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    Category Action Xbox Notes
    Camera Look Control large.stick_right.png  
    Camera Toggle First or Third Person (On Land or Ship or Creature) Hold large.button_back.png Access "Toggle Third Person" via wheel menu
    Camera Toggle Orbit Camera Hold large.button_back.png Access "Toggle Orbit Camera" via wheel menu
    Camera Zoom Camera in large.trigger_left.png In orbit camera mode
    Camera Zoom Camera out large.bumper_left.png In orbit camera mode
    Chat Global Chat large.bumper_left.png+ large.button_back.png  
    Combat Fire large.trigger_right.png  
    Combat Iron Sights / Alt Fire large.trigger_left.png  
    Combat Melee / Pistol Whip large.bumper_right.png  
    Combat Reload large.button_x.png  
    Combat - Melee Block Center large.button_x.png+ large.trigger_left.png+ large.trigger_right.png  
    Combat - Melee Block Left large.button_x.png+ large.trigger_left.png  
    Combat - Melee Block Right large.button_x.png+ large.trigger_right.png  
    Combat - Melee Combat Mode OFF large.button_b.png  
    Combat - Melee Combat Mode ON large.button_x.png  
    Combat - Melee Dodge large.stick_left.png, large.stick_left.png Double-tap large.stick_left.png in desired dodge direction (Fwd, Back, Left, Right). Not all weapons allow dodging!
    Combat - Melee Jab (Quick Attack) large.button_y.png+ large.trigger_left.png  
    Combat - Melee Left Attack large.trigger_left.png  
    Combat - Melee Low Punch (Hilt Bash) large.trigger_left.png+ large.trigger_right.png  
    Combat - Melee Overhead (Heavy Attack) large.button_y.png+ large.trigger_right.png  
    Combat - Melee Right Attack large.trigger_right.png  
    Feats Assign Feat to Slot Hold large.bumper_right.png+ large.bumper_left.png With Feats Wheel open, use large.stick_right.pngto highlight the desired Feat, then press the Feat Slot key to assign the Feat to that slot
    Feats Use Feat 1 large.bumper_right.png+ large.dpad_left.png  
    Feats Use Feat 10 large.bumper_right.png+ Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Feats Use Feat 2 large.bumper_right.png+ large.dpad_up.png  
    Feats Use Feat 3 large.bumper_right.png+ large.dpad_right.png  
    Feats Use Feat 4 large.bumper_right.png+ large.dpad_down.png  
    Feats Use Feat 5 large.bumper_right.png+ large.button_x.png  
    Feats Use Feat 6 large.bumper_right.png+ large.button_y.png  
    Feats Use Feat 7 large.bumper_right.png+ large.button_b.png  
    Feats Use Feat 8 large.bumper_right.png+ large.button_a.png  
    Feats Use Feat 9 large.bumper_right.png+ Presslarge.stick_left.png  
    Inventory Access Target Inventory large.button_x.png  
    Inventory Add to next available Hotbar Slot large.button_a.png, large.button_a.png Double-tap large.button_a.png
    Inventory Craft All large.button_x.png Craft as many of the item as possible
    Inventory Craft One large.button_a.png, large.button_a.png Double-tap large.button_a.png to craft a single item
    Inventory Drop Item large.trigger_left.png  
    Inventory Quick equip armor large.button_a.png, large.button_a.png Double-tap large.button_a.png
    Inventory Split Stack (Half) large.button_y.png With a stack of items highlighted in inventory
    Inventory Split Stack (One) large.button_x.png With a stack of items highlighted in inventory
    Inventory Transfer Full Stack to Remote Inventory Hold large.button_a.png  
    Inventory Transfer One Item to Remote Inventory large.button_a.png, large.button_a.png  
    Inventory Use large.trigger_right.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 1 large.dpad_left.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 10 large.bumper_left.png+ large.dpad_right.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 2 large.dpad_up.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 3 large.dpad_right.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 4 large.dpad_down.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 5 large.bumper_left.png+ large.button_x.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 6 large.bumper_left.png+ large.button_y.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 7 large.bumper_left.png+ large.button_b.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 8 large.bumper_left.png+ large.button_a.png  
    Inventory Use Slot Item 9 large.bumper_left.png+ large.dpad_left.png  
    Inventory Your Inventory large.button_b.png  
    Misc Extended HUD Info Hold large.button_back.png  
    Misc Focus on Compass Hold large.trigger_right.png Requires map open
    Misc Focus on map Hold large.trigger_left.png Requires map open
    Misc Mini-game (various contexts) large.trigger_right.png Press large.trigger_right.png at the right time for great success!
