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  1. When our Alliance wich was couple of top ten tribes riding other "megas" you called them some got wiped, other ddos servers when we came on EU Now guys stop bi****g around and making hard feelings, this is early access game stop being emotional about it! /to the rest of Ya If You like it ? You are going to play it. Help them making a good game instead of flaming.
  2. I do know what is the captain's log about. I am discussing about comments over here.
  3. Hard community we have here. Nothing changed yet but all of You complain. I personally think changes in this game will work in some kind of way to get NEW people to come and play with us. Stop thinking about yourselves, think about the future of the game and how to provide the most fun for everyone. btw. Crying about PVE ? Go PVP Simple as that. This is survival game You know ? With Kind Regards Heil Hydra
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