong to your enemies and enable you to build within them.
    - Fixed some bugs related to Sea Claims.
    - Enemy Claim Flags can now be directly pinged to identify any contesting enemies nearby
    - The time required to steal an enemy claim now decreases the more Claims that enemy team has.
    - Looking at your Claim Flag will show you how many land claims you have, and looking at an enemy one will show you how many land flags they have, note that this does not update dynamically on the client for server performance reasons. To always have the latest number, you can relog or re-enter stasis range of the Claim Flag.

    general changes 

    - Server performance improvements
    - All Cannons/Turrets can now be pin code protected for lever activation/deactivation
    - There are 4x as many trade ships on the seas, and they now also sell commodity types for gold, as do NPC's at Freeports.
    - Lawless servers can no longer be specified as Homesevers. If your Homeserver was a lawless server, you'll be required to pick a new (Freeport) Homeserver upon respawn. This does not mean that land will be claimable on these servers, just that they cannot be selected as a server to respawn on.
    - You can now buy a "Ramshackle Sloop" from the NPC Shipyardsman at Freeports. The "Ramshackle Sloop" is a pre-built sloop which has permanently lower plank HP, carry weight, and crew limit, but is cheaper and faster to acquire if you want to get into sailing faster.
    - "Favorites" server selection drop-down is added for Unofficial
    - Joining through Steam browser server list with password now properly caches the password for ATLAS travel
    - Fixed up some temperature scalings and Weather events are now indicated on the HUD
    - Armour effectiveness and some values have been adjusted so that firearms are more useful in PVP
    - Fixed some bugs related to Sea Claims, Enemy Claim Flags can now be directly pinged to identify any contesting enemies nearby, and the time required to steal an enemy claim now decreases the more Claims that enemy team has.
    - Farming rebalances to be easier; water can now pipe uphill, region requirements for growing crops are more forgiving, and crop growth & yield is much faster and higher. Crops now take much longer to spoil when placed in a preserving bag.
    - Reduced shovel stamina cost.
    - You can now fill waterskins/jars from ground spouts.
    - Metal Tools can no longer damage the planks of anchored ships.
    - 50 more player levels added, and Skill Points per level increased.
    - Loot stat scaling has been boosted (retroactively) by 60%
    - Some ship costs have been adjusted, and in some cases reduced by approximately about 50%
    - Animals health regen rebalanced, so they're not regenerating high amounts whilst in combat!
    - Eating poop is now instant-death
    - Fixed an issue where you couldn't kill yourself by exhaustion (for stuck situations)
    - Pipes can now move water upwards and the vertical limit on underground junctions has been eliminated. Also, pipes can go farther without foundation requirement, and underground junctions can now be snapped onto existing pipes.
    - Guns and melee weapons have had their damage and penetration values adjusted to make them more effective against armour
    - Throwing Knife does significantly more damage when thrown to unarmoured targets (body and headshot)
    - Armour penetration has been reduced on spear throw to make it less effective versus higher armoured targets
    - Explosive Barrel weight has been increased
    - Stone Arrows now stack to 60 and a bow can fire them 60 times before breaking
    - Fire Arrows now stack to 40 and a bow can fire them 40 times before breaking
    - Puckle damage has been increased and also been made more effective against armour
    - Fixed Salted Animal & Fish Meat so that they naturally generate when placed in an active preserving bag (must use raw meats)
    - Updated some legacy sounds and icons
    - Updated stair collision on shipyards
    - Fixed a bug which prevented passive feats from applying after death
    - Fixed a bug with the torch which caused it to repair endlessly
    - Lighthouses can now be lit even if they are touching water
    - Using a bucket on a tamed cow now causes the bucket to lose durability
    - Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in the crouched position
    - Fixed a bug which sometimes would occur where players would disconnection when being invited to a company
    - Fixed a bug which prevented creatures from receiving experience points above a certain level
    - Fixed a bug which would cause NPC Crew to sink into foundations when exiting stasis range
    - Rewrote structure destruction logic to avoid cases of floating structures
    - Inventory ranks per structure and creature will now work for companies
    - Fixed a bug which prevented admins from accessing remote inventories with the F key when changing group ranks.
    - Autolock all structures in 'PvE only' with an inventory, except campfires and similar structures which can be placed without a claimflag. Unofficial Servers can run this with PvE enabled & ?ForceAllStructureLocking=true
    - Gunmounts are now colorizable
    - Gates and Gateway costs have been adjusted and now include metals (wood) and alloy (stone)
    - Gateways and Gates are now crafted in smithy instead of player inventory
    - Fixed an exploit with Prying Eyes
    - Can no longer glide up mountains with the glide suit
    - Fixed an exploit which allowed you to gain massive height when using the zipline
    - Fixed a building exploit which allowed you to float structures and fortify walls with floors