    Misc Place Structure large.trigger_left.png  
    Misc Toggle Map + Compass large.button_back.png  
    Misc Zoom Map in large.bumper_right.png Requires map is open
    Misc Zoom Map out large.bumper_left.png Requires map is open
    Movement Crouch Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Movement Jump large.button_a.png  
    Movement Movement (walk, run) large.stick_left.png  
    Movement Prone Long Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Movement Toggle Sprint Presslarge.stick_left.png  
    Riding Tames Attack - Primary large.trigger_right.png  
    Riding Tames Attack - Secondary large.trigger_left.png  
    Riding Tames Dismount large.button_y.png  
    Riding Tames Jump large.button_a.png Not all rideable creatures can jump
    Riding Tames Taunt Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Riding Tames Toggle Perspective large.bumper_right.png Switch between FPV and TPV while riding
    Sailing Add Throttle Backward (close sails) large.stick_left.pngBack  
    Sailing Add Throttle Forward (open sails) large.stick_left.pngForward  
    Sailing Captain's Order Attack Location large.trigger_right.png Manual fire control
    Sailing Captain's Order Attack Target large.trigger_left.png  
    Sailing Cycle Cannon Ammo Type Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Sailing Cycle Swivel Gun Ammo Type Presslarge.stick_left.png  
    Sailing Raise/Lower Anchor large.button_x.png You can only lower anchor in shallow enough water (an anchor icon will appear on the right side of the HUD)
    Sailing Steer Left (Port) large.bumper_left.png+ large.stick_left.pngLeft  
    Sailing Steer Right (Starboard) large.bumper_left.png+ large.stick_left.pngRight  
    Sailing Submarine Fire Harpoon large.bumper_right.png  
    Sailing Submarine Left Claw large.trigger_left.png  
    Sailing Submarine Lower Presslarge.stick_right.png  
    Sailing Submarine Movement large.stick_left.png  
    Sailing Submarine Raise Presslarge.stick_left.png  
    Sailing Submarine Right Claw large.trigger_right.png  
    Sailing Submarine Toggle Light large.bumper_left.png  
    Sailing Toggle Gunports large.bumper_right.png  
    Sailing Toggle Ship Throttle Full Speed / Full Stop large.button_a.png While on the Steering Wheel
    Whistles Attack This Target large.bumper_left.png+ large.dpad_up.png Hold both to target, release large.dpad_up.png to execute
    Whistles Move To large.bumper_left.png+ large.dpad_down.png Hold both to target, release large.dpad_down.png to execute.
    Whistle Move-to cannons, masts, turrets, and other stations to assign crew members to those stations
    Whistles Whistle Wheel Menu Hold large.button_b.png Make sure you have the necessary skills for your tames to obey your commands



    How to enable the Cheat Entry Box: During gameplay, pause the game with large.button_start.png then hold large.bumper_left.png+large.bumper_right.png+large.button_x.png+large.button_y.pngtogether, and release. You will see the "cheat box" appear on the Pause Menu. Highlight it and press large.button_a.png on it to enter any cheat command, and then select and press the "Admin Command" button to execute the cheat command.

    Category Objective Command Notes
    Character Add experience to level up cheat addexperience [1-1000000] 0 1 Give yourself a little boost 😉
    Character Set head hair length cheat setheadhairpercent [0.0, 1.0] 0.0 - bald
    1.0 - long flowing locks
    Character Toggle Max Stats cheat inifinitestats no hunger, no thirst, no stamina drain
    Environment Change time of day cheat settimeofday [0:00 - 23:59] 24-hour time
    Items Box with all items, structures, etc. cheat gfi cheatbox 1 0 0 Spawns a box that contains all the items, weapons, and structures in the game
    Items Dive Platform Fuel cheat gfi organi 100 0 0 Put this in a dive platform structure on your ship to plum the depths of the ocean in a dive suit
    Items Paints of all colors cheat GiveColors 3  
    Items Spawn a Treasure Map cheat GiveTreasureMap 0.25 0.25 will be a treasure chest nearby on the current island
    0.5 will be on another island on same server
    higher values will result in treasure maps one or more servers away from your current location
    Sailing Change wind direction cheat SetDir [0 - 360] cheat SetDir -1 will return the wind direction to current global value
    Sailing Change wind speed cheat SetWind [1 - 14] cheat SetWind 0 will return the wind speed to current global value
    Sailing Sail naturally, using the wind cheat setignorewind 0 Sail as intended, using wind speed and direction.
    Sails require crew members stationed on them in order for Captain to control the sails.
    AI Enemies will attack if attacked or within aggro range
    Sailing Sail while ignoring wind cheat setignorewind 1 Ignores wind speed and direction, allowing the ship to sail at max speed in any direction.
    Sails can be operated by the Captain without crew stationed on the sails.
    AI Enemies will ignore your ship
    Ship Brigantine cheat ssf brig  
    Ship Dinghy cheat ssf ding  
    Ship Galleon cheat ssf gall  
    Ship Raft cheat ssf raft  
    Ship Schooner cheat ssf scho  
    Ship Sloop cheat ssf sloop cheat setignorewind 0 to make the ship operate as intended (by default ships spawned this way will ignore wind; see ignore wind info)
    Ship Submarine cheat ssf sub cheat setignorewind 1 enables use of the sub without fuel and gives infinite ballistas
    Tame Bear cheat sdf bear 1  
    Tame Crew member cheat sdf crew_m 1  
    Tame Cyclops cheat sdf cycl 1  
    Tame Elephant cheat sdf eleph 1  
    Tame Horse cheat sdf horse 1  
    Tame Parrot cheat sdf parrot 1 Proper pirates prefer pet parrots.
    Double-tap Y to toss a carried pet off your shoulder
    Tame Razortooth cheat sdf razor 1  
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