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  1. That's not always an option either though. Some larger companies who swallow up island land systematically don't always speak your language, are willing to ally with others or want new members. They are often groups of IRL or gaming community friends who are set on ruling one singular island solo. That's great for a pirate sim aye, not great for community heart and soul.
  2. It's not the worst way. I am an avid Twitch watcher and dabble myself but for games that are further along their development / release and are worthy of the airing and advertisement. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving Atlas with currently 172 hours on record but smoke up streamers backsides isn't helping the community frustration on matters like PvE flag capture failures or people griefing others folks ships...if anything its helping fuel them. Your situation for example; you may be loving watching people stream the game while you can't get it working with the install issues but at the same time you may also be ripping your appendage off in frustration that the people you see can get access but you can't (as i'm assuming big streamers still have access to their own cluster...unsure?).
  3. If I'm being honest I'm already getting tired of really only seeing the odd patch announcement on twitter or smoke being blown up some Twitch streamers backside in a game promotion sense...and I don't believe I'm the only one with that thought. Sure appeasing everyone on a social media front for a game so early in development is impossible but we all know where to go if we want to watch someone else play the game...but some of us are trying to play the game ourselves and seeing more about the game or what other ACTUAL community members are doing in it (Twitchers aren't community normally, just playing for self growth before moving onto the next new thing). When it comes to seeing posts about what's going down with the game, bugs that are being squashed / investigated, occasional base build screenshots being praised, ship decoration competition / community aimed involvement which 'may' help the frustrations of so many players or heavens forbid a response to a disgruntled supporter (who's asked a reasonable question or raised a reasonable point without saying the game is trash or posting profanity etc)...there are zero (and only a small percentage will come to the forums for it). ...I mean, you have the 'show and tell' thread, is it so hard to brighten some of our days with the odd re-post of something from there onto social media where many of us use on a daily basis...to see the devs care about their community enough to take a few minutes to show the respect and brighten whoever submitted somethings day up when hundreds or thousands of people see their creation?...no, instead we get; ...or some streamer and his buddies sailing to the YMCA with a totally unflattering, out of times, out of tune guy singing along.
  4. It's two lazy people who managed to sail away from the starter areas on day 1 / 2, get to an area with claiming and slapped down all the flags they could to a) troll the rest of the community by not allowing anyone else claim space b) now that taxation has come in keep areas closed off so people can't build to block anything but they get all the taxation from resource farming. Personally I'm starting to dislike the claiming altogether and think they should have opted from singular island claim with the company or claimant being forced to sell designated plots for gold. This would generate an in game economy but also eventually end up with island plots being fairly owned throughout the player-base. If you fair to upkeep your land however or log in then the plot can be purchased by others looking to do so...or something along those lines. It would also save a map full of big ugly red circles distracting from the map artwork.
  5. BUG: Magical Mystery Flying Cart Witnessed by myself and fellow company members. Our allies Cart with cannon on the back seems to be flying around to various locations above the area. Each member sees it in a different place, along with extended rope vectors leading back to where we assume the allied company left it. As the allied company haven't been on in a few days we're unsure what they see or if they think they have lost the cart. cheat TP C10 22574 223969 549 The area has seen number of bugs over the last day or so with animals half spawning in rock faces or inside buildings which were otherwise completely closed off to the outside environment (including ours..RIP tigers, parrot and monkey).
  6. I feel your pain on this one and I'd like to think the devs are looking into a solution to the issue. Over the course of last week while off with the flu I tried on multiple occasions to claim one area from a company who have many but who have also decided that Atlas is not for the at this time. Much like Clowandering I was down to 1:20 ish on multiple occasions but it too one person walking into the area, simply to chop trees and the whole timer would reset back to 6 hours. I literally tried night and day on one occasion, playing the game for 30 consecutive hour but a mixture of players farming resources, server crashes and patch updates prevented the capture. I think it would be fair to say that I literally attempted to secure this flag a good 12 times so far but have had no luck to date. Thankfully we do have the ability to build as we've allied with a local company who were frustrated that we were leaving the zone simply to have the freedom to build our own little town (and not some monstrosity that many companies build or horrendous huge games / walls everywhere. It certainly would be nice for a dev to give a response on this as I've had no response to my frustration during my sick leave on Twitter.
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