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  1. Ahoy mates, lately I thought about all this PvE/ PvP Stuff in Atlas. The game has massive issues on these concepts: PvE can never be clear PvE in a Pirate World, we see ppl sinking ships, claiming ppls claims which is all kind of PvP. In PvP we see (like always) bigger groups ganking small groups "b´cuz we CAN - it´s PvP!!!111" and destroy diversity of gameplay. I went to PvE first to get familiar with ATLAS. but some dudes stealing everything (even my animal food out of the feeding trough), thes dudes write nazi stuff on my flag, these guys block ressource spawn, thes guys wait for mates and block the door to get in/out of foreigneres houses, they sink our boats, they are delivering lies about us because we are more successful. There is no option to report, nowhere you can adress such ppl. Sure- these guys are to coward to play PvP because their 3-man clan would sink within some hrs. But it sucks a bit. I can click "declare war" but this does exactly --> nothing! Can´t we have a PvPvE official Server? I mean "Declaration of War" is already an option when you face another player. Why not have a PvE state which can be switched between competitors? Wouldn´t it be nice to have the (dangerous) equatorial servers open PvP? Cant we have "Chickens Fight Club", "Cannon Shootout" and "Sink me!" Events without those hardcore PvP "cos we can!" mates? Hope we´ll see that one day on official for the private Hosters already can do!
  2. So we have this noyce banner here that says but then I´m landing on Yayyy....
  3. Would also be nice, when they would drop the durability loss. We have a extended Trading Post now and nobody wants to pick up a dozen public lanterns every day :/
  4. Herzlich willkommen auf http://ATLAS-MMO.de. Als erstes, deutsches Community- und Fanportal möchten wir die Entwicklung von Grapeshot Games - einer Schwester von Studio Wildcard- neuestem Geniestreich verfolgen und daran mitwirken. Mit Community-Building, Guides, Geschichten, Informationen und Tipps möchten wir der Spielerschaft von "ATLAS" einen Service von Spielern für Spieler bieten. Unabhängig, Werbe- und Kostenfrei handelt es sich bei http://Atlas-MMO.de um kein kommerzielles Projekt. Daher hoffen und bauen wir auf Eure Hilfe in unser aller Sinne einen Service zu bieten, der die Spielerschaft zusammenbringt und erweitert Mehr aus dem Game rausholen! Das "Rad" immer Mal für einige Stunden stoppen. Das war immer das Motto. Ahoi, Euer Apokh
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