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  1. Daveroe

    When a company splits

    Tell him to get stuffed and stop being a mouthy internet fiend, kick him, block him and your life will be much better. There ate yo many people in this game who think because they are anonymous they can act like assholes.
  2. EU PVP, looking for new members. We are a medium size group with around 10 active members and own 2 islands, we have a good collection of farming tames and a crabs. we are looking for new members to join us in simply having fun on Atlas. once we have a few more members we hope to finish the power stone sets. we are a group of experienced players who regularly sail out on raiding and pirate missions. If you are an experienced player looking to join a close group who work well together. Or if you are quite new to atlas and want someone with experience to guide you and to learn the ships ropes you will be welcome with us. there will be a short trust period before we allow you full access to our base and ships. we require people to have a mic and to join us on discord. hop into our new members channel and say hi, maybe a bit about yourself and one of the admins will come and invite you. hope to see you soon https://discord.gg/KqjATF
  3. Daveroe

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    i love the change, TY devs for listening most of the negative posts are from people who have ships they now have to change. i have to change to but i am happy to change
  4. yesterday we captured an island with a fflag that had over 7000 gold in it, once the flag was taken down there was only 1000 gold exactly in the item drop, is this intended?
  5. The giant crabs do need a serious look into. As a utility they are great, as a raiding weapon they are nuclear weapon overpowered, you must understand. Every time this sort of function is added to the game it makes base wiping easy, that stops good chunks of players playing the game after they loose their base. At least limit the crabs ability to pick NPCs from defence, we had a crab pick guys off puckle guns that were inside a stone building, then destroy chests through a wall. . . . Some of the new features coming in the May update look good, some are concerning. The torpedoes look fun but a lot of people are worried it just makes offline ship sinking easyer. I do wonder how it will be possible to counter torpedoes from a sub when a company has no sub. . . With the spawns, maybe a ship bed and a land bed, there a ship bed has longer respawn timers? But dulu has a point on the ship balance, full weight stacked at the back of a ship is very unrealistic. Maybe a speed loss with unbalanced ships? I would like to just see them fall over backwards and sink tbh, but I know that's a bit brutal
  6. Daveroe

    Give me my time back

    could be worse. you could have bought a real boat and jumped in it with no knowledge or experience and sunk that. at least here you dont die when you do stupid things
  7. Daveroe

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    Yeah our upkeep is the same also. Tho I haven't checked it may be the time period between payments and not the amount of gold. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Daveroe

    Island Claimin?

    Placing a flag costs gold. If you gave the required amount in your inventory you can claim an island. It's a 12 hourly cost tho
  9. Daveroe

    So Everyone can Build???

    Claim owners will be able to demolish structures (via the pinwheel) on their settlements temporarily as long as the structure has been placed within the last 12 hours. After the 12 hour period has passed, they will not be able to demolish the structures using the pinwheel, and must manually destroy it. Claim owners can do this outside of raid hours or warlike. This exists as an anti-griefing mechanism. On PvE servers, we may extend the time beyond 12 hours as players will not have the option to destroy via PVP. I knew it 2as somewhere, although this was a while back and they may have changed things up since then. Has anyone tried using cannon bears maybe they wont work if cannons are not allowed. I get the point tho. Someone could do a lot if harm with the ability to just pop up a mini raid base before the combat timer starts. But also maybe this is ok gameplay and people are stressed because of it being difrent from before
  10. Daveroe

    So Everyone can Build???

    Hmmm you may be on to something here, I have had a look for the info but can no longer see it. I'm sure it was there a couple of days ago because we had conversations about it in the forums. I can only assume they changed their minds. . Best way is to test it. Claim an island and get someone to build on it. See if you can demolish in 12 hours. But the land owner does have power over cannons, so could just blow buildings away, if you raid someone every day, it's unlikely they will come back. A lot of people have been saying the new claim is the floor block. Just spam place them in the area you plan to build to save the land. Tho I agree it's a bit of a crappy system
  11. Daveroe

    So Everyone can Build???

    Other companies may build on a Settlement. The company holding ownership of the island can attack others built upon their island at all times. The Settlement owner can only be attacked during combat or war. So if you own the island you can attack anyone on it. It also says you can demolish any building that is under 12 hours old that any other company builds on your land. So basically you need to maintain your island. If someone you dont like builds on it you have 12 hours to remove it. After that you have to remove it with cannon balls
  12. Daveroe

    So Everyone can Build???

    This has been explained in the update notes. Please take time to read them so as not to make yourself look stupid in front of the online world
  13. Daveroe

    Pirate skill tree. . .

    So there is a new skill at the end of the pirate tree that says you can declare war for free? Has anyone tried this skill out yet or have any idea how it works? I see it as a way to bypass the offline raid protection? I'm quite happy about that, but it does seem a bit OP
  14. Daveroe

    Company name must be binding!

    I may me hated for saying this, but we had a small pirate company fir a while where we would pvp a lot. We also changed names a lot to avoid people finding our small base. But a few times we did pit big companys against each other by attacking under other's names. It was hilarious to us to see one group of ships sail to attack another company because of us. And to be honest this is quite in line with pirate behaviour. I think maybe a 12 hour cool down at max is good, also if a player is killed or kills it shows their name in the log, so is easy to ask the company about the player. . . If you kill them that was always the challenge for us, to keep it stealthy
  15. Daveroe

    Game is old

    If it's old, then quit hanging around in the games fourm spreadind discontent, move on and play something else. Stop waisting our time by posting your meaningles babble