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  1. That actually a lot extra work if you want to have a farm that has all the veggies in the game. Just to work around a bug, it great they made them hold more just wish ours would hold something! We haven't had any water since the start of the newest beta. I've moved barrels to make sure they weren't under any structures. Rebuilt barrels to make sure it just wasn't that barrel, logged off at night and then logged on the next day to be the only one on the island - still no water. I just wasn't sure if our serve was the only one experiencing this.
  2. Server G10 EU PvE Water Barrels placed in the open aren't actually filling up. They have the drink option on the wheel dial and when you click you hear the sound of gulping but your water level does not increase. There is no image of water in the barrel at all. Water Reservoirs are also not filling up water. This is a tropical zone so I'm, not sure if there should be rain falling.
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