    Creature related changes

    - Sea Monsters' damage has been reduced by 66%
    - Tamed Creatures take 20% less damage
    - Wild Alpha creatures HP and Damage reduced by 20%
    - Tames HP and Damage scaling nerfed by about 40%, and Cannons/Explosions damage to tames increased 50% due to level increase and scaling possibility
    - Killing the Monsterous Sperm Whale or Blue Whales (as they're now named) provides (one-time) 50 Discovery Points each to everyone within 100k units of that event.
    - Penguin AoE insulation now scales by level, the higher the level, the more insulation.
    - Updated Mounted and Rider buffs to display icon while active, to better inform players the source of stat boosts.
    - Dolphins now periodically leap out of the water. If you're nearby to witness that at close-range, you'll gain a temporary Intelligence buff!
    - Updated affinity ineffectiveness values based on the recent x2 taming increase
    - Updated creature specific buffs and ability value clamps to be scaled across 130 levels, due to recent extra 30 level ups for tames.
    - Increased Wolf attack destination offset and increased some physics bounds to reduce clipping into players. Temporarily increased Wolf saddle scale in the engine to limit fur clipping.
    - Updated taming ineffectiveness values to allow the highest efficiency to only be achieved with Taming Proficiency skill 3.
    - Updated some undesired movement speed bonuses on tamed creatures
    - Adjusted Seagull and Crow aggro speeds (Would previously take a long time to de-aggro). Updated collision to allow player attacks to land more consistently.
    - Updated Vulture AI to only target sleeping humans if the player is connected. Updated attack logic to better harvest corpses, while reducing its melee swing radius (Was previously hitting from very far away)
    - Reduced Bee movement to allow player attacks to land. Reduced sting buff duration to better reflect its size.
    - Increased harvest amount of fur and milk from Sheep and Cow to incentivise taming and better compete with natural resource gathering amounts. Updated max yield timings to scale with creature level, similar to other creature abilities, instead of food value.
    - Added durability decreased to the bucket when milking.
    - Clamped amount of fur gained from harvesting wild sheep, again to incentivise taming. Wild sheep will also flee and may attack players after excessive shearing. We'll be adding recipes in an upcoming update which can be used to heal your creatures!
    - Added Lion roar animation.
    - Fixed fur stretching on Wolf's face and hind leg
    - Decreased Crocodile swim speed.
    - Creature health regen rebalanced and changed so that they no longer regen health when forcefed or from consuming corpses. With the exception of Wild Carnos, which still can consume corpses to heal at a reduced rate.
    - Baby breeding balance changes to compensate for the overall creature regen changes.
    - Wild Scorpions will no longer target large creatures, will no longer be aggressive towards Elephants, Giraffes, etc.
    - Lion will only dismount players that are on medium and less sized creatures, will no longer dismount players from Elephants, Giraffes, etc.
    - Updated taming foods to allow a variety of items to be used in taming creatures.

