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PTR Patch Notes

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I've ported the Patch Notes for the PTR across from Discord, I'll update as I can.

If you would like to stay up to date on the PTR on a day-to-day basis, we encourage joining the Official ATLAS Discord and opting into the PTR Role to unlock the related channels. 


 :anchor: ptr patch notes :anchor:

Current PTR Version v308.2


- Possible fix for e13 tree graphical issue
- Atlantean cloth colorizable
- Preventing building outside the galleon by moving up and shrinking height bounds box (so top of height is still the same) and added a volume to block building where the collision on the galleon is bad, making it possible to build outside the ship.
- Shrunk a text box that was covering half of the Voyage of Power button
- Waveworks fixed on i8 (deleted the center island, which was causing the issues)
- Various json fixes for Disco zones, map images, etc.
- Removed default text from billboards and signs
- Removed some wheel skins from vendor, made atlantean hide more expensive, fixed incorrect names on sail skins, made mythical creatures 20-30% more expensive to buy.
- Fixed unable to navigate to the Enable VR HMD and Reset VR HMD Position Tracking Buttons in the options menu
- PTR Tutorial Bug #158 Fix.
- Added warning that shows up in tribelog 48 hours before a shop is destroyed due to not being accessed within a 21 day period
- Tweaked ocean trace so that it doesn't create floating ocean shops when placed near the shore


- Gamepad overrides for tutorial text (text that appears top left on HUD during gameplay)
- Prevented torpor application from "Target Soft Spots" during peacetime and for crew on seating structures that reduce incoming npc damage to 0
- Preventined Blackjack "Immobilize" from buffs for crew seated on structures that reduce npc damage to 0.
- Fixed map images and json
- Reenabled 8x
- Reduced level up gains and buffs for intelligence by 50%
- Changed meat stack size to 50 for all meats
- Made submarine consume mythos as fuel (but consumes 2.5x slower)


- Removed "test" default text from wooden wall Sign
- Fixed giveengrams giving -40 stone arrows
- Fix for mouse not showing in character creation after starting with mouse enabled, and fix for pause menu not taking focus
- Updated wind settings on mountain hemlock 01
- Fixed structure settings on shipyards
- Fixed incorrect biomes, spawners, islands too close
- Fixed tutorial audio playing 2 voice lines at once
- Fixed check to place on slopes for the campfire and cooking pots.
- Modified offsets for unboading on the tortuga so players don't get stuck.
- Waveworks perf optimizations
- Fixed Mortars shooting through ceilings that are one wall high
- Fixed placing large cannons in the back 2 gunports on both sides (4 gunports total) on a schooner, where it previously said "can only be placed on a deck"
- Fixed when mounted on a cannon or sails, pressing M bringing up a floating map and compass
- Fixed various tutorial bugs


- Used plug meshes to create walkable terrain and fix map issues
- Limited the slope fires in which can be placed
- Fix: "Tutorials button on main menu does not have the same background when highlighted as the other buttons"
- Changed Hide Gamepedia Button into Hide Tutorial Button
- Disabled throwing water on thermal structures to avoid exploit of infinitely throwing water on fire on a sinking ship
- Waveworks update (noteworthy general perf improvements)


- Fixed some bugs with the tutorial
- Fixed an issue with missing landscape
- Fixed some visual issues with the skinned armour set
- Fixed a bug which wouldn't allow you to paint skins
- Heavy Atlantean armour now have Iridescene
- Multiple wavework fixes
- Fixed a client crash related to sail skin


- Various voice-chat fixes across multiple game modes
- Fixed an issue where sometimes the main menu wouldn't display its background correctly


- Waveworks: Only call UpdateParticleLocations in ClientTick when recently visible (check floating stuff like flotsam, NPCs, shipwreck debris)
- Modified a couple of snap points for the ladders on the brig to be climbable
- Stopping montage on unseat for npcs
- Colorized Hydra cloth and cyclops fur armor set icons
- Fixed Female character model looking like male character model 
- Fixed cooking to exclude sublevels correctly on Ocean and Blackwood
- Tutorial fixes
- Tutorial VO
- Preventing stone walls from going into half doors
- Increased leniency in dismount sockets and lowered acceptance for placement on the Puckle
- NEW: improved tree bark (vegetation detail)
- Fixed ocean passing through islands when player leaves render distance and returns to the island


- Fixed crew no longer playing steering wheel animations
- Fixed multiple islands having incorrect island points
- Fixed multiple floating folliage and map issues
- Fixed some cosmetics causing the steering wheel to turn invisible
- Fixed multiple bugs related to the new tutorial videos


- +500 skill points when hitting level 2
- Tutorials tab videos should now work
- Fixed an equipment tossing bug when using the "o" key
- Vivox (voice chat) fixes


