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  1. Hey everyone, We are running a 5x5 server, but the server we have couldn't handle the 5x5 so we turned off the outer grids of the map E1 -E5 and A5, B5, C5 and D5. We are in the process to start up another server to make these 9 Grids active. Problem found when testing this is that once you sail into one of these grids and you sail back into one of the grids that has been active since start all your Crew Mutiny on the ship instantly. So what i have figured out is that time stands still on the offline grids and once you sail into them , it change the Day to a much earlier state that the other grids . Does anyone know how to change the time on these grids so it is in sync to the grids that have been active since the start ? We would like to not have to wipe the server...
  2. Hey Everyone, So I'm playing on an unofficial 4x4 server and need some help with locating metal... Below you will find pictures of what the island looks like on the map and what the entrance looks like as the island comes in many different variants. I've had a chat with the map designer and admin about the metal spawn on that island type and he says it should have dedicated metal nodes, but all I find is traces... I've looked around and on top of all the mountains and still can't find it... All I get are metal traces in other rocks at the beach and then graphite and quartz nodes around the mountains... The traces of metal are cobalt. Any help would be appreciated PS: Yes that is the entrance to that C cup shown on the map image... I really want to sue it as it's really good for PvP, but need to find the metal spawns...
  3. Crow - Perhaps give the ability to teach the crow to go pick up maps without having you interact with the bottle yourself... Crows are very good at learning... Monkey - Perhaps give the ability to pick up small items... Perhaps make it possible to throw him through an open window into a base and then have him raid something off of the sleeping characters body... Parrot - Perhaps give it an ability to sing along with a song you play which then gives an extra boost to the timer or buff %... Seagull - Perhaps have it make a sound to indicate a storm is coming...
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