    Effectiveness left(more) to right(less): 

    Tier 1
    Chicken - Fruits, Berries
    Monkey - Fruits, Berries
    Parrot - Hardtack, or Berries
    Rabbit - Carrots, or Berries
    Sheep - Flowers, or Berries
    Tier 2
    Bear - Honey, Vegetables, Fruits or Berries
    Cow/Bull - Rushes, Fronds, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
    Crow - Worms, Fruits, or Berries
    Horse - Sugarcane, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
    Ostrich - Chili, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
    Penguin - Prime Fish Meat, or Fish Meat
    Pig - Maize, Vegetables, Fruits, or Berries
    Seagull - Prime Fish Meat, or Fish Meat
    Vulture - Spoiled Meat, or Worms
    Wolf - Prime Animal Meat, Bones, or other Meats
    Tier 3
    Elephant - Wheat, Vegetables, or Fruits
    Giraffe - Beets, Vegetables, or Fruits
    Lion - Prime Animal Meat, or other Meats
    Rhino - Turnip, Vegetables, or Fruits
    Tiger - Prime Animal Meat, or other Meats


    - Fixed a client-side crash on logging in


    - Fixed some server-side crashes and desync when transitioning


    - Fixed some server-side crashes when transitioning


    - Fixes a bug where servers couldn't be connected to on startup.


    - Fix for PVP Claim flags, not upkeep timer not updating properly when a friendly player is in range, should be it now guys!


    - Resolved some server-side stalls related to perf large companies
    - Fixed alliance chat sometimes duplicating messages
    - Fixed a bug where clients could end up invisible when demolishing a podium


    - Default resource and taming speeds have been increased to 2x as the baseline.
    - Reduced min damage and min percentage on flame arrow buff by 33%.
    - Reduced max damage done on flame arrow projectile hit to 50.
    - Increased gravity on flame arrows 20% to make it less ranged.
    - Increased firegel cost of flame arrows by 100%.
    - Added durability consumption to flame and stone arrows (1 dura per shot, 40 shots per bow repair).
    - Change bow durability from 50 to 40.
    - Fixed a bug which allowed Mortars to have rapid fire.
    - Fixed an issue where upkeep timer on PVE Claimflags was not correctly updating.
    - Company Member, Company Groups, and Alliance data loss issue should hopefully be resolved.
    - Official Network Companies are now hard limited to 500 members, and this is a current measure until the Company system receives a backend overhaul in the long-term.
    - Fixed inland water buoy's being invisible and fixed buoys, so they no longer prevent resource respawn.
    - Prevent ship collision damage from occurring when caused by other player ships on PVE servers.
    - Fixed sunken-ship area indicator lingering even after a shipwreck has been entirely salvaged.
    - Reduced deepwater aggressive creature frequency and targetting range.
    - Melee weapons are now temporarily ineffective against ship planks. Later this will be changed so that it will only be ineffective against anchored ship planks.
    - Sailing against the wind now provides 30% of with-the-wind sailforce, as opposed to 0%.
    - Also increased the amount of sailforce provided by minimum windspeed conditions by 30%, and the sailforce provided by maximum windspeed conditions by 15%.
    - Every Tame can now get a minimum of 30 tame level-ups put into it, plus however many base levels it had when wild. So for example, a level 5 wild wolf would get 35 tame level-ups to apply, whereas a level 40 wild wolf would get 70 tame level-ups to use. 
    - Increased the base carry Weight of all ships by +40%


    - Fixed some server crashes
    - Slightly improved server performance and reduced server stalls
    - Ended New Year's event (Tophats remain but no longer grant double treasure gold and can no longer be bought at in-game cosmetics NPC traders)
    - Buffed Tamed creatures HP and Damage globally by 25%


    - Anyone can now demolish shipwreck structures to regain resources so get your diving suits ready!

    - NPC Trading Ships are back and no longer affected by wild creature destruction commands! Reminder for those with deep pockets, the trader ships have an epic Dragon which can be purchased for 50,000 gold coins


    - Improvements made to joining/rejoining servers, should make it more reliable and eliminate many cases of connection lost/failure to grab server info.


    - Fixed a bug where HUD may not have shown to players in some cases.


