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  1. It is called Market NPC's and here is the link Market NPCs Mod
  2. I know there is a mod that has this ability in it where you can purchase with gold. Its the merchant Npcs. Maybe looking at it or asking the author of the mod could help you with the commands. It works fine on my server and they pop out spawned save for the oddball alpha.
  3. Does anyone know what the command (if any) there is to spawn maps (bottles) around the islands? I am looking for a spawn command that would allow me to spawn different qualities of them. Thanks! Hashi
  4. Issue has been solved - The hosting company i use has yet to set that up for the maps. They are working on it and will be deployed real soon. Thank you for the replies!
  5. Is this for servers run by people or servers run by game hosts? Mine is a Dedicated server running with GTX Gaming. Will this work for that or do i need to utilize a different procedure. This is a very nice little program though for people running their own servers at home. Thank you for the information/link.
  6. I am having an issue with a private server showing the claim circles on the map. Is this an ini setting and if so, where is it located? I am not sure what to do here and google comes up with nothing. Anyone have a clue?
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