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EU PvP Colonies. Fractured Fury is seeking amazing people to join in our quest of plunder and piracy. We are a great bunch of relaxed mature people who play the game for the fun of it. For us real life always comes before the game. We own an island in low desert (G10) with great resources. If you want to be part of great community with awesome people, come by the island in G10 and lets see if we are the right place for you. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/z7Sz8Zk Or message me directly: Shepard [Fury]#8979 or Margluth#1954

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  2. We are still looking for new members, we have found a nice island in g10.
  3. Fractured Fury is still seeking for more awesome people to join our ranks. We have cookies!
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