    - Further improved server stability.
    - Further reduced Ship of the Damned spawns by 20%
    - Ship of the Damned now are allowed to "Wander" away from shore if they find themselves close to shore
    - Ship of the Damned targeting ranges now are reduced by the type of ship (down to 30% for rafts (which means they will now attack rafts - but you have to get pretty darn close to them!) and 0% for dinghies)
    - -LowMemoryMode now disables the background movies for lighter memory footprint
    - Changed damage type on repair hammer to 0 against players, human npcs, and creatures to stop pvp on pve servers, not used as a weapon on pvp.
    - Ships near shore do not attract cyclones anymore
    - Vultures should now more easily harvest corpses
    - Ships that players are based on do not use staggered updates now (resolving the issue of the choppy spyglass rotation when in the crow's nest, for example)
    - Can no longer weapon-charge or dodge when encumbered.
    - Fixed erroneous reference to chalcedony instead of flint base
    - Added Ingots/Alloys and Organic Paste to the list of resources allowed in the ship repair box
    - Tripled gathering weighting of metal in all the generic rocks for both pick and hatchet damage types
    - Grenades damaged to stone multiplied by 3x
    - Changed Human Crew character carry inv max weight from 1000 to 60.
    - Switched damage weightings around so the pick tool is preferred from metal/crystal/gem/salts and hatchet for wood/coal/stone, etc. No adjustments have been made to yield changes, just tools have been adjusted.
    - Fixed an issue with treasure bottle's spawning (there will now be more of them and more reliably spawned) and increased the quality of loot found in treasures.


    - Further server/networking optimisation to improve server performance and stability. We have effectively eliminated over 95% of our crashes. We'll be continuing to monitor our servers over the coming days ahead and tackle more events. Consequently, we will be turning our primary attention to data transfer issues and connection issues.
    - Reduced Ship of the Damned targeting range by 50%. We're going to look into scaling that based on the type of ship.


    - Further server/networking optimisation to improve server performance, stability, and connection issues.
    - Further tweaks made to Ship of the Damned should no longer wander close to shore, however they may chase you.
    - Shipyards are now properly tagged on the server side, so enemy players will not be able to demo them unless the decay timer has truly hit 0 on the server.


    - Improvements made to -lowmemorymode to use async loading, resulting in less freezy load times.
    - Added -nosound launch command
    - Added -noinlinestreamer launch command
    - Server-side crash fixes and stability improvements. Resulting in approximately 40% more stable servers, with additional changes to come!
    - Reduced Army of the Damned ships spawn rate by 60%
    - Reduced Army of the Damned ship HP per level scaling by 20%
    - Reduced Army of the Damned ship Aggro range by 10%
    - Boosted Army of the Damned ship loot quality by 10%
    - Reduced Flotsam spawn rate by 35%
    - Increased Treasuremap item quality by 15%
    - Eliminated at-sea increased rate of vitamin/vitals consumption. Now it just causes food to spoil faster, and temperatures to drop.
    - Increased vitamin equilibrium range to +/- 20% rather than 10% (making it easier to achieve and stay in equilibrium)
    - Decreased vitamin deficiency debuff threshold to 10% rather than 20%
    - Reduced base rate of vitamin consumption by 2%
    - Ensured army of the damned ships spawn farther away from shore, and don't spawn too near player ships
    - Fixed Diving Platform to take any oils, not just blubber
    - Changed Lighthouse HP to 25k, gave it stone structure settings, and allow it to burn oil
    - Vultures will no longer erroneously target players they can't hit
    - Army of the Damned Ships will no longer initially aggro to drydocked or anchored ships, unless fired upon by them or already targeting them.
    - Added one more Skill Point earned by all level-ups above 10 (recommend players Respec)


