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Why aren't there any Asian servers?

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It's no secret that Asia contains well over half of Earth's population. Roughly four and a half billion people live on the continent, and that number dwarfs the population of North America and Europe combined. Wouldn't it make good, logical sense to give them their own server to reduce overpopulation pressure on NA and EU servers?

I don't want to touch on the sensitive issue of nationality, and I know it's wrong to generalize or stereotype, but I feel compelled to point out that the game's current Chinese population is causing a considerable amount of grief for many EU / NA companies at the moment. We've all probably heard stuff about why they're playing the way they play, or even whether they're utilizing exploits to gain unfair advantages.

I don't know how much of this is true, and the better part of my humanity hopes it's more speculation than fact, but what I do know is that the game is simply too populated right now relative to the game's map size. Having extra servers for Asian players would help a lot.

Anyway, cheers! Here's to hoping the situation improves with time. There's something special here, and I hope the game's community as a whole does more to facilitate, rather than hinder, what the game could eventually become.

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