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Small sugggestions

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Oils lamps on hooks change - allow inventory slot for oil to auto refill. Similar to wood on a campfire

Player shops change - Allow salt or ice to extend timers on food so I can sell salted meat or recipe foods I take the time to make in large quantities. Similar to what a preserving bag already makes.

Preserving Barrels - Exact same thing as preserving bags, just bigger inventory slot. 

Ice Chests - Allow food to be stored in them and extend the timers as normal as long as it is ice. 

NPC crew - Allow auto harvesting by crew, unsure of how to make this happen. Maybe 'assign' to store cabinet and they will indiscriminately harvest surrounding area and place items in chest. Similar to how some tames from Ark would harvest surrounding area when placed on wandering. This of course would increase the amount of gold they cost just like it already exists with different tasks. 



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Would love to see that oil lamps that are on boats would be fueled by the oil that is in the resource box, it's very tedious to run around and gather all lamps once they break and refill them and also remember which lamp goes where.

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