    - Added a new event cosmetic, 'Top Hat'. Permanent skin with 10 applicable uses. Can be purchased from Cosmetic Vendors in Freeports or Travelling Merchants. From the 27th of December, through til the 2nd of January, wearing this hat whilst digging up treasure will result in double the gold.
    - Improved server performance by adjusting server water thread utilization
    - Changed declaim period (stealing enemy territory) to 30 minutes from 1.5 hours (requires they have no alive crew or players in the vicinity)
    - Removed requirement to be on a boat to steal someone's boat after placing the claim flag. Adjusted base value times to claim the boats to be 1 one minute to steal a dinghy, 2hrs~ to steal a raft, a couple hours to steal sloop, and so forth (levelling a ship increases the time it takes to steal that ship).
    - Rebalanced Skill Point requirements as originally intended, where higher tier skills cost more SP. Forced a one-time 'free' respec to use these new values.
    - "Low Memory" Launch Option for more reliable <= 8GB OS support. Launch the game with '-lowmemorymode' to utilize this!
    - Ship collision damage is now disabled on Freeport servers.
    - Alpha creature spawns are now disabled on Freeport and Lawless Servers.
    - Item yield and Gold yield from Treasure have been doubled
    - Significantly reduced Torch and Fire Arrow Damage
    - Fixed a bug which prevented resources from respawning. Please note when this update goes live, it may be a few hours until they naturally start appearing again.
    - Increased the damage from Dragon Fire AOE and set it to an 8-hour tame time with the token
    - Equilibrium Buff now gives +20% XP, -20% reduced incoming damage, +30 temperature fortitude, +10% movement speed, +20% melee damage, and takes 30 minutes to achieve rather than an hour.
    - Fixed a bug which prevented Bottles and Flotsams from spawning
    - Fixed a bug ocean and deep ocean spawners, including Mermaids, Whales, Ship of the Damned, and Squids.
    - NPC crew that are recruited in Freeport are now correctly assigned to your team.
    - Fixed Shovels and Heavy Shields so they no longer damage stone structures
    - All freeports now have pirate music in town
    - Scuttling is now tied to the demolishing tribe governance setting and Prevent Demolishing Structures in Group Management Settings
    - Group ranks now enabled on seating structures, so you're able to have better control of who is able to use those (Steering Wheel and Lt Podium)
    - PvE Claim Flag contesting now displays the enemy Claim Flag's upkeep time remaining before you can contest it, and provides a proper HUD message to that effect.


    - Further changes made to resource respawn limitations which should result in less barren islands.
    - Fix for claim flags on PVP servers


    - Ships and rafts no longer prevent resources from respawning. Note that nearby online players & structures (not claimflag ) will prevent resources from respawning.
    - Fixed an issue where bed overlap protection was too strong, prevent players from respawning when they were too close to unfriendly ships or structures.
    - Can no longer claim unallied boats on PVE servers. PVE Territory can only be claimed if the owner has not been active around the territory within the last 3 days.
    - Further optimised server-side performance
    - Fixed a bug with the repair hammer which allowed players to repair structures even if they had a damage cooldown. It will temporarily use the resources, however, this will be fixed in our upcoming client patch.
    - Can now claim enemy ships in Lawless and Golden Age Ruin servers.


    - Lawless Regions no longer have EXP caps.


    - Further server performance optimisation

    - Multiple server and client crash fixes

    - Fixes for beds and boats not displaying on maps/spawn UI

    - Ships are now instant craft in shipyards

    - Piercing Shot cooldown increased

    - Improved client replication on boats so they appear more smooth when the boats are moving

    - Fix for character creation prompts upon server join/respawn (still investigating additional edge cases)

    - Alliance players should no longer contest each other's claim flags

    - Coldfront and Heatwave extremity reduced by 60%

    - Fixed an issue where the game would leave players in the encumbered state after fast travelling to another or same server.


    - More performance related fixes for clients and servers

    - Fixed for appearing in a random location upon relog

    - Fix for beds and boats not being selectable/visible on the spawn UI


    - Fix for players spawning in the Ocean on Lawless Regions

    - Fixed multiple connection issues and bugs impacting server performance

    - Sleeping players are no longer replicated in freeports.


    - Major version upgrade to investigate client issues when attempting to connect to a server, as well as server performance problems.


    - Fixed multiple client-side crashes


    - Fixed multiple server-side crashes


    - Fix for Lawless maps not being named appropriately.


    - Enabled Lawless regions to be connected to at the start
    - Reduced timeout length on disconnections
    - Switch to steam sockets to resolve players being unable to connect to servers

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