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I have finally figured my map issue out and I believe most of the people that have had this issue with their server despite doing all the file moving and renaming stuff, will find this resolves their issue. 

This is for dedicated machines. I'm not sure how it works with hosted servers. 

Additional Forwarding Instructions...

You need to have the following in your GameUserSettings.ini for each grid (Obviously use the seamless port you have designated to the specific grid)....



Short and simple answer...forward all of your SeamlessDataPorts. Not just your Ports and Query Ports. Since most grids will have SeamlessDataPort of 270XX you can forward ports 27000 - 27015 and cover them all. Unless you have a large cluster then you just need to forward from 27000 to your highest SeamlessDataPort. For example, my 3x3 grid utilizes SeamlessDataPorts 27000 through 27008 thus I need to forward ports 27000 through 27008. 


This all is assuming you have exported your images from the server grid editor into your Atlas server \ShooterGame\ServerGrid\ folder. That's pretty simple. Within ServerGridEditor make sure everything is deselected except for "Lines". Like Discovery zones, ship paths, island names, all those things should be turned off so that the map you see is just the islands, and the grid lines. Then go to Export -> All. One thing I noticed about exporting is that if you do not export to a folder called "Export" in the same exact directory as the ServerGridEditor.exe, the images will not export. So make sure when exporting that you export to a folder named Export in the same directory as ServerGridEditor.exe. After exporting, you should have a folder named ServerGrid with all your map images in there. That folder (ServerGrid) needs to go to your Atlas Server \ShooterGame\ directory. DO NOT CHANGE ANY NAMES OF ANY IMAGES INSIDE SERVERGRID FOLDER.



Long Solution....

So I read some place that the SeamlessDataPorts not only had to do with transferring from server grid to server grid but also had to do with whether or not the server machine would send the map images to each client in the NewMapImagesCache folder. This got me thinking about my forwarded ports. I have a 3x3 setup running from 57555 to 57571, 7791 to 7807. One of the port areas that I just shrugged off as "whatever" was the SeamlessDataPort. 


When I created my ServerGrid.json file with ServerGridEditor, the editor did not adjust the SeamlessDataPorts correctly...at all. It left them all 27000 which means big red wall. So I looked at a few other people's JSONs and even the Official server json to see how they had set it up. I came to this conclusion...


With a 3x3 you have 3 columns of grids  A1, A2, A3 as the first column (A). B1, B2, B3 as the second column (B). C1, C2, C3 as the third column (C). Each server grid needs it's own SeamlessDataPort.

Starting with the first column you need to set your seamless data ports as follows....


Column A begins at 27000 for A1, then 27003 for A2, then 27006 for A3

Column B begins at 27001 for B1, then 27004 for B2, then 27007 for B3

Column C begins at 27002 for C1, then 27005 for C2, then 27008 for C3


If you don't know, there are at least two places to set these SeamlessDataPorts.

1) ServerGridEditor 

   - Open your ServerGrid.json with ServerGridEditor

  - CTRL + Left Click on the grid you want to change. 

  - Change all the grids to the correct SeamlessDataPort as mentioned above.




2) Manually with a text editor like Notepad++

   - Open your ServerGrid.json with Notepad++ or some other text editor.

  - Use the search function of your text editor to find "seamlessDataPort" 

  - Adjust the data port to the port as mentioned above corresponding to the X,Y coordinates of the grid. 

  - You will have to find and adjust each grid's seamlessDataPort line to the correct port as mentioned above.



The step that most people miss...

Even if you have server transferring working fine on your servers the maps may not work. That's because the ports are not opened for the server to download the map images to each client. Not having the ports opened means you'll get the grey foggy map in your hand, and the blank Inventory -> Atlas map. So forward the seamlessDataPorts that you plan on using (as mentioned above) and that should solve your map issues. Forward them just like you did you Ports and Query Ports. This is assuming you have exported your images from the server grid editor into your Atlas server \ShooterGame\ServerGrid\ folder.

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