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  1. Lots of room! Still looking for other crews to come join to expand pvp! Solo players are also welcome. TONS of islands to choose from
  2. Still lots of land to claim and a few companies that could use people as well as starting new ones!
  3. Still plenty of land and islands! Come join with a group or solo. Working on setting up events for the server so bring your input!
  4. Trying to edit the imprinting times on babies. I copy pasted over the ark stats that i had on the previous ark servers i ran. But the baby cuddle interval will not change. I have tried .2 which is where i had it before. Then .03 then .5 and every one of them always leads to a 8 hour next imprint requirement. Is there a different code that im supposed to put in for it? Or is this stat currently broken in the game? Thanks!
  5. Bump! Working on a 4x4 map as we speak! Come join and voice your opinions. We are setting up power stones and fountain of youth quests as well
  6. Bump. If you have any issues with our server. Shoot us a message in discord to be quickly solved.
  7. Bump. Let us know as well on suggestions. We are always open to listen to our group for ideas on the server.
  8. We have power stones! All quests currently in game are available on the server
  9. Come join the new dedicated server The Grave Expanse! Newly created server with PLENTY of room to grow. Privately owned server so very stable and lag free. We were a cluster of ark servers that were in the top 100 on battle metrics. Our admins are always watching discord and helping people learn the game. Looking for large tribes and singles to come help make this a great pvp server to play on! Newly upgraded to 4x4 map!! Current rates are 2x gathering and exp and 5x TAMING! Love official but hate the toxic and laggy state? Come join The Grave Expanse! https://discord.gg/yzHSjWU Check out our discord for more information and updates on the server. Thank you!
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