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  1. Again no proof, why do you insist that someone is hacking if you cant prove anything? you look like a fool that got rekt and now is whining / hackuzing out of desperation.
  2. All that whining and no proof. Most likely what happened in reality is you got rekt by a more organized bunch of chinese players, got sad because you can't gather as big of a group and out of frustration started calling hacks. No videos, no proof.
  3. Coil

    Chineses using cheating

    Don't bother arguing with those salty westerners. In my experience majority of eu players cant organize anything on a scale of 5+ people and whenever they get dominated by a superior teamplay they either call hacks/bugs or whine about something else. I am from Russia and because our alphabet is displayed in same blocky characters for westerners they think im chinese and attack me alot and thats really frustrating so i fully understand how chinese feel and what is their reasoning behind playing together always. In fact i would love to join chinese on their quest of wiping westerners but sadly i don't know chinese language, sad because all the russian clans/alliances at the moment are complete mess not worth playing in so im stuck trying to fit in between chinese and westerners who both attack us thinking we belong to their enemy so have to hide.
  4. You realize that russian language also shows up as [][][] for you?. And yea euros already kill us alot, i haven't died once from chinese yet every day im defending against german/french zerg from onepiets and some other losers that swarm us with bunch of 3man rafts every 30 minutes. I would be glad to join chinese since they are our irl neighbors and friendly nation, but none of them speak english so i don't know how to. Seeing all the euros crying in this topic is hilarious, can't want to see you get crushed.
  5. Coil

    I can't buy the game

    Finally after 40 minutes it let me add the game but now stuck at 'buy for myself'