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  1. Sometimes, you set the follow mode, you enter the house, but your pet will get stuck in the wall or in the stone I can't upload a screenshot because it is limited to 40KB
  2. oicqbs1

    My bear is stuck in the stone.

    As you know, I set up the follow, then I went into the house and found out that he was stuck in the stone.
  3. https://gss3.baidu.com/6LZ0ej3k1Qd3ote6lo7D0j9wehsv/tieba-smallvideo-transcode/100093572_907b6fb2eb68b9854fd41ed315b7e464_0.mp4 https://gss3.baidu.com/6LZ0ej3k1Qd3ote6lo7D0j9wehsv/tieba-smallvideo-transcode/100093572_907b6fb2eb68b9854fd41ed315b7e464_0.mp4