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About This Company

The Red Panda Trading Company is a laid back fun loving group. We are located in O4 on Kerroview Island on the Western side of the Island on the NA PVE Server. We are the founding company of the Kerroview Alliance and are Allied with the majority of the other companies on the island. We have room to grow and are looking for more folks so if you are looking to join a crew click the Recruiting tab to find out more!

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  1. What's new in this company
  2. You made it! You are no longer a Swabby and required to wear that awful color pink. Your tag has been upgraded in the discord and now you are a Sutler with your own shop or you have a ship of your own to Captain on the seas. You are a proper Panda now. You can store your bamboo below decks and take it to far shores, where you will show others the proper method for eating bamboo. You read in the Discord that, "On your own ship you are captain and in your own house or shop ye be king, but in the company, Gorawyn and Jaxiel have final say." What on earth does that exactly mean? Do Gorawyn and Jaxiel get to tell you what you can do with your bamboo? No. We don't. Your bamboo is your own. Let's break it down. The Red Pandas don't hand hold. We are so careful about who we invite into our ranks so that we don't have to manage your personal belongings. So we don't have to create massive groups for various abilities like tame groups and groups that allow one person to be able to demo but not another in order to protect the things we all work hours and hours on in the game. What that means is that when you build something or create something, it is yours. Your ship, yours. Your house, yours. People are expected to knock on your door or ask to use your things. There are common property places. Like the main base, where everyone can access materials, and use public items. The bank is common use because there is only one on our island. It's a Highlander. So we aren't going to tell anyone they can't access it. When it comes to company-wide decisions Gorawyn and Jaxiel together make FINAL calls. Using the input of all members from the Red Panda's. We can't always make everyone happy. So it's not a democracy. But we do recognize the hard work and effort of everyone involved in the whole group. At any point, any member has an issue they can bring it up to us. We will do everything in our power to make things right, but we are human...cough Red Pandas. So now go out there, spread the love of bamboo, never fear it is yours to eat in any way you wish to eat it, even the improper way. We won't mind as long as you respect your fellow Red Pandas there won't be any issues.
  3. So you want to be a Red Panda... Before joining the Red Panda Trading Company you will be asked to do a voice interview with either Gorawyn or Jaxiel or both. We will go over the basics of being a part of the RPTC. Rules: Don't be a dick. Don't steal from Alliance members. Don't claim land from active folks outside our server. In general, don't pull dick moves. We are on a PVE server and have to deal with so many other things due to the bugs in the system the last thing we want is a shitty reputation to go along with it. You are a face of the company and expected to act as such. We are fun, whimsical, a bit sarcastic, and try to be amusing wherever we go. We engage in light RP across the servers we go to and most people recognize us as helpful if a bit of fun loving snarky comments are paired with our helpfulness. Example: Passing by a port someone hollers out, "Where did you get your cannons?" I respond with, "We made em!" They respond with, "No shit Sherlock!" I respond with, "Figure it out Watson!" Then in chat after out of voice range explain to that person what the skill trees needed to get to the cannons and where to find the materials to make them. This is the kind of behavior we like, Saavy? Funny but good-natured ribbing while still being decent folks. Be a Jack Sparrow, not Hook. After your initial interview if invited you will be brought into the Company. We are an open company meaning we go by an honor system. I don't hold your hands to make you act like an adult and respect your company members. I don't make groups and put you in little boxes and tell you what you can and can't tame or can or can't open. New members to the RPTC must undergo a minimum 2 week trial period, during which you will be called a Swabby. While you are in your two week trial period we will provide you with gear, but it will be colored pink, cause Swabbies love pink. Right? Your tag in Discord will also be pink. During this period you have all the rights and privileges of a full member with the exception that if you don't like us, or we don't like you we will remove you from the company. Now... that said, remember we don't like dick moves. We aren't just going to leave you stranded. We will build you a sloop, gear it out and you. We will allow you to build the sloop on a piece of our land and once done send you on your merry way with no hard feelings. Regardless of the reasoning why it doesn't work out with the exception of if you have stolen a bunch of shit from us or one of our allies or been a dick in chat or something stupid. Then you can go your merry way without a sloop and good luck. If you are a small company who is merging into us, you do not have to go through wearing pink but the two week trial period applies. All claims you brought into the alliance with you will be returned to you if you decide to leave. However, we expect companies to make sure that they become a part of their new company and not segregate themselves apart. Your old buildings and stuff will remain intact your personal belongings and gear is yours but we hope that you will consider contributing to the communal resources and projects we are working on as a group as this will help you and your fellow crew feel as if they are Red Panda's now! Because you are! If you have any further questions shoot me a message! Redtail Port Harbor Master, Gorawyn Ashla Gorawyn#9502 (Discord)
  4. The Red Panda Trading Company is recruiting! Maybe you have seen us running around eating all your bamboo, spreading our fortune cookie wisdom and making wisecracks as we sail through the servers near our home server O4. We are a laid back group and own a fairly large section of Kerroview Island in O4. We help to maintain the peace and make sure that our little section of the seas stays pretty drama free by moderating the Kerroview Alliance with most of the other companies within our vicinity. We look for good people who just want to play the game and have fun. No griefing, no drama, and no thievery, or no bamboo for you. We would love to get to know you but don't invite randomly into our group. If you are interested in knowing more feel free to message Gorawyn#9502 (Discord) or @Jaxiel on Discord. Or respond via this forum or message me through the website. We are looking for crew for our Brigantine mostly and people who like to farm, cook, and tame.
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