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  1. Hi, today was contesting a claim and another tribe tried to kill me by kiting wild animals and blocking my movements. Now I reported those guys and after 1/2 hours their claim were removed(idk if admin involved). So, problem solved, but at the moment the CoC is not clear on this subject, IMO should be expanded to forbid those toxic behaviours, what you think? This is what happened today for reference: https://imgur.com/a/1kXahV9
  2. So... was a bug after all.
  3. I talk with people, but from 2k hours experience in Ark I know also that people getting tired of bugs and co., they quit and give tribe/company to friends that I don't know if I can trust. I can build without problems inside others claims, I just want to be sure to not lose everything is someone changes his mind.
  4. What happens if they change claim permissions after you built inside? We don't care about tariffis but we don't want to lose our buildings is someone one day change the claim settings.
  5. Like I said, just increment claim timer to 15 days like ark. 3 days I agree with you it's not much time but I don't find right that someone that stopped played at day 3 can still own a piace of land and prevent active players to have one.
  6. We're checking the east regions. And sure, if I find more than 1 spot I can keep for you, no problem.
  7. LOL. BTW we are playing on EU-PVE, we just need a piece of land where to build our base. Let me know is someonce know some free spots, we are checking many sectors but as you can imagine is not easy. At the moment we just found claimed land that permits building but we don't know what happen if the owner revert building permissions(we lose everything?).
  8. Active players? Why don't just increment claim timer then(to 15 days like in ARK), how i'm supposed to know if a sleeper isn't playing for weeks and almost dying or or just got in vacation 4 days ago?
  9. I know this, what i'm asking if this is considered a bug(and hopefully fixed soon) or not. PS: Sleepers can die?
  10. The title says all, what happens if I build on a yellow claim area if the owner change building permissions?
  11. as the title says, it's a bug or feature? Just to know if i'm wasting time building nearby a claimable spot.