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  1. Server crashed for zone M13 at about 5:55PM EST, we had lost a schooner early this morning to the ridiculous amount of ghost ships sailing around and finally found the wreckage via raft, respec'd to be able to swim to the bottom of the ocean and salvage it, and while in the process the server crashed and now our shipwreck is entirely gone. It doesnt look like it expired via timer because both this shipwreck and one directly infront of our drydock were removed immediately after the server crashed, and these ships were sunk several hours apart (the one infront of our drydock was sunk several hours earlier, and both were still existing up until the crash). This is just so upsetting, we already lost our first ship because of the ghost ship glitch where they can spawn ontop of your own ship immediately in aggro range, and lost our 2nd ship because of the stupid amount of #s of ghost ships that have been spawning, and now we cant even recover our 6 hour voyage of collecting metal from a different zone because your server crash in M13 removed all the shipwrecks when it relaunched. I've been trying to recruit more people and friends to play this game, and I understand that it's early access, but this is getting frustrating to the point that my entire corp will likely stop playing and we wont recruit others to buy the game. Any explanation or advice to give here? when can we expect ship wrecks to be cleared? every server crash? certain times during the day? what? Also, we still have a shipwreck showing a grid over to the west on the map from our first ship that was sunk more than 6 hours before the most recent ship we had sunk.... so why would this more recent shipwreck be removed before the older one?
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