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  1. Hello, like ask, here is the picture below the Brigantine who is about to be release. Being disgusted at having lost a Schooner this way, I had forgotten that I had already released a Brigantine at the current location.
  2. Hello, thank you for your answer, I will look under the shipyard to see the depth. It's strange that we can place the shipyard if the depth does not allow a Schooner release. I moved the shipyard slightly, but it would be the same as before. So, I'm a little afraid of release the Brigantine which is right next to it.
  3. Hi, I just had a very annoying bug on the EU PVE server in M5. I released a Schooner and he went straight through and started fidgeting and ran aground under another boat under construction. Is this a known bug? I have a link to a clip of the problem: https://clips.twitch.tv/AcceptableSingleDoveOpieOP
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