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  1. I cannot get High Quality Materials and Sub Surface Scattering to save as unchecked.
  2. Every 4th time spawn into a bed, I fall into the floor. Sometimes I can just jump for a bit and get unstuck, sometimes I can access the bed and fast travel back and forth, sometimes I am stuck until I punch myself to death. It is not localized to a specific bed. Almost impossible to re-create, because it happens randomly, but often enough to submit a report.
  3. blitzgp

    Booat hacks

    Company called PinkGays on the M7 south freeport on PvP NA was able to swim under our ship and make it weigh 22,000 and sink it. They built their own ramshackle sloop in the port and it immediately had the overweight icon. I boarded their ship and I am currently just floating around on the deck. Not sure what kind of hacks they are using, but they sank several ships in the harbor.
  4. Does Wildcard/Grapeshot illegally hire children that have never played a video game to develop their games? I am not even speaking of the terrible community that has transferred from ARK to ATLAS... I am speaking of terrible balance issues, immediately, such as the fountain of youth. "Thanks for not getting a refund through Steam, our team has prioritized developing a videogame and never actually played one except PokemonGo on the wat to work".
  5. Cannot build several items in my inventory with sufficient materials and proper skills. I can make wood floors, doors, ladders, and storage boxes, but cannot make walls and ceilings.
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