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  1. They're doing a server reboot , like atm. Lets hope it fixes this bug
  2. Yeah, i hope everyone sends a ticket , i just contacted one of the devs, lets hope they respond We want our game going
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/app/834910/discussions/0/1749025246581964549/ we are not the only ones.
  4. Where did this happen? I mean which grid were you on?
  5. Okay, well that is weird, but i just spoke to our company member and one of his friends is having the same issue at N12. So its that grid that is messed up.
  6. Ah okay, we havent had this issue in our tribe, i mean not on any other grids, only the N12 so far. I wish they'd fix it asap. Game has so much potential, these bugs in the game are annoying as hell. I've played over 2000 hours and these bugs havent sopped me from playing. At least not yet
  7. Damn, i havethe same issuee. Yesterday i was imprinting our bears at N12, and my game crashed in the middle of it and after that i haven't been able to log in, i play in official pve eu , it says the "unable to query served info for invite". Later , one of our company members went there to check the bears and same happened to him . So neither one of us has been able to play after that. I am able to play anywhere else, but not eu pve. This really sucks. I wish there's a solution to fix it asap I also sent a ticket about it yesterday.
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