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    PVP EU chukiki#4474

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    A Brotherhood of Pirates that set Sail upon the Sea's of Atlas, if you want to be apart of this humble abode then join up and Sail as an equal, there is no man above or below you, Plunder, Steal, Fight and Claim together but as one and reap the rewards. This group is about coming together as one yet still be free as much as you desire, the aim of this is to build a cove that all pirates and sailors alike can come to relax, drink and muster to their hearts content, and then be able to form a convoy and lay siege to the ships of the damned and get rid of them once and for all... - Rules - - Respect each other - Remember Your a Pirate - Respect the Rules of the Captain's ship (if you are sailing as a crew member)

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    Hello, My friend and i made a tribe and we are looking for members! About us: Currently 2 players 20+ of age Loyal and fun About our base: Big, strategic stone base with a port. Animals And crew. Your description: Loyal Fun Respect the rules.

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    PvP Kraken's Grasp. 15+ active, 40+ total including alt's. Simple weekly quota. Info only given in interview, preferably 18+ no squeakers at all. Boss fighters, whale killers, breeders, grinders and pvp'ers all welcome. If new will teach.

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