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3rd update that ignores the online MMO..

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So now you released another 7.3gb of crap, that we online MMO'ers can't use for anything.
Instead we have to deal with servers that are unconnectable, content that are bugged out, no support in your tickets, ignoring players on forums/discord/support.
When are you gonna fix issues before releasing more content, that just makes the game even more buggy?

You should be scared of losing your last persistent part of the playerbase.


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Jat Idag kl. 08:28
You can still play Blackwood now -- it just means on Monday, we'll be incorporating it into a free DLC rather than making it a part of the main game, so people have the choice to opt out if they do not wish to play. Also, your Blackwood save folder is different to your Ocean savefolder, so you won't have to worry about overwriting your savefiles.

Oh great, but why would you release it now, and then turn it into a DLC monday?
Makes the game library even more messed up, causing more issues in the end......

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