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EU PVP, company looking to grow our numbers. if your thinking about moving comapany, merging with an established company or are just a single player looking to get more done with the protection of a group. we have an established island with a good level shipyard, we have a large harbor that is protected. we have tames of all types and multiple ships for all needs. as this game progresses and more people stop playing the see there is a lot of players out there hanging on to empty companies with few players. lets get together and have some fun. our company is looking for adult players who enjoy the complex aspects of the game. learning how mechanics work and using them to our advantage. we have compleeted many of the power stones and have some members that have all. we are planning on doing the Cracken very soon and want to have a go at the new snowman. we are experienced in PVP and know how to defend ourselvs if you are looking for a safe port to experiment in the game, or a company with non toxic players to have a good laugh with then come and join us. come and join our discord and just say hi https://discord.gg/cNesXQ

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  2. EU PVP, looking for new members. We are a medium size group with around 10 active members and own 2 islands, we have a good collection of farming tames and a crabs. we are looking for new members to join us in simply having fun on Atlas. once we have a few more members we hope to finish the power stone sets. we are a group of experienced players who regularly sail out on raiding and pirate missions. If you are an experienced player looking to join a close group who work well together. Or if you are quite new to atlas and want someone with experience to guide you and to learn the ships ropes you will be welcome with us. there will be a short trust period before we allow you full access to our base and ships. we require people to have a mic and to join us on discord. hop into our new members channel and say hi, maybe a bit about yourself and one of the admins will come and invite you. hope to see you soon https://discord.gg/KqjATF

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