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Unplayable for small Tribe

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Yep, the game is horrible if you are not 20 people or more.

There is no way to keep your stuff safe when offline as a small group, because you can not take an island and hold it.

Lawless is a horrible place to live and you can not really hide because the servers are connected to your steam id.

Freeport is broken and your ship will decay really fast as a new player. Large company's are keeping all there valuable stuff safe there and you can not touch it.

Game balance is a nightmare right now!


Remake the Freeport and lawless system. Make pvp possible everywhere but add npc navy to protect people in Freeport and lawless. Add a security status to players and npc. Create npc governor settlements on lawless where you can build good relations and safe log your ship and items for a daily gold upkeep.

Freeport should be a place where you can not build and only go there to turn in starter quest. When you are lvl 9 and above you can no longer enter freeport.

[Player islands]
Player owned islands need to be limited to two island per company no matter the size. Company's need to be limited by having a tax for company size. If a company goes over 30 people the tax in gold cost for having the company needs to rise in cost exponentially. Likewise having more then two allies also needs to have an upkeep cost. (You can call it an administrative empire cost that is payed to the npc regions.)

[Sea pvp combat]
When we talk about pvp on the open sea, then there are some problems regarding server traveling and balance. Your ship should have a 5 min cool down if damaged by another player or ship that prevents traveling. If you manage to not get hit for 5 min then you should be able to flee to another server. This will stop people from abusing the server border to escape after going in to deep of griefing.

There is also the problem of ship sinking being way to slow and losing planks is happening way to fast. This need to be adjusted so that the leaking of your planks starts way sooner but it takes a lot more to plank a ship. If you get planked you will sink really fast no matter what skills you have as a captain. If you have a leak you will not sink as fat but still fast enough that you have to repair the ship with in a few minuts or you will sink.

[Ship weight & build]
Ship balance is also a big problem in the game. (I will not talk about barrels right now, it sounds like they will be removed form the cannon soon)
Ships need to have more leeway when it comes to weight and speed. We want to be able to actually build stuff on our ships and still be able to be part of pvp.

Change structures to weight almost nothing and sort the way armored ships work by sorting the building limitations on the ship models. Make the speed curve start at 35%, where ship weight under 35% will not impact speed.

Change the sails to have the same max speed and add different advantages for the sails then speed(Acceleration should not impact max speed!). Then Either build on the current sail system or intoduse a full sail rig system that you place with one click on your ship.

The blueprints are to insane right now and they are way to hard to get. The hardcore factor of the blueprint system is a big turn off for most of the people playing this game. This should in my opinion be adjusted for the new season!

You need to think of the blueprinted stuff as a slight advantage form a common ship. For instance a really sick mythical blueprint should be a max bonus of 160%, so you have a 10% rise in every blueprint type. common, fine, journeyman, masterwork, legendary and mythical. This will make the gap lass insane and a common ship will still be able to be part of the fight. You will also not run in to players hips that just are impossible to beat.

[Why am i writing all this]

I am trying to help the game be more open to new people and make it a more fun experience for everyone. This should send the game in a better direction and make it a more fun experience.

I was one of the people who suggested the combat time for player owned island in season 1. If you look at my old post you might be able to find it. This change helped the game gain a lot more favor form people who game and also have work in real life(A lot of your costumers are in that segment and will also be on release day!)

This system for player owned islands gave you a way of stabilizing the player owned world and has given us a lot of good security but still having a healthy amount of pvp. Now this could still be adjusted and improved but that is for another post.

However, once again i am imploring you to read the suggestions and understand that this is not only my opinion but the wast opinion of you casual community. We are a large group of people who want to play the game but we can not play it at the moment because of how broken and unbalanced the mechanics are.

Best Regard
Jack Shepard

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