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Some Server issues and a few questions...

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So my 2x2 server is up and running fine now, but I'm having in game issues that I'd like to ask if others are aware of and if there are known fixes or work arounds. Then I have a few questions about changing my server grid if the issues I mention can't be resolved currently.

Ok, so the other night I was in grid 0x0 and sailing about. I accidentally entered grid 0x1 which as normal took a few moments to transfer into. The problem is that when I came through I found myself on an island in the middle of the grid (not a freeport mind you) and my boat was gone. I then noticed my tool belt was empty and so was my inventory. It was as if I died and respawned, except I didn't respawn in my home server nor at a freeport. Is this a known issue or is there a known way to avoid this? I don't want to open my server and have players experiencing these issues.

So, these are some questions I have related to the above issue.

1. I tried restoring the server save to the previous backup, but my character was still as if newly resurrected minus all items and my boat is still gone. i'm thinking that the Redis database probably needs being backed up too. I tried wiping it out (backed it up first) and of course I learned doing that wipes the characters, although any buildings and such remain. I now wrote a script that backs up and archives the save directory and the redis directory every hour on my server. The question is this... If a restore is required due to something like a crash or bug like I experienced above, is it required to restore both the save sub folders for all 4 servers and the Redis db as well?

2. If the transferring from grid to grid causes the error I mentioned more than once in a rare while, I am thinking of perhaps going to a single grid server and dropping the 2x2 setup. I mean who needs a 2x2 if travelling between grids kills you and tosses you on some random island in the grid you entered, plus all gear and the boat are lost. My question is this. Is it possible to build a 1 grid server then over time when the current grid has been completely explored, add a second grid as a separate server, have the players transfer over to that new grid and then shut down the old grid, but have it saved in case we eventually wish to switch back? I'm thinking it may work by using a 2x2 template grid but only activating the first grid and then when ready to leave the first grid to move to the second, you temporarily enable the two grids, let the players travel to the new grid, then shut down the first grid as everyone would be on the second grid now. Is this a valid way to do that?

well, that is all I guess. I hope some one might have some suggestions, or advice on my above ramblings. 🙂

thanks in advance.


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