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Atlas is good! Could it be great?

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Being new to this game — unlike many other players who have been here for several seasons — I would like to share my impressions of the neophyte, so to speak. Many years of experience in another MMO — eve-online — constantly encourages comparisons of these two games, especially since they have a lot in common: separate systems in eve-online — sectors in Atlas, stations and messengers with timers — islands with timers, naval battles on ships — space battles on ships. But the obvious advantage of Atlas is that, firstly, it is much more attractive in the graphical part - that is, the player is constantly surrounded by a picturesque environment, unlike eve—online, where for hours you see only a black screen with a dot in the middle and a set of tables around it, and secondly, the variety of gaming experience — if in eve all your interaction with the game world takes place through a ship that you also practically do not see, then Atlas provides much more opportunities: you can act on your own, you can ride an animal and move/fight on it, and finally you travel and fight on a ship. In addition, you move on land, on water, underwater, in the air, on rocks. And your ship is not just a hull that you contemplate only from the outside — it is a collection of structures, modules, guns, sailors that you yourself assembled and placed, and each of which has a real function, not a decorative element. These are absolutely excellent experiences.
Now about what I would like "like in eve". According to my impressions, about 90% of beginners quit the game before even reaching the stage of "built a ship and shot Ships of Damned", not to mention a full-fledged naval battle. A person starts the game, builds a base on the island closest to freeport, collects resources for a couple of days, builds a ship. Then he enters the game — the base is destroyed, there are no resources, the ship is destroyed. Does it all over again, mb in a different place. Everything repeats itself. After a couple of such attempts, people no longer enter the game, and the islands are filled with buildings with a timer on which there are some days left before removal. Atlas is a pirate game, yes, and it's tough. But how many players could have stayed in it and made the sector locale a little more lively if they had had more opportunities to develop somehow and feel more interested in the game at the first steps.
Another comparison is how much time a new player needs, who is in the game for the first time, to participate in a naval battle with other players, and not as a helpless victim, but as a full—fledged participant. In eve, we can talk about a week, sometimes even a few days are enough to take part in a full-fledged battle on the simplest ship, and dozens of people can participate. In Atlas, according to my impressions, in order to get to what can be called a full-fledged battle, it takes months. On the one hand, this is the result of the fact that the game cannot boast of a large online. And most of those who are online are experienced players who have been playing it for several seasons, they go to sea on RG of mythical quality. What awaits the player who has assembled the first schooner when meeting with such an opponent? The answer is obvious. At the same time, the advantage of a player who has spent months on his high-class ship is so great that novice players on ships of ordinary quality will not be able to defeat him in two or three or even four. And it seems to me that this is another disadvantage of the game: that is, at first the player is encouraged to quit the game by regular raids when they destroy everything that he has collected and built while he sleeps / at work. Then, if he somehow managed to create a base and started trying to reach the battles, he understands that these battles can take place only after months of searching for high—level BP and resources for them. And it will not work to resist even one player with a high—quality ship, even if you gather several friends in the company — although in eve this is one of the strongest sides of pvp: you can bring the most expensive ship with the most expensive modules into battle - and lose it against newcomers if they are 2-3 and they will do everything right and you're going to make a mistake about something. A high-level ship in Atlas, which has many times more damage than the usual one and is many times less damaged than the usual one, which guarantees victory. That is, the only way to defeat the old pirate is to assemble a ship like his. That is, there is no such important moment "now I will gather friends and let us have ordinary and cheap ships, but because we are more we will destroy your dear ship" — which also does not contribute to the arrival of new players, as it seems to me. Perhaps if the bonuses of modules and high—level ships did not surpass ordinary ships so dramatically, this would lead to greater popularity and frequency of naval battles when novice players would assemble small fleets to resist those who can now sink any of their ships with impunity. In addition, greater involvement of novice players in the game would provoke more of their collisions with each other on ships of equal, entry-level, which would greatly diversify the gaming experience.
Another point that surprises me is the complete impunity of those who use cheats, duplicate ships. My familiar players lost an island that was attacked by 12 galleons of mythical quality with torpedoes, and when the ship ran out of ammunition during the attack, the attackers simply destroyed it and transferred to a new one with full ammunition. Of course, such brazen and obvious cheating that does not meet any opposition from the developers is very disappointing — because there is no way to resist such attacks.
Despite this, I think Atlas is a great game and I'm looking forward to release!
Btw -- im looking for ppl to play together 🙂

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