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  1. Community is going strong and events will be starting soon!
  2. Lots of great island still available in PvE and PvP!
  3. Launch could be tomorrow! Find your new home now!!
  4. PTR is looking good, cant wait to play this with our excellent community.
  5. Sorry, you feel having the ability buy respecs on the fly with currency earned in game doing quests is P2W. Hope you find another server that is more to your liking.
  6. Great thing is we have an awesome community and also have servers for Ark, Space Engineers and some other rotating games until the highly anticipated patch drops.
  7. Greetings Shipmates! With the upcoming mega patch I know many of you are looking for a new community to call home. [A1] is a community a cut above the rest with a unique map design that has something for everyone. Are you looking to be a Pirate who terrorizes the seas and lives on their ship? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Merchant who seeks out the rarest materials and opens up a trading port? We have you covered! Are you looking to be a Mercenary who builds an epic fortress and lays siege to your enemy’s bases? We have you covered there too! At [A1] we have implemented a groundbreaking map design and faction system. Our 7 x 7 world includes multiple Golden Age Ruins so all power stones are obtainable, a zone for the Kraken, Lawless zones, PvE territories, and PvP regions. Our faction system consists of 3 individual groups. Merchants (PvE), which are your more traditional PvE role, will spawn with 20% more carry weight and intelligence. Mercenaries (PvP), which are your traditional PvP role, spawn with 20% more HP and Stamina. Pirates (Lawless PvP), which live on ships or on land that is claimless in Lawless regions spawn with 50% more Oxygen capacity and Gold Find as well as 20% higher Melee. Check out this presentation that goes further into our upcoming changes for post mega patch. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YUiAZ_jalWyp269jjC3sa1hZac-B3bYfTcak7LXRtdk/edit?usp=sharing Features: 7 x 7 world -Custom quests built by the community Weekly bonuses voted on by the community PvE, PvP, and Lawless Zones -Monthly events with epic rewards Clipping turned on for easier building -Unlimited Respecs Active admin team -All Power Stones Kraken (The Maw) Live map ( http://www.A1Atlas.com/ ) Merchant and Ghost Ships Grids are on dedicated boxes based in Canada Rates: Harvesting: 2x PvE & PvP / 2.5 Lawless PvP / 3x Bloodworks Taming: 2x Ship of the Damn: 0.5x Mods: A Custom mod built specifically for the [A1] community Pirate Quest Eco’s Atlas Foliage Eco’s RP Décor Server Link: Steam://connect/ Discord Link: https://discord.gg/srRjA9Y
  8. Greetings! I've been playing on Kraken's Maw (NA PVP) since launch and whatever changes happened between this Friday (01/11) and now (01/14) I can't accessing official server but I can access unofficial servers without Battleye. Things I've done in an attempt to trouble shoot: Restarted Game, Steam, Computer Uninstalled and reinstalled Battleye accepting terms (Battleye is in processes while Atlas is running) Checked my computer with Malwarebytes / updated all drivers Uninstalled and reinstalled Atlas through Steam Used the new Battleye launcher executable for Atlas verified games files twice both times it said 1 file wouldn't validate and it was going to reacquire Any help would be appreciated.
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