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  1. AMD 4.2 ghz am3 socket, 2060 nvidia 6gb vid card, 12gb ram i realize my processor is the throttle, however once i upgraded from a 1060 to a 2060 i started crashing a lot, and mostly when i log into the bear factory we made at A4 where there is 50+ bears. I've been crashing when there are lots of animals around, especially when our 3 galleons are parked there. As i continue to crash more often i will try to post the crash message, mostly D3D device being lost.
  2. I want to help xbx users navigate the game. I started using my xbox controller on my pc to figure the buttons out. As I play I will try to give some input. PvE NA Playing on PC with wireless xb360 controller + wireless dongle (official) N8 When riding an animal in third person and hold rb+dpad down to activate nature's cry the view automatically switches to first person. This is repeatable. And annoying lol. Playing Sally Storm Davey Jones Liquor PvE NA A4-N4-J8
  3. This happened a few minutes ago to my wife so I will do my best to be as descriptive as possible. Taming a 29 female bear in A4, no pen. She went to feed it for the very last time and the timer was synced exactly with the bola timer. The bear was at 98.6% tamed and when she fed the last piece of honey to it, it stood up and disappeared. I was walking up to the bear when it happened, watched it stand up and vanish. There was never any prompt to name the animal, and it could be found nowhere around. It was sitting on flat ground, there were no trees, rocks, anything at all to obstruct the bear from standing up. There were no other players, I had spawned into a bed near her and was walking up to it, maybe 10m from it when it happened.
  4. I just watched my wife fly up into the sky while riding her elephant on her anchored ship. I've been playing a while and this is the first time anything has flown off in such a way. She didn't move but eventually died at some point in the upper atmosphere where she should see clouds. It was EU PvE D4 -56.84long 57.23lat. The boat was anchored with several animals on it. She was riding the elephant up a ramp on the upper deck of a galleon. RIP Sticky, he was a good bred elephant. I left a bed around maybe i'll check back after server restart and hope.
  5. Beef Buns prevent vitamin B bar from going up when it's low enough to cause damage to player. Eat a beef bun when your vitamins are low and B vitamin will not rise or fall. B vitamin will also not go up after then eating any foods that would normally give you B vitamin. If this food is not supposed to act like the other cooked foods then there should be some clarification. It took me a dying a few times to figure out only food and vitamin A go up when eating this food. Pirates need planks. Walk the plank you scallywag! Even if the only reason was to execute underperforming crew or have fun tying someone up and throwing them to the sharks. Gunports open/close order should be able to be given from radial autopilot menu or whistle. Either would work for me. Strange request... Screaming pygmy goats that can ride on shoulder. These should have terrifying screams that differ from those they would normally make when it detects danger nearby. Small enough to place around things like under stairs and or floors, like an alarm system. PLEASE give us a few berries on a8 Lindiac Chain, NE isle. Spending time trucking berries across the ocean seems unnecessary. Also counterproductive for our company if silo is intended to ease the tediousness. Thanks for reading, CMR
  6. The giraffe has a difficult time walking up a half stair, half wall, or even stairs or ramp that is only a half-wall tall. The elephant has issues with this as well. This is causing many headaches with our build because our animals can't travel our roads. It may have to do with where the center of the animal is located since the smaller animals such as bears and horses do not have this problem. There is a point in this game where many players just get bored. We think it may have to do with the fact that there are very few events that would be considered unpredictable. The few events that could happen to a player at any given time are basically SoDs, Alpha animals, and weather. This can be pretty exciting at first, but after the first few hundred hours of this game, it's just rinse and repeat. I understand much work is being done on things like stability and I agree this would be the most important work, however a plan to implement some sort of PvE event where the player would have to defend their base or boat against additional NPC might help break up this monotony. Our company has thrown ideas out such as: Varied sea monsters, shark filled Reefs, a faction system with npc village raiding and repercussions. I do think the player should be rewarded in some way as incentive to complete these events as well, such as blueprint loot or treasure maps. The world you have crafted is full of amazing places and things to see, it just takes so very long to get there some people don't have the patience to sail 6 hours across a quiet ocean. I do try to fill the time with things like fishing or grappling flotsam, but after the very beginning of the game neither feels worth the effort. I would do more fishing, for instance, if there was at least a chance of a blueprint or treasure map drop. The SoD fights can be fairly exciting, however even this event could be improved with a little variety such as maybe coming across a fleet of ships that appear neutral unless attacked, giving the scenario of raiding merchant ships to the player. There are a few directions this could go, but the very basic would be a possibility to trade with them for faction reputation, eventually decreasing their prices, or to destroy them for negative rep. Attacking too many of these merchant ships could have a chance to spawn the fleet at one of your bases which would need to be defended. Causality is important in making a world feel more alive. This kind of scenario was likely envisioned to play out naturally on a PvP server, however, in my experience players have very little mercy for those just starting out. These "factions" mentioned could have home bases spread around the world that could be raided by players, or used by them for trade. Even if they were only in the freeports, it would add immersion to an already beautiful and complex world. -CMR-
