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  1. So this makes no sense... if armor is a problem why nerf the guns? which effects ALL combat. Was it because you dont want to hurt armor vs pve? because as it stands armor is USELESS against animals. they literally dont give a crap if you got armor or not if its a predator it wins regardless edit:
  2. So crew groups stopped getting deleted, but now rank doesnt work. if i make a crew group 1, and give them structure rank 5, and assign a door structure rank 1, they can still use the door (or anything) Also inventory rank still can't be assigned.
  3. Cpt Frisco

    map Atlas Advanced Dynamic Map

    The GPS alone is awesome, everything else is just more icing on the delicious cake.
  4. Cpt Frisco

    Any News Yet On Resetting Servers Back to Zero?

    morally unethical? lol gtfo. why do people want a reset? do you really think the people that own tons of land wont just do it again?
  5. Cpt Frisco

    PvE claiming bug

    the chinese are claiming lands on our claims that we made today.... wtf?