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  1. Hope you guys, will think of some changes on the fountain of youth in that case. Maybe adding a Fountain that doesn't give you buffs but is easier to reach? I know a lot of solo or small groups that just gave up on reaching the fountain. Don't know if all islands are difficult like O7 but, people with less time can't always wait for the fountain to be on an other island. i hope you're going to balance some things for solo player or small groups, so they really can enjoy the high seas, as you said. Will you guys do something about people that just stay in lawless regions? I don't think you guys wanted most of playerbase to stay in these regions. You could just limit the structures a tribe can build in lawless areas, or adding dmg over time on structres in lawless areas or smth like that xD Atlas is a real fun and good game, if you adress some minor bugs and do things like you mentioned, it will become a real great game.
  2. A Journeyman BP neeps 3 kind of the Same Ressource, so you need 3 kinds of fiber, stone, thatch and wood. But, not the "normal" Ressources you get from destroying things, that means no Ressource that are named after their Category. Like Fiber, you need to use straw thats in the Fiber Category. For an example you could use these as fiber for that blueprint: 20 jute 20 straw and 20 bamboo or wood 20 dark wood 20 strong wood and 20 light wood hope thats understandable. Oh and blueprints in Atlas aren't like the ones in ARK, you actually need to know the Skill to be able to craft them.
  3. What does Departures mean in this List? Held is obvious but Departures isn't or maybe im just stupid? xD
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