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Corruption in character record Game breaking

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Game not playable after patch character corruption,  I am on gorgon gaze L14 basically you cant interact with anything and then battleeye kicks you out for not seeing anything going on in game.

Well if you can kill yourself and bounce around a bit sometimes it fixes this. Well this time it doesnt i have to login kill myself over and over til the game recognizes my character then i can play again. If i log out and back in its back to the same thing again and again. So in that after uninstalling the game checking my firewall to see if anything is blocked nothing. Something has ruined my character called Luxfere on L14.

So when you try and login and reconnect to your server it will never load the global file, now if you select a different zone it will log you into your character but in a shadow world where you cannot interact with anything. If you do kill yourself it will break you out of that and the server then recognizes your login. You have to do this multiple times (die) for it to correct. But if you log out and back in your back in the same situation basically i would have to delete my character and start all over.

This is a game breaking bug 

Further testing its not my character but the actual grid location L14 is having issues you cannot interact with anything in the zone, once you enter the zone but if you leave it and go elsewhere then np it works fine.

When i go back to the zone i have to die and respawn for the server to recognize me.


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