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  1. Tonight's PVP Bounty is 2500 gold to the faction that holds each contested island.
  2. Since the last patch every time some one uses chat the server crashes.
  3. Rates 10x EXP , 10 EX Harvest , 10x Weight Ship Level Max 72 , Player Level Max 150 , Server has Two Caputer Points that are worth a bounty at the end of each week
  4. lpd00225 Feb 7 @ 5:52pm Faction Wars PVP Role Playing PVE - PVP SERVER Pirates Vs Imperials Pirates Vs Imperials 2/8/2019 New Server Play as either a 1600 century Pirate or as an Imperial as part of the Kings Royal Fleet Mods - Peachy Decor, Stack Mods & Chronicles RP. Each Faction has a player elected Leader. The server has 6 zones. 2 PVE Zones one for each Faction 4 PVP Zones 2 of the PVP Zones have capture points, each capture point is worth gold at the end of each week. The PVE Zones will allow merchants to live in peace without fear of raids. The servers discord page with all the details and rules is located at 10X All Rates MAX Ship Level 71 https://discord.gg/E73zdey
  5. Looks like STEAM cant keep up with the server updates, they either time out or take forever
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