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pve EU - LF good BPs and high tame stats

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Hello we are looking for some specific BPs and any tame with high single stats on EU PVE.

For Bps we are looking for Legendary

- Sword ( >190% wd)

- Bow ( >200% wd)

- Metal Hatchet > 200% wd

- Metal Pick > 200% wd

- Crossbow >200% wd

- Medium Cannons with >175% wd

BPs with any kind of quality:
- large handling sail with >117% acceleration

- wood ceilings, walls, roofs with >130% durability

For tames we look for high stats, that means stats at tame or birth (we only want none or low mustations), not after leveling them.
If you think you have one, please send me a picture here (send link instead of picture bc limitations), or type the wild level / tamed level and current stats.

You can also join our discord ( https://discord.gg/ZZ4rMKU ) and send DMs from there.


We pay really good, we can offer gold, mythos, other tames stats, breeded tames and crafted items. We will pick stuff up form your location, or pay additional for delivery.

See you on the ATLAS,

Kumba [Pink Fluffy Unicorns]

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