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suggestion for improvement 2020 december

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You have made paid ships, well make a way of earning, it can be like an NPC trader who takes resources to the freeport and gives gold, maybe quests.

I did not want to drive on maps, your underwater treasures on the water are have bugs (texture bugs 60% all treasuru. ships ) and it is impossible to accumulate anything from them. (for example for solo player for brig or galleon!!! )

Make an economy and various ways to earn, maps are already tired, I play from season 1. Please remove this stupid update.


Or do at least some earning.
Here are your ideas.

1 NPC trader. (sell resources earn gold)
2. Work in a freeport, for example, you can get a job to make metal products, put on kraft and hand over and get gold. (work)
3. To make, for example, a market in a freeport where it will be possible to trade items, for example, mythical cladding boards (market of items)
4. Make an exchange where you can trade resources for GOLD!! (trading)

5. Make banks, the opportunity to buy a building in a freeport for example for 500,000 gold, for a large company and the opportunity to get loans, you can give either gold or a lot of resources.

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