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The Red Pandas are Recruiting!

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The Red Panda Trading Company is recruiting!

Maybe you have seen us running around eating all your bamboo, spreading our fortune cookie wisdom and making wisecracks as we sail through the servers near our home server O4.

We are a laid back group and own a fairly large section of Kerroview Island in O4. We help to maintain the peace and make sure that our little section of the seas stays pretty drama free by moderating the Kerroview Alliance with most of the other companies within our vicinity.

We look for good people who just want to play the game and have fun. No griefing, no drama, and no thievery, or no bamboo for you. We would love to get to know you but don't invite randomly into our group.

If you are interested in knowing more feel free to message Gorawyn#9502 (Discord) or @Jaxiel on Discord. Or respond via this forum or message me through the website. We are looking for crew for our Brigantine mostly and people who like to farm, cook, and tame.

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