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Tips for polar region??

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Hey, me and my bud want to make a base on a polar island and we’re in need of some tips. Anything will help!

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Bring Fiber With you, you can't Farm IT there. Also good bears and a rhino would be good. Have fun

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Posted (edited)

- Small polar islands don't spawn yeti or bears and have basically the same resources, if you want a safer/quieter experience.

- Tame bears can typically take on a yeti just fine.

- Almost any tame animal can protect you from wolves. (I left a cow on one polar island and it kept eating the wolves!).Tame wolves also prove an insulation buff to keep you cozy

- Fur armour is essential, you may also want to put 20-30 points in fortitude if you don't have blueprint furs so you can continue operating at night during a blizzard.

- Fibre needs to be imported, thankfully fibre is also super light and easy to farm, especially if you tame a bear

- Snowfall will NOT refill your water meter like rain; but it will still fill water barrels and irrigation. Also snow on the ground yields 200% when digging for water

- Polar regions never have heatwaves nor storms. Weather is extremely stable and you basically just wear furs 24/7


Polar islands are an interesting place to live. They have HUGE amounts of stone, metal, flint, crystal and gems and frequently coal too; basically all the heavy materials you don't want to lug around by sea if it can be helped. Which makes them a great place to craft firearm/cannon ammo and it's often more efficient to build stuff out of stone than wood or thatch, one of the native metals - tin, is also the easiest in the game to smelt into alloys. Despite the inclement weather there is still a number of crops that grow there if you want to farm food (ie chilis). 

Most importantly IMO, they also have hostile whale spawns, which are a very easy source of gold if you hunt them. (Whales won't chase you into any depth where distance from shore is less than 100%, so don't worry about them eating boats, that was fixed long ago.)

The main downside, is that they are super far removed from the rest of the biomes, making it less efficient to import exotic materials for crafting advanced blueprints (Straw for example is only found all the way down in equatorial). You will also find it difficult to breed anything in polar due to the extreme cold

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