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  1. canhelas

    Lawless foundations and pillars

    lol not all lawless is bad and if they were to wipe lawless and nothing i for one would most likely quit or find a unofficial i like. (though i want the full map which is why i have not gone to unofficial) i joined the game in the first week of the game but was one of the unlucky ones where both me and my friend was not able to get in for the first few days and for weeks after that i was just sailing around the map looking for land where we could put our base making new raft every time my old was destroyed which for a while was daily. in time someone on here let me build on their land was there a few of weeks before going on holiday for 1 week by this time my friend had chosen to take a break from the game. when i logged back in the person who owned the land had quit and a big company owned the land. soo all my stuff belonged to them and the ship i had been building was gone. i was able to get hold of a member of the company the next day who was kind enough to let me stay there and took my old base down and gave me my stuff and plus some rss to help me to rebuild my base. i was unable to put a new dock down so went back to freeport by the time i got back to the island i had lost everything once again. i now live in lawless until i can get my own land (not going though that again) yes lawless can be crowded but if you look you can often find that a lot of the small bases can be demolished. the island i now live on is tiny and i just check the other buildings as i go around getting rss i need and if a building can be got rid of tbh i get rid of it to help avoid extra lag by buildings from people who have quit. not everyone does this i often find bases where people have taken the storage boxes/tames but left the bases. i do hate the people that fill the area with pillers or foundations but people who live in lawless should not have to suffer regular wipes (unless its a full server wipe) cos of a few people. p.s. once i have land i will be moving out of the lawless again just building a schooner at the mo then i am back to hunting for land again and when i leave i will be packing all my stuff away either on to one little sloop which i will keep at the lawless island until i have land just in case i lose everythign and have to start again or on my schooner and coming with me.
  2. canhelas

    Ship left after tribe stop playing

    i could be wrong but i really dont think there is anything you can do about the ships sadly.
  3. canhelas

    pve EU PVE trading company

    ok will do thanks just entered b7 so not much longer sadly i logged in to find my raft had been destoryed over night by a ship of the dammed so had to build a new one lol but getting there now
  4. canhelas

    pve EU PVE trading company

    great thanks loni i am heading to g9 at the mo for a treasure map once i have that i will head over and big thanks allaboutvalentina that will be a big help
  5. canhelas

    pve EU PVE trading company

    hi i am the captain of a trading company called daughters of the sea, there are only 2 of us though most of the time just me, i will be sailing around the map sailing on my raft and am interested in trading stuff with other players. at the mo i have bp's but once i am more set up i will be trading near enough anything lol i am hoping to play my character as a rp pirate merchant. but not sure how much if any rp will be on the server. if your interested in this idea can you please let me know .thanks p.s once i have land i will have a shop and i hope to then trade animals too