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  1. Steam just removed all the mods made by this developer?
  2. My players and I are getting very annoyed with the max amount of NPCs we can recruit without leveling them. Currently we can only recruit 5 NPCs from the recruiter per grid. No more recruiting can be done for anyone on the entire shard until those 5 are leveled up passed lvl 1. Is there an ini setting that turns this feature off?
  3. It depends on where you put those lines in your json. It's much simpler to enter them n Servergrideditor. When you open a grid's settings on servergrideditor (ctrl right click or left click I believe) you'll see the custom server data text boxes. You'll need to enter your parameters and values on each grid
  4. I've tried to implement the icons too but they were always off of position so I just erased them. You have to do some math with officials placement on a 15x15 grid and then subtract x and ys by your grid. I didn't spend much time on it as it didn't bother me or my players to not have the icons. Kind of forces people to explore to find them as well.
  5. Alright so this is what you have to do. You need to open up your ServerGrid.json in a text editor like Notepad++ and find the x and y coordinates and the rotation of the discovery zone for your PVE islands. Then you need to copy those values and put them in for the powerstone discovery zone x and y coordinates and rotation. This is what it should look like... So you need to create a discovery zone for each powerstone island named whatever you want, I chose to name mine the color of the powerstone just like Official. The sizeX and sizeY and sizeZ all stay at 0.0 The id can be whatever you just so long as it's not the same as any other discovery zone. Then you need ManualVolumeName to be named whichever powerstone it is. This does not start with 0, it starts with 1. So PowerStoneIndex0 would have a discovery zone with a manual volume name of Powerstone1. It's the first powerstone. I increased the explorerNoteIndex by 1 every powerstone discovery zone. So the first one was 21 then the second was 22....etc allowSea needs to be set to false Then as you can see in the photo the worldX, worldY, and rotation are exactly the same as the respective PVE island discovery zone. Doing that for each PVE island and powerstone should make a discovery pop up once you retrieve a powerstone.
  6. It also does not seem to be able to stay running on its own. If I leave the application open after managing the servers it eventually crashes with some error code. Turns the main section of the application white with a big red X through it with the Continue or Quit dialog that pops up.
  7. Yeah absolutely. I hope they're leaving out dedicated servers was not a ploy to move players onto their official network. I just don't see why it wouldn't be available for unofficial of it was available to official and single player. Of course I'm no game developer but I would love to have something to do in this game.
  8. What are the Seamless Data ports set to for both grids?
  9. Changing the NPCShipNumMult to less than 1 decreases spawns as you're multiplying the vanilla rate by 0.1. Change that to 2.0 and you'll get twice the spawns.
  10. Oh I see. I know exactly what you need to do to fix it but I do not have the time at the moment to write it out. Once I get off work in about 6 hours I can explain what you need to do.
  11. Did you get the artifact? I never took on tbe bosses on Official or any other server so all I knew was I was supposed to get the artifact by killing the boss to unlock the powerstone elsewhere, usually in a cave in the same island.
  12. From what I've read there is no power stone affiliated with the GhostShip anymore. You need to utilize 9 PvE islands and I believe the 9th stone is the Cyan Stone of Power. I simply added the PvE island of my choice and changed its powerstone index to 8. Then the ghost ship is placed purely for fun.
  13. As of right now there is a setting that shows up under GameUserSettings that is defaulted to False. If changed to True, it is overwritten and automatically changed to false upon server stsrt. I don't believe it is supported for unofficial servers yet. I've even tried using DefaultGaneUserSettings in Read Only yet it adds a line in each individual grid's GameUserSettings adjusting the value to false and ignoring my read only value.
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