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  1. Hi, My tribe and I went to a Foutain of Youth and get the power stone. After I use it, the power stone was added to the compass and I got the new dance. Today, after a server reboot, the power stone disapear of the compass, and the compass name has changed : it show now "Fedorovich Family compass", but it's not my family name Oo As you can see, the compass name and my name dismatch Edit : seems solved 12h later.
  2. It's because the engrams costs have been changed, and also the amount of point per level... so if you don't be stuck you have to respec
  3. Hello, I was on E11 zone when the game crashed. After that, the E11 was disabled for respawn so I relaunched the game. Since this moment I always get an timedout error when I try to connect on every zone of this cluster. Am I automatically blocked because of the "spam respawn clicks" ? I tried to launch the game in normal mode, in low-mem mode no changes. On EU PVP no problem, i can connect instantly
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