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pve The Friendly Server PVE 5x6 (dedicated UK servers). 4xHarvest/6xTame/3xExp

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This is a re-post, due to original poster being lost at sea.


We are The Friendly Server, already hosting a vibrant and (forgive the pun) friendly Ark community across 7 Ark maps.

In January this year, our tireless leader launched The Friendly Server for Atlas and our 2 communities live side by side in discord which now boasts a healthy 800+ members.

The bulk of this of-course is Ark players, so never fear, our Atlas server has plenty of space available for new players and builders to setup their fortresses or seaside towns.


We are running on 2 dedicated, high spec servers, free from rubberbanding or lagg. The servers are based in the UK but we have players from allover the world joining us.

As mentioned, it's a 5x6 map home to more than 100 islands.

5 grids are reserved for all 9 powerstone islands and 9 trenches whilst a 6th grid is reserved for the Kraken. We also have 1 pvp grid and another grid for hosting server events/games. The remaining 22 grids are for building and player bases with a balanced mix of all the biomes.

We are a pve server and an entirely a pve community, but since we all get a kick out of blowing each other up, we've added a pvp grid for fun. Easily avoided and clearly marked



Both in Ark and Atlas we do not support a "pay to win" environment and we keep our boosted rates at a sensible level to ensure that the intended game mechanics are still relevant but also boosted enough to take away the grind found on official servers.


Server settings/features:

  • 4x Harvesting
  • 6x Taming
  • 3x Exp
  • 6x Egg/Gestation
  • 7x Maturing
  • 2x Difficulty (max level wild spawns are 60) 
  • 4x spoil timers(increased stacks for spoilables) 


  • Noclip enabled,
  • Fountain of Youth permanently active on all powerstone Islands,
  • Old flag claim system,
  • Servers are never wiped unless official updates force it,
  • All 9 powerstones, 9 trenches, Ghostship, Kraken grid, Ice Cave


The Friendly Server Mods:

  • Atlas Transfer\\Pickup Gun
  • Custom Item Stacks (for spoilables only) 
  • eco's RP Decor
  • Unlockable Submarine

We are very careful about adding mods that cannot promise long term support or severly damage game mechanics. Many servers have already wiped for installing mods that are no longer supported. More mods will be added in future.


Rules, join links and mod links can all be found on our website or in Discord.

The Friendly Server website:


The Friendly Server Discord:



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     Hi Everyone, I am Rip Paw (in-game / discord name).

     I hope everyone is having an awesome day today, tomorrow and all the ones to come!

     I would like to share my experience with the potential newcomers and all the players that are currently on the server that are truly part of this friendly community (you know who you are).

     I have joined the server about a week ago and since have leveled to level 65, have an awesome place to build my base and great neighbors. The community is as it claims to be, very friendly. As soon as I joined, I was invited on a journey to collect power stones (stones that are attached to your compass to unlock a much stronger enemy/boss). We traveled to different zones/islands, which allowed me to increase my leveling capacity (you must discover new zones/islands to increase your current max level). Also discovering new areas allows you to discover new resources which are needed for crafting and progressing later in the game. *ATLAS is not a single-player game* (I know there is a single-player version lol).

     I do not want to go into this too far but as I am sure some of you will or already understand that getting these power stones is a team effort. Well, everyone was ready except for me of cause being new and everything. These folks that I have never played with before were very patient, understanding and very helpful. Please understand this, I did not have anything, and I was at a low level – not being able to craft items to be a little bit useful. This community is truly an awesome one.

    I want to thank you guys for being awesome and thank you, our very busy leader, who makes this community the way it is.


                                                                                                              *Come join us, you won’t be disappointed. *

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