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JOIN OUR BIG EMPIRE! WE ARE RECRUITING (EU/PVE and US too) Awesome people to build a friendly empire with us! We just merged with another company and there's nearly 20 of us here . We are kind to everyone try our best to help when someone needs assistance. We are online alot and want to experience all that the game has to offer. We sail, trade, breed, take down sotd ships and enjoy. We are also a growing company and we want to spread some Winchester love to all of you. In our company we welcome everyone who shares our kind of interest and way of thinking. So, if you feel like joining us in the game, feel free to ask, however to become a full company member all members of The Winchesters will need to discuss about it . The reason we created this page as "open company" is that everyone can see what kind of company we are and what we do in the game :) Join our trading channel : https://discord.gg/W5UmMC "Saving people, hunting things - The Family business".

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