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  1. I'm not so sure about all that. I attacked a parked brigandine last night with greek fire, and it took a solid minute or so to take out two front planks. The damage is decent, but there's just no way you can sink a big ship as fast as you're describing with just one swivel gun. I can't speak for its anti-personnel capabilities, but the damage to actual planks doesn't seem nearly as godlike as some people are making it out to be. Maybe the brigandine I was shooting had upgraded planks, or maybe brigandine planks are tougher than schooner planks (although both ships use medium planks). You can shoot explosive barrels out of medium cannons, and those do insane damage -- around 5,000 plank health. Maybe they used cannons while you guys were dead? I really wish I had captured footage. I'll probably make that my mission tonight or tomorrow. --- EDIT: here's a video showcasing greek fire in addition to most other weapons. Greek fire is at 3:55. Notice how much damage explosive barrels do later on in the video.
  2. My counterargument is that flamethrowers are currently extremely powerful, and arguably overpowered. The idea is to get in close, deal maximum DPS, and get out fast rather than use cannons, which are slow and loud (although they do have much more range). The medium cannons are mostly there for longer range engagements when getting in close is difficult or impossible, such as when we're chasing a fleeing ship. As for the sloop's speed and maneuverability, you might be interested to know that the sloop is actually a relatively sluggish ship compared to schooners or brigandines with speed sails. So... if I'm attacking a parked ship that's harassing my base, I might as well have flamethrowers to maximize my DPS before the enemy can react. When it comes to "big guns," the flamethrower is pretty much the biggest gun there is at the moment. It might not have much range, but it's super powerful.
  3. Thanks! I'll probably be adding some more cannons on the back as well. Possibly a large cannon that could be used while the sloop is facing away from the enemy while running away from danger.
  4. Cool! Here's my current design. 3 flamethrowers should be pretty solid DPS against most ships, right? I'm also using wooden roofs and ceilings as armor plating. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957479470588896281/4127DBC3EC5A423AD4788DA6C6132407A678E9FE/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/957479470588896097/A4D1AAEE2E6C57A387671C99A438377D5BDBCA25/
  5. Thinking of adding a few swivel guns to my sloop's front in addition to medium cannons and loading all of them with liquid flame. How quickly can this take down ships compared to regular cannons?
  6. I've lost two ramshackle sloops thus far to ships of the damned, and even in favorable wind conditions, it seems almost impossible to outrun them. To address this, I'm currently making a standard sloop with a medium speed sail that should be quite a bit faster, but I'd like to have some extra protection in addition to greater speed. Has anyone tested the effectiveness of using sloped wooden ceilings as armor, sort of like in this video (without the cannons and a few other adjustments)? I was thinking of using ceilings for the back of my sloop and leaving the front exposed for weight / storage / aesthetic reasons. This could be made into a small room for my ship's bed so that I don't have to stick it on the lower deck.
  7. While I certainly don't hate the game, I'm not fond of the bizarre, easily fixable balance issues that plague official servers. Fire arrows are still tremendously overpowered because their AoE deals percentage-based damage, which the devs can't seem to understand as evidenced by pointless band-aid nerfs that fail to address the underlying issue. Alpha animals are completely ridiculous and altogether too common, and firearms were essentially sacrificed in PvE to make them more viable as PvP weapons against armor, which was an unfair blindside for PvE players. The game is literally in a state where shooting a fire arrow under the feet of an "alpha animal" can kill it within a few arrows while countless gunshots to the head are required to bring them down using firearms. Metal armor is apparently combustible since walking in a fire arrow's AoE causes an insane damage over time effect, even while wearing plate. Many, if not most, animals have no headshot multiplier, so shooting a giraffe in the head is the same as shooting it in the leg. A lowly turtle can often survive a rifle bullet to the face. All of these issues shouldn't be tremendously difficult to fix. The fact that they haven't been fixed says a lot about the studio, and if pointing that out is tantamount to "hating on the game," fair enough. I mean, I don't know. I guess it's harsh to expect so much after just a few weeks, but it's really hard to wake up one day to find that your main implement for dealing with the abundance of predators received a ~40% damage nerf to satisfy PvP players who thought that guns didn't do enough damage to plate armor.
  8. Reload speed isn't a problem. They're flintlock weapons. However, they desperately need to do more damage. At the very least, giving every creature a headshot hitbox would significantly improve things. It makes no sense that giraffes, bears, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants, and boars have no headshot hitbox, and it really emphasizes just how insignificant 75 damage is (which is the new base damage of the flintlock pistol). Two flintlock pistol bullets isn't enough to bring down many creatures in this game, which is fairly retarded given how insanely long it takes to reload them (not to mention how many skillpoints firearms cost). They're not completely useless due to their long-range / hitscan potential, but they're still extremely underwhelming right now.
  9. Early access, brahâ„¢ But seriously, though -- the current state of weapon balance is fairly ridiculous. It should never, under any circumstances, take 20+ rifle bullets to take down an animal, even if it has the word "alpha" in front of its name. As for fire arrows, they're overpowered due to the fact that they deal percentage-based damage that bypasses any and all resistance values (armor), whereas every other weapon in the game deals "flat" damage and is subject to resistance modifiers. It's really quite befuddling that Grapeshot hasn't realized or figured this out, and it's equally befuddling that firearms had to be further gimped in PvE for the sake of PvP balance in patch 10. It's also unclear as to why melee hasn't received a direly-needed buff. Life is full of mysteries, I suppose. I'm more or less resigned at this point.
  10. Not seeing the patch notes anywhere. This was a client-side update, so there's liable to be some interesting changes.
  11. Weapon balance. I can NOT overemphasize how asinine weapon balance currently is in ATLAS. The basic underlying logic in the current game is so fundamentally, mind-bendingly twisted and warped that it makes about as much sense as a black hole's singularity does to our current conception of physics. I mean, we're at the point where fire arrows (which deal percentage-based damage) can take out an alpha creature in seconds while firearms can pelt the same creatures with dozens of brain-scrambling headshots without bringing it down. IT MAKES NO SENSE. And more importantly, it has terrible gameplay implications.
  12. I had the same experience with a level 17 turtle today, except I was using a carbine. It's insanity!
  13. Firearms definitely need to be beefed back up in PvE. They're insanely weak now.
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