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  1. People* are selfish, its a universal rule of life*.
  2. Then find somewhere else. I have an entire island and my tax is set to 10%. Plus, getting 70% of something is significantly better than 100% of nothing.
  3. The only people that the claim flags hurt were people who were dicks. You could go to most zones in PvE and find people willing to rent land to you if you actually asked nicely, rather than floating in to a zone and throwing a temper tantrum because you couldn't find land on the first island you checked.
  4. These changes are going to absolutely destroy pve servers. *ESPECIALLY* if buildings still block resources on non lawless zones. Also, if im understanding things correctly, banks are going to be useless on PvE now? Y'all had a really good system going with the taxes and the claim rentals. Just needed to tweak the flags for PvE, not get rid of them completely.
  5. You obviously didn't read anything. If it were just the racism and it happened once or twice, I wouldn't care. But the racism, on top of the GRIEFING and the CHEATING are the major issues. But, you're welcome to read what you want to create a false narrative while ignoring any relative information, you do you.
  6. Not to mention that, like he said, freedom of speech only covers overly offense stuff to "convey political messages", which is very much not the case here. Also, while playing an online game, you are more or less in their business. If they don't want you using racist terms in it, and you use them, guess what? They have the right to kick you out.
  7. Ok first off, it's some of their paid jobs to check the forums. Second, if you reach out to them anywhere else, they direct you to the forums. Sooooo, yeah.
  8. Yeah, I personally usually play on an unofficial server. Unfortunately, with the way this game is made, it is incredibly difficult to find full sized unofficial servers because of how expensive it would be to host one. Most of the ones i've looked at have only been like 3x3 grids, rather than the full 15x15
  9. He's not just a troll though. He is also pin code hacking, abusing window glitches, and abusing weight glitches to sink people's ships. Saw him solo sink at least 2 brigs today alone.
  10. No need to be rude. He's probably from a different country where racism isn't as prevalent as the US.
  11. I really don't think you understand what shaming is friend. I'm not shaming anything, i'm reporting a griefer, cheater, exploiter, and someone using excessive and blatant racism. As this is literally the only place to report people, it's sort of necessary.
  12. Except that i'm not shaming, and that his steam name is literally listed where he changed my flag?
  13. Thats the dude that has been griefing / pin code hacking out here. He constantly changes his company name to mimic mine and one other persons, solo sinks ships, and he may even be using some sort of a weight hack. Player name is Velsang A.
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