- Fixed multiple client side crash
- Fixed Vultures not being able to mate on Equatorial islands
- Fixed various descriptive errors with skills
- Fixed tamed bear from randomly playing its growl animation when attacking targets
- Fixed not being able to replace triangle floors with different tiers of triangle floors
- Fixed being unable to place wood ceilings on a deck under a diving/dinghy platform
- Fixed being able to use orbit camera to look through half walls and doors
- Fixed lamps not being able to be turned on when underwater
- Fixed cases where the Captain's Hotbar was not overriding the personal hotbar
- Fixed the wrong amount of XP loss displaying when executed or hung
- Fixed a bug which caused players to throw out their gear when using 'O' (default bindings) to unequip. Going forward 'O' (default bindings) cannot be used to unequip gear.
- Fixed a bug which prevented players from seeing the ammo meshes loaded into catapults
- Fixed Rope ladders not being able to be rotated when placed on catwalks
- Fixed Hydra Revolver to be reloadable even when not fully empty
- Fixed a bug which would cause voice change to randomly break (can be easily reproduced when teleporting around the map)
- Fixed some cases where Yetis could get stuck at the top of the Snowman arena rather than falling down to the fight
- Fixed some cases where Yetis could get stuck at the side-door spawn entrances
- Fixed a case where Yeti hats could appear in a floating state for clients
- Fixed a bug which prevented being able to access Crew Inventory
- Fixed a bug which caused Hydra Revolver to play a weird animation when reloading
- Additional map changes, including island relocations, floating foliage fixes, and quest markers


- Rearranged some server grids, including Golden Age Ruins for better spread
- Fixed multiple floating folliage issues
- Fixed lakes which were missing fish spawners
- Cut back on the amount of fog used on some islands
- Added collision to sunken decor shipwrecks
- Fixed multiple resource overrides (to make sure you're getting the correct resources in the correct biomes)
- Cosmetic gear now correctly purchasable from the vendor
- Sail Skins now correctly indicate what size they can be used on
- Fixed misalignment on Hydra Revolver after multiple reloads
- Pressing R now stops the Hydra Revolver midreload
- Adjusted the Hydra Revolver durability (was previously too high)
- Corrected the Quest Marker locations on the map
- Added crafting and skill setup for Hydra Revolver
- Corrected tags for Home servers, lawless servers, and biomes.
- Ship of the Damned now point to their correct loot tables. This means that Galleons will provide more and give better loot than Brigs, which provide better rewards than schooners.
- Added 500 Engram Points for the First Level up (this is temporary for the PTR)

Snowman Changes:
Regular Snowman Changes:
- Tweaked explosive damage from 1x to 1.125x
- Reduced arena timer to 30 minutes
- Reduced ice breath speed debuff from 8 secs to 6 secs
- Tweaked various aspect of the Snowman's movement to prevent it from getting stuck and frozen between various attacks
- Snowman can jump when receiving damage to prevent it from being gunned-down and allow the onslaught of minions to catch up and be more involved
- Increased kill XP to 750.

Hard Snowman:
- x2 Health, 2x Armour, 1.5x Melee Damage
- Reduced cooldown on Ice Breath attack by 2 secs
- Increase number of health/armour states from 4 to 5
- Reduced interval between shield reactivation from 45 secs to 35 secs
- Explosive Damage adjusted to 1x
- Increase base minion spawn from 5 to 6
- Increase base minion kills for cooldown from 8 to 10
- Arean timer is set to 60 minutes
- Kill XP set to 1500
- Visual changes: red eyes, and commander hat with an eye patch.

Regular Yeti Minions:
- Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster from x0.33 to x0.5
- Increased Kill XP to 10.

Hard Yeti Minions (Empowered Yeti) -
- x1.5 health, x1.5 melee damage, x1.15 speed increase
- Increased move around blockade distance.
- Tweaked no buff fire damage adjuster to x0.25
- Increased Kill XP to 15.

Arena changes
- Updated lever to select difficulty via multiuse.
- Removed mid columns at arena entrance for better AI navigation.
- Filled some holes with blocking volumes to prevent players getting stuck between some meshes.
- Added some extra geometry and overrode walkable slope angle at entrance side steps and select small meshes to prevent players and creatures getting stuck.
- Added two more minion spawn points closer to the entrance.
- Added falling icicles. Camera shakes, tremor audio plays and icicles fall from above the player. On hit grants a shorter speed debuff of 2 secs and a 2.5% impaled bleed buff that lasts 12 secs. Used to combat players who may attempt to take shelter and kite the Snowman in difficult to access areas, as they will have less time to move out of the way due to icicles falling a shorter distance.


With this initial round of PTR changes, we’ll be exploring:

- Alternative map layout (note: we've not yet determined whether this layout will make it to the current existing official servers)
- In-game voice chat
- Updated Waveworks (Ocean - including the waves, and performance changes for server and client)
- Sail Cosmetic (Available at Freeport Vendors)
- Hydra Revolver (Available at Freeport Vendors)
- Miscellaneous client and server-side performance improvements

There are 76 new islands which can be found on the following grids (many existing duplicates have been removed):
F3, G2, F14, H2, G14, H14, O2, I8, J8, M14 ,N1, O1, C2, M8, O8, G8, K8, E8, C8, F4, F2, G3, O3, N3, L2, N2, M3, O14, D15, N15, K15, J15, G15, O15, F15, I15, N13, N8

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