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Hello from the other side....

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I dont generally complain about much, I have a high tolerance for bugs especially with an EA game. I dont mind change, as long as the direction makes sense. I get we got a new dev team, that is struggling to understand what little is left of us ea folks. I get it. I am pretty patient. However. I am gonna speak my peace and be done with this roller coaster ride. Devs can read or not read, doesn't matter. We had a 2x event this weekend. Game was unplayable at times using map. No big deal, except didn't really get to enjoy the 2x, expected them to be like hey, we will fix this crap and extend 2x. Did not happen, no biggy right. Wipe coming in 2 or so months so who cares about that. Seaforts have potential, but it broke sextant if you trying to check it out, thats cool, who needs sextant buff anyway. Lag and other stuff seems to have gotten worse since whatever ya'll did last week. No big deal, it's always laggy most grids anyway with 500 galleons that literally no one EVERY sails.  Farmhouses and warehouses are great, but hard to place with all the retard spammers who drop them and never have them running. That's also no big deal, I dont mind farming the normal way. I enjoy it actually. But made it hard to get island owners to let you build because they dont need your taxes anymore. No biggy,  a nice French company gave me a lovely home. Markets look like they may be cool. Hope that works out for ya'll. 

But, payinggold for ships you craft. I just can't. I honestly, truely, genuinely can't. You need ships to acquire gold. Period. Whatever these markets are or if a change in gold  being easy with no ship needed as a new player, IDGAF. I have gold, so it isnt a current issue. but for new players and with each wipe, it will be. Of all the things we have endured as the literal masochist (we really must be, i have no other explanation) players who have stuck through this sinking ship even when there was no one including devs, this infuriates me. Here is why: that change alone tells me ya'll dont play the game you are trying to develop and I can't simply can't anymore. EA is not longer an excuse for what seems to be half assed effort and what is now becoming extremely obvious that this should not be EA. Bring this ship down and go back to blank. Devs, play this game like we do and you will figure out what we need. 
In the meantime, I wish those who are left the best of luck it remaining steadfast to help the devs learn to walk. I am sure when I fast forward through the future and see how things are going, its going to be great. But it is not today and though it pains this nerd to say it, I don't think it's going to be 2021 either. Playing since first day EA, many wipes and hard times loving a game even when I hate it, because thats what gamers do when they believe something could be great. Shadowlands is coming and I have to go deal with that "working as intended" life so a choice in investment has to be made and im 12 years in for WoW. Being a pirate will have to wait until some game maker finally gets it right. 

I have to be honest, I never thought one little thing would be the reason I finally said fk it to a game I have enjoyed bugs and all, but that one change spoke volumes of the devs understanding of their players, this game and what it means to hand build a fking a ship you now have to go rob grandma to get gold for as a new player. For those left, I hope missed the bigger picture in the change and I hope I am wrong. Truely. 


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11 hours ago, Belle said:

I dont mind change, as long as the direction makes sense

I'm just gonna stop you right there........ 😉

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