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12 hours take care times WILL IMPROVE PLAYER HEALTH

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Hello hello.

I have a little advice about times for breeding. Right now, you need to give care to your pets each 8 hours.

Most of the better animals make it that you need more then 2 days to get them from baby to ready, what leaves people having start them when they come back from school or work on Friday. and already waking up mid in the night after a hour or 3-4 (after they can stay without feeding and temperature care) to give the first time care. then they can make it so, that they can finish a lot of animals, before it is Monday morning. then the animals need care each 8 hours. that is the time a regular night sleep should take, and a regular work/school day is.

For the health of your players, it is better you put the timer on 12 hours. that still makes it so, that people need to get up in the morning to take care. but it gives people the possibility to get a great sleep, and even have the possibility to have a little off screen time before they go sleep, so it improves even more the quality of the night. some other positive thing is, that we can go to school and work, and don't have to call sick to take care of some pixel animals.

Hopes this reach the developers team.

greetings, Tella

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