  7. Inventory folders in your inventory are wonderful, however there is an issue to where if you die with objects in a folder, and you try to loot it off of your dead body, the objects in the folder do not transfer with the rest of your items. This issue is only when looting an actual body and not just the bag. I do enjoy using the feature of being able to put an NPC crew member on the steering wheel. I use this feature a lot. The biggest issue i have with it, is that when taking the crew member off the wheel, they continue to stand on top of it. I have started just leaving the crew member standing there, however the clipping of the character into yours while using the wheel prevents me from seeing the map while on the wheel. If possible, can you put the NPC back just far enough to not clip through your character whenever we take them off the steering wheel? Common blueprints are not worth it in most cases, and i believe you could make these very useable if allowing them a slightly lower material usage, and allowing us to use them without the crafting skill. This would make almost all common blueprints desireable. -Captain Morgan Rum-
  8. NPC crew, they would be much more fun if they could use mate, use guns, drums or accordions, basically anything easy to code in will make them more fun. Doing maps as a company offers no reward over doing them solo. This has broken up our company quite a bit where people don't join up as much anymore. Please offer at least a small boost in rewards when we get our company together so they will agree that it's worth it to work together. A tooltip on the lantern showing the color would help us with community builds. Steering wheels can be placed anywhere on the ship. This is a great feature, except placing a steering wheel anywhere in front of the middle of a galleon makes it impossible to see due to the perspective moving towards the front of the boat. Looking forward in zoomed out mode with the wheel on the front of the ship is impossible due to the sails always being in the way of the view. Please lock the point of view as if the wheel was placed in the rear of the ship no matter where you place the wheel.
  9. The northeast island on a8, Lindiac Chain, is not represented properly on the map. After sailing around it a few times I realized the island is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise on the map compared to what the island is in the game.
  10. After 600 hours of play in this game, I feel like I should take the time to post some of the things we talk about as a company. We are playing PvE EU Captain Morgan's Rum. I think it's a wonderful thing that a game so early in it's development is already so much fun to play. Thank you. Company management is the key to winning people in this game I believe. It pushes the social factor where we band together to survive and prosper. Fighting people who live to grief others won't ever really go away, but so far good work has been done to try and ease the pain. The easier it is for us to communicate and plan the more appealing joining someone else's company will be. When we first merged our company into theirs, we lost our alliances, which changed our build distance to our neighbors, and they haven't been on to help us get back in yet. We have worked around this, but would be a serious issue for someone who was built closer to an ally before they changed companies. I would like to be able to leave a note or message for someone who is not online or in the same square (server). If one note was allowed to be placed on a property per player and then picked up by the owner we could better communicate with the people around us. I agree that the alliance system needs a bit of re-work, especially the chat due to being on one side of someone else's conversation. Allow us to select text in the chat box for google translation. This would be most helpful on EU server. One way to improve communication around the world without polluting it would be to allow us custom chat channels. This would be a way for us to communicate across many of the barriers currently in game. Please clarify on joining company that you will lose everything if you do not merge. One person who joined our company lost about two weeks of progress due to this misunderstanding. This would be a good place for one of those "are you sure?" buttons. Please expand the "load animal" menu to specify front, back, left, or right side of top deck. Please add "disembark" for pets that is also expanded to front, back, left, or right side of ship. Embarking in this way could help get less animals stuck, and embarking would let us get them out of being stuck. Why is the dagger on the title screen not in the game? A smaller version of the sword which swings quicker and has less damage would be a nice addition. Improved saddles/upgradeable with armor or stat boosts for the animal, similar to the way upgraded versions of armors are made. Additional types of armor with different skins that could potentially lower speed for armor or vice versa. We would like meat to spoil a bit slower in feeding trough or cold temperatures like polar regions. I will finish this post for now so I don't make it too long, but if the feedback helps I can continue to take notes as we play and converse on discord.
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