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  1. I'm not sure when the "No Boarding" option was added but its bugged as hell. First time I experienced it was on a raft and I simply wanted to jump over it at a freeport. I became stuck and floating as if there was a barrier between me and the raft and I could not jump off or get off in any way as the sides of the raft acted like barriers to keep me on, after realizing I was stuck the only solution I could see was to throw all of my crap off ship and just punch the air till I died of exhaustion or cold. I later ran into a brig that was docked and accidentally got bumped into the side while jumping past a friend. Now I am stuck inside of a Brig with no way out and with no way to get my stuff off ship because I just slide around it looks like there's no way out of this until a patch. If there is a way to get off of a ship that's like this let me know.
  2. We were headed along a Freeport Quadrant near K4 on the PVE servers when we changed servers and our ship was suddenly gone, unable to see it any more even after swimming back and forth between zones we thought the only way to get back to the brigantine was killing ourselves and spawning on the bed we had placed on the ship, when we opened the map to spawn on our ship it showed where the ship was but said we didnt have a bed on it anymore, when we took our sloop out to find it where it was located on the map there was nothing there. Our entire Brigantine that we had stored everything up to level 50 on had just simply vanished... That was atleast 30+ hours of gathering and crafting on that ship. After all of this we tried to leave the same freeport and our sloop despawned with the same glitch. At this point we literally cannot leave a freeport because when we try to hop servers out of the freeport our ship disappears and this has happened twice since the update with the new Ramshackle Sloops.
  3. I've posted up on a lawless island near a freeport and cant seem to catch a break when it comes to snakes and lions and tigers spawning. I can confidently say I've slayed about 500 Snakes alone in the past 4 hours and It feels like the more I kill the more spawn in return. There are no predators to snakes here and to make it worse the snakes and lions and tigers all work together, it makes this island almost uninhabitable by all means. I cant even get the resources to build a ship to leave because I cant stay outside my house long enough to collect anything. I think I've had a constant wave of lions here for the past hour and when I say NONSTOP killing I mean LITERALLY NONSTOP KILLING. Please patch this soon... its getting worse.
  4. I still dont think you understand, RHINOS CANNOT SPAWN WHERE I AM! THERE ARE NO CROCS.
  5. I don't think you understand, there are no predators to snakes where I am. Rhinos cant spawn here, neither can elephants.
  6. In this particular area its just lions, no bears or anything else to counter and lions I dont think even fight the snakes, the seagulls there get killed by the lions and snakes because they team up, this is how it is on all the islands near me.
  7. Look I understand this is meant to be somewhat challenging.... HOWEVER I shouldn't have to deal with any animal spawning in excess as much as snakes are. In about an hour on most of these islands I could probably kill 300 snakes at the rate that they spawn, NTM the amount of time I have to wait around for my torpidity to go down after killing one and getting hit once just allows 6 or 7 more to spawn in while I wait. If there was a way to counter the poison that the snake effected me with It probably wouldnt be as bad but even without the crazy high K.O. Rate they just spawn wayy too often. In the time it took to type this post (about 5 minutes) I have accumulated this (plus 8 to the left onshore) underneath me... PLEASE FIX SNAKES.
  8. Update happening right now, all servers have been down for about 2 hours now, went from 15 minutes to and hour about 2 hours ago so.. we'll see.
  9. Lmao, yeah bet you're really friendly. Its hard to make friends on a PVP server where everything is hostile, you want me to walk up to a big ass faction and ask for land on my tiny ass raft/boat? Fuck no, I risk them breaking it and stealing what I've got after grinding hours and hours. For new players that are level 8, what are they to do? Most companies push away low levels and most low levels cant level up because they cant build a ship because all lawless servers are filled with too many people which means you cant build anything so you instead spend around 12 hours on a raft searching for a place to stop and level up without being killed so you respawn back at a freeport. Its very hard to get anywhere on a raft because by the time you finally reach the edge of a quadrant you have to turn around, sure If I met someone in a freeport and we wanted to team up I could make friends, now I have 2 people with me, shit maybe 3 for a full raft, now what? Now there are 3 people in the same situation as the one person was in except now you seriously cant be trusted by any companies because a party of 3 is way scarier than a party of 1. Real cute "make friends" joke asshole. Perhaps you should see what others have to deal with before you spew your uneducated speech everywhere.
  10. Yeah, I usually make arrows 50 at a time because half of them disappear to the void of an enemy's skull and don't do damage, sheep don't have actual heads to hit and you're going to miss alot of shots due to rubber banding.
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