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The Black Hand

Closed Company

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About This Company

Welcome to The Black Hand We are a group of gaming enthusiasts that found themselves pirating on the seas of Atlas alone and realized that relationally one plus one is greater than two. Our community is simple. Play your game your way, but invite others along and share the experience. We try to keep rules and regulations to a minimum. Invite others into your fun they will invite you into their fun. We share experience and loot. The same goes with all content. We have a simple leadership structure. There is a Pirate King, our founder Revick Black, the OG Black Hand There are admins. our community mods that help keep fair play. There are quartermasters. These are the core group. There are botswains. These are the new guys developing trust. And the recruits just joined us. We use Discord as a means to communicate. You are encouraged to join so you hear about what is happening and can come for the ride. It is fun being part of a sinking ship. We don't police your gaming style. If you or someone else creates conflict, we don't put up with drama. You will be drawn and quartered and sent to every corner of Atlas in bags. Every so often we toss a rebellious pirate overboard and keelhaul them. (Seriously, if there is a problem and you are frustrated, disappointed or angry, take a break from the game, go eat, drink, sleep or calm down, THEN come back and talk to the person you have a misunderstanding with. If that doesn't work, contact an admin.) We do PvE and PvP. We primarily PvE, but have partnered with a PvP company with which we help defend and fight for Good lootz and Grog Above all else... Have fun To join us add me as a friend on Discord @ PartTimeMultiPlayerGamer#9555 From there we will invite you along for a Rum and Rumble.

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